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Last Updated: August 28th, 2012

A minor update is available for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S III which contains a few bug fixes that were present in the previous software as well as AllShare Cast and improvements to device performance and stability.

The latest build, T999UVLH2, is currently rolling out to devices over-the-air, but if you can't update your phone yet, you will be able to get it using KIES instead.


New Feature:

  • AllShare Cast


  • Resolved the error, ‘Enter MAC address' after entering the correct MAC address in the Mobile HotSpot configuration page if the MAC address entered did not contain the colons (:) or spaces.
  • Resolved issue where the contents of a Home screen folder would be rearranged alphabetically after a reboot.
  • Resolved issue where the name does not populate when trying to add a contact with NameID information, you must manually add.

Aside from T-Mobile's official changelog, we're also hearing that the update brings a brightness slider, new modem, and new kernel. Unfortunately, it also removes universal search! The saga continues. Boo!

For the full release notes and update instructions, head over to the documentation on T-Mobile's website.

Image Source: XDA Developers

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  • Jack

    Both of the screenshots are the same image. Just sayin. Thanks for the update though!

  • mesmorino

    So is this tmobile US or tmobile UK?

    • Jack

      US - i'm updating right now.

      • mesmorino

        Ta mate

  • Melissa Raines

    I was so excited this morning when I saw the update from Tmobile. I thought it would be jelly bean. Just a bug fix. What a letdown ;(

  • ViGi

    Mellisa Jelly Bean update will be availabe on 29 august.

    • http://www.prosoftstudio.com/ Brandon Enriquez

      Only for the international, not here in the states.

  • http://www.facebook.com/troop.threeninetwo Troop Threeninetwo

    No OTA for me yet. Anyone get it and care to give US their thoughts?

  • Scott Standish-Parkin

    does this remove root?