When Google announced that it would support all major credit and debit cards, it was big news. What may have slipped under the radar, however, is that Mountain View also sent an open invitation to card issuers to sign up for tighter integration into the service. Today, Google is announcing that you can add your Discover card to Google Wallet directly from your account on Discover's website. You even get fancy card graphics now, too!

The process is stupid simple to set up:

To save your Discover Card to Google Wallet, just follow these short steps:

  1. Visit discover.com/googlewallet and sign into your Discover account
  2. Click “Add Your Card”
  3. Sign into your Google Account

And that’s it! You don’t even need to look up your credit card number, let alone type it in.

Not only does this process make it extremely easy for Discover card users to integrate their accounts, but it also demonstrates that the company is willing to work closely with Google to make its cards work. More card issuer support is always a good thing. Especially when certain other companies are fighting Wallet integration, and the council of doom consortium of virtually every retailer anyone cares about circles overhead like so many vultures.

The mobile payment landscape right now is more chaotic than its ever been. We'll see who comes out on top: Google with its Wallet program that's finally starting to materialize, the carriers with their ISIS payment plan that has yet to see the light of day, or Wal-Mart and its trillion-dollar alliance. Grab your favorite epic battle soundtrack. This is gonna be fun to watch.

Source: Google Commerce Blog

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Robert Ray

    "We're Sorry.
    Your account is not eligible to use this service at this time."

    Maybe because I never use my card?

  • Zak Taccardi

    I keep getting "Add card failed" - I'm rooted on CM10 - could that be the issue?

  • mgamerz

    Wish my phone had NFC... =/

  • Anand Thakur

    Too bad it still appears to use a virtual mastercard number for transactions instead of directly billing your Discover card, so Discover has no idea what category the transaction was. This means any special bonus points programs (e.g. the 5% cashback Discover is giving for gasoline purchases this quarter) won't work.

    Hopefully Isis or one of the other competitors adds this abiilty if Google doesn't do it first.

  • PsychoFox13

    The reason it hasn't taken off is because it's not available on every NFC enabled Android phone. What really sucks is that you can download it, then you find out your phone is not available when you run it. It's like they're rubbing it in your face. Shoot, even a Nexus phone isn't supported (albeit Verizon's fault). They should have stepped up their game and allowed it on more NFC enabled devices. I walk right past a McDonald's every day, and sometimes I forget my wallet. Having Google Wallet would be nice.

    The Google Wallet Card is also stupid since it completely defeats the purpose of having a Google Wallet account. Google Wallet was to REPLACE your wallet. Not add to it.