The Android launcher has always been ground zero for device customization, and most launchers make at least some concession to user options. But TSF Shell, which we've covered before, surely takes the cake for sheer flexibility. The latest update, to Beta version 1.6.0, adds a dazzling amount of new features. Granted, most of these are eye candy - something that TSF never lacked in the first place - but a few of them are genuinely useful. The ability to select and move multiple apps at a time is something I've wished stock and source-based launchers would implement for years.

The mini-docks on the right and left of TSF, as well as the homescreen itself, get plenty of small tweaks and options. Plus there's a variety of new widget which include - no joke - a 3D flying blimp that trails a flapping photo from your gallery behind it. (If you put a battery widget right next to it, you can watch your power drain in real time!) Some more practical considerations include unread counts for various email and social icons, plus support for high-definition icons and themes. It's still the most expensive launcher around at just under $17 in the Play Store, but the widgets and plugins are free.

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