Remember the sudden 4.03.605.1 OTA update that unexpectedly hit some HTC Rezound devices earlier this week and brought global roaming with it? And the 4.03.605.2 full RUU that we followed up with shortly after? We've just gotten a hold of the full low-level Verizon changelog for these releases (the .2 one to be exact), so here's what's different compared to that final ICS OTA from only a few weeks ago (remember, half of the changelogs' value comes from knowing what to not expect):


  1. Global support enabled

Issues Resolved

  1. Let’s Golf 2 v1.2.1
  2. Skype video call – color incorrect
  3. Lockup
  4. Mobile Hotspot shows incorrect number of devices
  5. Time displayed after powering off and then right back on
  6. BUA+ read requests
  7. BUA+ not displaying in Landscape mode
  8. Data stall
  9. Mobile IM removed
  10. Guided tour video can now be found in “Basic Set-up and Usage Videos”
  11. Location settings pop-up removed
  12. Data widget updated
  13. IPv6 default set to “Enabled”
  14. VMM version updated to 0.37
  15. Static IP
  16. VVM notification in “all Messages” tab after deleting
  17. VCAST Music – removed MP3 purchase references

We're also hearing that the end date for this trial is September 3rd - presumably, that means that if everything goes well, that's the date it's going to get approved and possibly roll out to everyone shortly after.

wm_nexusae0_29 wm_nexusae0_117 3

Thanks, anon!

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  • DianeRehkop
  • IceBeam

    "IPv6 default set to “Enabled”"
    Oh crap. There are some devices which has this and it screws up many apps who just go with the default settings and thus it doesn't work because the users isn't actually using IPv6

  • Azb

    Hope they fix the issue with google maps kicking the phone into a reboot cycle

    • T

      That's a Google Maps issue, not a rom issue. A bunch of people are reporting it on xda

  • trob6969

    Hopefully when my rezound gets this update it will fix the hotspot feature that the ics update completely ruined. There was nothing wrong with it in the first place, it doesn't work at all now...and to think that one of the features ics was supposed to bring was improved hotspot functionality.

  • jon

    worked for me the 1st time. updated from 3.14.605.5 and everything worked fine. i did use smsBackupRestore off the market for my sms and htc sync and google did the rest