Last Updated: August 23rd, 2012

The newest update to the post-apocalyptic zombie-infested first person shooter Dead Trigger landed in the Play Store early this morning, bringing with it a slew of new content, including the "reward" that Madfinger teased in the previous update.

Reward for everyone who purchased DEAD TRIGGER before the game became for free (ALIEN GUN, 25 GOLD, 10 CASINO CHIPS)
New story missions
New weapon: ALIEN GUN
Improved gameplay of protect objects missions, players can repair damaged objects now.
New tutorial for beginners
Improved MINIGUN and COLT-M4
Increased reward in the Arenas (Players can also win CASINO CHIPS)
More chance to win at the Casino (including items)
Auto-aim works better when more enemies nearby
Better ammo drops for everyone who use more than one weapon

As you can see, this update doesn't skimp on new features and content to keep the game going, even for those who have reached higher levels.

Screenshot_2012-08-17-08-23-59 Screenshot_2012-08-17-08-29-03

The reward for those who bought the game during its first three weeks in the Store is actually pretty nice, too: a bit of gold, some casino chips, and a fun new weapon that basically vaporized zombies where they stand. For those who didn't pick up the game before it was free, don't fret - the Alien Gun is available for a small amount of gold in the shop.

To grab the game, hit the widget below.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • onpoint G

    haha I'm so glad I picked this up for $.99

    • s15274n

      Ditto. It's a small gift, but still nice to have and we showed them support.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E


    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      Idk if it's "worth it", but the in-game currency + plus the alien gun is a pretty good offer. I just hope it makes a "pew pew" sound!

  • s15274n

    146 MB download? I though the smart app download feature was already turned on by Google? Guess I need to update my Play Store for that feature manually first. Love the bonus for paid users.

    • http://trevorsullivan.net/ Trevor Sullivan

      I just posted a comment at the exact same time, reporting the same issue. As far as I know, my Google Play Store app is up-to-date. Currently my Nexus 7 is running 3.7.15. What's yours?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

        Did you watch the download progress the entire time? Smart updates won't show you the size of just the "new" parts of the app, as it does it on the fly. It will act as if it's downloading the entire update, but should stop a portion of the way through and start installing.

        • s15274n

          At a coffee shop on their wifi but it took a long time to download. Pretty confident it did not update a portion as their speeds seems really good. My Play Store is still .15, so that's likely the reason.

        • http://trevorsullivan.net/ Trevor Sullivan

          Cameron: Mine did not stop part way through, as far as I know. It downloaded the entire update, albeit it did seem to be downloading at a pretty rapid pace ... not sure if that's because of the fast internet connection here or not.

          • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

            Same here, it showed the whole 149MB downloading. I'm still on the 3.7 market though, too.

        • Matti

          Mine did the full 150mb download as well.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        I'm not certain, but I believe the Play store version with the incremental updates is 3.8.something. I don't know if it's actually rolled out to everyone yet.

  • http://trevorsullivan.net/ Trevor Sullivan

    I had Dead Trigger installed on my Nexus 7, and previously up-to-date, but it still downloaded the entire 150MB APK, according to the Google Play Store UI. Should it show a smaller download in the UI, if it uses partial APK updates, or did this particular app update not support partial updates?

  • Simon_K

    The weapon is very boring and with all 10 casino chips I didnt get anything from them. I also did two IAP's, the first time I didnt receive my money so I tried again and now they funded my twice?! I shouldn't have paid for it, there's nothing I can do with in-game money, all weapons in shop requires golds. They tricked me to buy worthless money which you receive from missions anyway.

    • UmK

      the best item in the game (passive auto-healer) costs a shitload of money. not gold.

      • Matti

        How fast does that thing replenish health blocks, btw? I've got just about enough cash to buy one now.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

        I just bought it with gold. ;)

      • Nashoba Darkwolf

        they switched it to 299 gold

  • Umk

    "Better ammo drops for everyone who use more than one weapon"
    yay they listened to my feedback :D

    • Nashoba Darkwolf

      except when I play it, and when it doesnt bug out, like it keeps doing now, the ammo drop is about the same as before...

  • Matti

    Is it just me or does the minigun require reloading now?
    Previously, once the minigun spun up, you could fire off till your ammo ran out, but now you need to wait for it to spin up PLUS you have to reload. Sucks!!

    Other than that, nice update.They still haven't fixed that slight "freeze" when you begin a stage, though. What's up with that. Also, I've noticed (even before the update) that the longer you play, the slower it takes for you to come out of zoom mode. Like you zoom in, make the kill, and then zoom out, but there's a delay between the screen changing back to zoomed out view.

    Other stuff I've noticed in this update;
    The main screen (map) scrolls much smoother.
    You can buy your own chips at the casino.
    A lot of items are a bit cheaper, usually just by 1 gold.
    Some weapons/upgrades seem to have lower level requirements.
    Head shots seem harder, especially with the Project-90 on those armored SWAT zombies.
    The new loading screens are ugly.

  • Nigel Wong

    anyone purchased the game but did not get the rewards?

    • Mike

      I purchased the game and didn't get the reward, but I also had to uninstall and reinstall the game just to get it to work on my Nexus 7. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or if I need to unlock the rewards by playing.

    • Mike

      Wanted to update my original post. I have now received the reward after reaching level 2.

  • http://twitter.com/shetalksandroid [S]he Talks Android

    My emotions for this update are a bit mixed. I liked the rewards I got for buying the game but quite disappointed that there are no new weapons. Then again, I like the two new arenas. Deadly Corridors makes me a bit jittery and a real challenge in my opinion.

    I have yet to find a "safe zone" in this arena just as I have found in the Bloody Subway and the Stadium. I already blogged about a survival guide for the Bloody Subway at
    http://www.shetalksandroid.com/2012/08/dead-trigger-cheats-tips-bloody-subway-arena.html but I'm still coming up with what to do on the Stadium. All I can say for now is, set camp on the left side of the barracks that provides power-ups. There's a narrow space there where zombies can only reach you from one direction :-) Also, be careful when you reload weapons. The marathon zombie is real fast. I have a minigun and now that it requires loading, actually puts my life in danger LOL.
    I am in no way finding out where the safe zone is in the Deadly Corridors. I seriously hate that map :-D

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    Buggy and broken. Using a tf700t btw. The game freezes on Day 62 mission and then crashes with no way of working at all. The arenas play for about 2 waves then have seizers and crash the game. The other missions sometimes work, but most are just bugging out and crashing too. They broke the game...

    • Marco Melendres

      Mine doesnt crash but I can't get passed day 62!!! The level just stops idk why but its annoying

  • Admira

    Anyone finding you can't shoot on "old college try"? I get to a certain point then even though I have ammo I can't shoot or change weapons? Love the update and the game though

  • http://twitter.com/migski migs macalalad

    any new updates on Dead Trigger?? been "carryin out tasks in the city" for months now.. :/ gets boring now..