It's not quite live yet, but Google would like you to know that Google Maps 6.10 is on its way to handsets by the end of the day. "What's new for me, the public transit user?" I hear you ask. Quite a bit, in fact! First off, Google has announced that it now has data on more than one million transit stops worldwide, spread throughout almost 500 cities. In an effort to make that information more usable, the Transit Lines map layer can now me narrowed down to a single method of transportation. Um. Yes please.


In addition, station pages will now show departure times, which lines serve the station, and how far to other platforms nearby. Taken together, these features make a powerful update for the public commuter. If you live in a less dense area, or drive your own vehicle to and from work, don't worry. Google's got a few new treats for you, as well:

  • Now, whenever you search for a city or postal code, the borders of that region are highlighted.
  • Under My Places you’ll notice we’ve added new tabs, which will help you access all your information from a single place; from your saved maps for use offline to your starred places and Custom Maps created on your desktop.
  • If you enable Location History, you’ll be able to browse the places you’ve been on a daily basis with an updated Location History dashboard.

Google says the app will be updated today. It doesn't appear to be live just yet, but you should see it before too long. So, just keep refreshing your My Apps list in the Play Store like mad.

Update: The new version is live on the Play Store now, and even comes with a gorgeous new icon. Pretty snazzy!


Source: Google Lat Long Blog

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • mesmorino

    Was the post code highlighting a labs feature? Maps already does that on my phone. The rest of the update is highly appreciated though!

  • drris

    My maps are yellow. Why are they white in the screenshots? That's new too?

    • http://blog.ravrahn.net/ Owen Cassidy

      They have the Terrain layer turned on, probably.

      • Ian Santopietro

        That doesn't look like terrain. I'll bet they updated it for this new version.

        • http://blog.ravrahn.net/ Owen Cassidy

          Could be. Also possibly there's no large roads in that area.

    • http://twitter.com/jeanlouisnguyen Jean-Louis Nguyen

      It's because the map turns white when you toggle the transit layer. This is to make transit lines more prominent (some subway/bus lines are yellow in most cities, which would not pop out as much against a warm background). The default background has not changed with version 6.10.

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    Yay for improvements to the My Places stuff. I've always found that to be a little lacking in functionality that could otherwise be super useful.

  • http://twitter.com/jeanlouisnguyen Jean-Louis Nguyen

    Next on the wish list: improved turn-by-turn navigation with 3D vector buildings and refreshed UI, on-screen traffic alerts and re-routing, support for waypoints and multiple destinations, display of road speed limit and optional speed warnings, support for lane assistance on select roads, integration of third-party data in select cities (gas prices via GasBuddy.com, and parking rates via BestParking.com), and a new 'My Trips' dashboard, letting users explore/save data about their most recent trips (distance travelled, average speed, view trip in Google Earth, etc). That would be killer.

  • http://twitter.com/Lammjr Lamm

    Meh... Google should als update maps to allow us to cache layers from areas we already loaded.... Also, add an ability to save "my maps" locally for use without internet connection.

    • ElfirBFG

      You don't have JB I take it?

      • mesmorino

        What's that got to do with it? It's not a JB specific feature, I was saving maps locally on GB

  • Lien Wee Hoo

    Just updated to 6.10. The icon changed.

  • Donovan Chan

    Latitude widget is gone.........

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhut.virani Rhut Virani


  • br_hermon

    This version will not allow you to log out of Lattitude like you could before. I don't see the option anywhere. If memory serves me correct, hasn't Lattitude running in the background been a battery and resource hog?
    Personally I never use Lattitude because 1. Google doesn't need to log where I am every minute of the day. 2. I don't travel a lot (work from home even) so Lattitude is useless. 3. I want to save battery and keep this from regularly running.
    Anyone else feel the same or no?

  • fixxmyhead

    eric this update was live yesterday. i noticed cuz the icon changed

    also i prefer the old icon

  • lance

    Rezound user here. New 6.10 update freezes and reboots phone after opening. Glad I have a backup of old version!

  • S Williams

    This update is awful. It has removed my layers so I cannot select satellite, traffic and so on. It has also removed my location option. What have I gained with this? Nothing. I have instead lost most of the useful features that I had previously. Will this be rectified?

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.wood.1848 Craig Wood

    What's happened to the navigation? When in navigation mode it would place the view like it does on a tomtom, moving the view as w move... This has now been replaced by the view from above... Or am i missing something?