Update: Looks like this may be another fake thrown into the game. A nearly-identical mockup was posted on Twitter not long ago, so this could just be another elaborate hoax.

Mockup (by Twitter user Daniel UY):


We've been hearing rumors of the Galaxy Note 2 for several weeks now, and a pretty believable image of the device has now made its way onto the net ahead of Samsung's August 29th event where we fully expect the device to be announced.


What makes this picture all the more believable is the fact that a previously leaked image of the purported Note 2 digitizer perfectly matches up with what we're seeing today. According to the previous leak, as well as several rumors, the display should come in at a whopping 5.5 inches; however, the device is said to keep a similar size to its predecessor thanks to the razor-thin bezel.

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While other details are scarce at the moment, the Note 2 is expected to have most of the same innards as the Galaxy S III, which includes a quad-core Exynos processor (Snapdragon S4 in some regions), 2GB RAM, and Android 4.0.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Philip Courtois

    NOOOOOOO!!! Not ICS (4.0), right? Jellybean (4.1) is SO much better than ICS.My current phone is running Jellybean and there's NO way I would take a step back to ICS nomatter how nice the specs for the Note II are... Come on Samsung - you can do better than that!

    • LazarusDark

      It will likely take all of a day to get a working CM10 on there given the pace at which CM is moving now. Its not like its a Moto device that may never get unlocked. Relax, guy.

      • Philip Courtois

        Been spending almost three years modding my old G1 with CM (my favorite) and other ROMs. I really like to spend my time doing other things than optimizing my phone with the latest mod/ROM. Having the ability to use a custom ROM is great, but that's no freakin' excuse for Samsung to release a new device with obsolete software... The average customer will NOT install a custom ROM - and really shouldn't have to, to get the latest and greatest Android experience. If Samsung and the other manufacturers can't get up to speed instead of handicapping their devices with bloatware etc. I guess I'll just stay with the Nexus line.

  • anzensepp1987

    Why can all these chinese manufacturers bring out new phones with the newest OS and Samsung cannot? ICS would be just ridiculous...

    • http://twitter.com/simp1istic simp1istic

      Honestly, the note is the only phone i really excuse not having cutting edge vanilla android. There is a lot of stylus specific stuff going on that you wouldn't be familiar with, without owning the original note.

      • anzensepp1987

        I owned the original Note btw... I didn't ask for a Note 2 running Vanilla-JB. I rather asked for a release right away with a firmware based on JB. JB brings definitely some major overhaul over ICS.

  • http://twitter.com/alcaloide_ Angel Cervantes

    Even if it get launched with ICS it WILL be updated to JB righ away, JB it's almost ready for the Galaxy S III and are in test process for the SII and the Note....

  • http://profiles.google.com/tim.glaser Tim Glaser

    Am I the only one really disappointed / bored with the dual core Krait SoC?

    We are in August already and nothing but Krait SoC's have launched. Where is the competition from TI, Samsung, Nvidia?

    • http://twitter.com/GooseberryFool Ryan

      What are you talking about? Tegra 3 is competitive in at least most ways, and the quadcore Exynos is slightly better. Both have been mostly replaced in the USA with Kraits, due to some current issue with quad cores and LTE, but they still exist.

  • Zachary Linde

    I'm so pissed this thing is going to have a out-dated dual core processor and ICS. Especially since I want this to be my first smartphone.

    • seeingwhite

      Who knows, maybe it will be the quad-core krait. I wouldn't get your hopes up though. It will most likely have the Adreno 320 at least.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/52RMHX6AKKSZ75OKTJYQQWLRVU DCMAKER

    ack i hate razor thin bezels. I find using my EVO 3D a pain in the ass without a case because their is nowhere to hold it with out hitting the screen

  • Sorian

    One of these days the leaked photo will be of better quality! Joking aside, It looks nice, but I don't know if I would own one.