Last Updated: August 23rd, 2012

My fellow Bank of America customers, lend me your ears! No longer do you need to sit in embarrassed silence as Chase Bank and PayPal users show off the ability to deposit checks magically through their smartphones. Now you too can revel in the futuristic technology of 2011, having waited only a year for the largest banking institution in the country to update its Android app in line with non government-subsidized competitors. Truly, this is a great day for every BofA customer!

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Sarcasm aside, mobile check depositing is the one thing that users of Bank of America's mobile app have been craving more than any other. The rest of the now standard features are still here, including transfers, bill pay and the new ability to transfer money to others by simple phone number or email exchange. There's also the new BankAmeriDealsTM [sic] feature, a cash-back loyalty program with participating retailers. The app's still not much to look at and there's certainly speedier options out there (like using the mobile web site) but it's good to see that Bank of America is at least trying to move with the times.

Thanks, @JirafoBo!

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Guest

    Yay, now you can have your life ruined on the go!

  • D4niel

    Finally! Now their app is useful.

  • LazarusDark

    Holy crap, is that your bank account?? Yo, hook a brutha up with a loan, Uncle Money Bags!

    • http://www.twitter.com/morenicano Morenicano

      LOL! It's the screenshots BoA has in the Play Store

    • http://www.facebook.com/andresdroid Andres Schmois

      Really? That's a lot? It's a decent amount, but Uncle Money Bags is a bit too much...

  • slickware

    This was the sole reason why I left BOA for Chase. Honestly BOA, welcome to 2011. Not sorry I won't be sharing the experience with you and your insane fees-for-fees-for-fees on top of fees. I hope you and your too-late-to-the-party app choke.

  • Top Dog

    And while the US works to improve check processing, the rest of the world have given up checks entirely. I haven't written a check for 15 years and less than 10 in my entire life. Receiving checks? No anymore either.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      I haven't written a check in at least 5 years, and it would have been longer if not for a single utility company that required a check to handle just the very first payment. The problem, if you want to call it that, is that employers and the government tend to pay money to people by check. Considering the dangers inherent with direct deposit, I'm pretty good with being paid by check, even if it means I have to occasionally drive 25 minutes to the bank to deposit them...yes, I live pretty far out...

      • Top Dog

        Like I said - US still stuck with checks - rest of the world has moved on. Every month my salary is transferred directly to one of my accounts. It has been so since my first job in 1985. In the old days cars and other large items were paid for by check nothing else. And that was a long time ago. The last 4 cars I have bought were paid for using my direct debit card. I haven't been to the bank for 3 years.

        • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

          My point was that we aren't stuck on checks. I honestly can't think of a single thing we can't do with a combination of direct deposit and credit cards. Every employer can set up direct deposit for paying their employees. Of course, if you don't trust your employer completely, you're taking a big risk with direct deposit. Likewise, several government offices offer direct deposit. I don't even remember the last store I saw that would still accept a check. The few places checks are still used are usually an issue of personal preference by the payee or the payment is only happening once and a check remains a shortcut.

          You've got the wrong idea of how things are over here. We're not as antiquated as you seem to think. I suspect plenty of people in your country are still paid by check, you're just one of the people who chooses not to.

          • John

            >>. I don't even remember the last store I saw that would still accept a check.

            Do you mean you don't remember the last time you saw someone write a check? Because my mom pays check when she grocery shops and in department stores ... when she's checking out.

    • John

      You serious? Lose the "the rest of the world does this ... " attitude. You don't write checks and that hasn't had a negative effect on your life - in fact it made it easier - congrats. You deserve a cookie for being "progressive." I swear, people find the most moronic things to complain about. I wouldn't be surprised if you look down on people who still use top load washing machines or don't use dish washers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-A-Martinelli/611902905 John A Martinelli

    Won't read the check as the flash on my epic 4g touch is too bright!

    • johnforamerica

      Ummm, not to be a jerk, but have you considered turning off the flash? I had mine off (by default) and it worked just fine! (same phone)

      • iCommentToday

        I'm having the same issue and I've turned off the flash. I reset all of my camera settings in order to take the picture, as well. Despite all of that, the flash remains super bright, making the image unreadable. Any other suggestions?

        • johnforamerica

          Hmmmm... I took another the other day and noticed that it used the flash, even though I had it off. I wonder if they updated the app, or maybe it was the recent android update.

          I did notice, however, that the thumbnails it shows on the first page DO NOT match what is submitted. In mine, both images were nothing but flash, you couldn't see a thing. But once I got to the next page, they were legible and submitted. Hope that helps!

          • jonathan

            Please see my comment for ghetto dolution.Works

        • jonathan

          Please read my comment for solution

      • Jeannie

        It doesn't allow you to turn off the flash. I have the same problem on my Epic 4G. The flash on the camera itself is turned off, but the BOA app forces it back on. There is no way to turn it off. I've just talked to BOA customer service about this and they've confirmed there is no way to turn off the flash- which renders the app useless. The flash is so bright that it's a complete white out. Looks like I have to go back to the old fashioned trip to the ATM. Useless.

        • jonathan

          Please see my comments for solution

    • cactus

      I have a LG Optimus L9 - phone less than 6 months old and even in the brightest light, the check image is blurry/out of focus :( have tried everything. I can use my 2 year old Galaxy tablet just fine... my old LG phone was fine also. This new one, not so much :-

    • jonathan

      Tear a piece of paper, lick.it, stick it to led glass. Stick.a second layer of paper onto that. Just cover the led bulb not the camera lens. It will filter the flash down enough to take pics.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roninmoto Joel Betterly

    I have BOA and I used the app from my iPad3. When I tried to deposit a check it would not work for me. It kicked back errors saying the mobile network was down try again later, or it would say that it could not find a signature on the back of the check and would not process it. I signed the back of the check and placed my company name extremely large on the back so you could not miss it and the stupid app still would not work for me. They still need to improve the app before it is ready for prime time in my opinion.

  • johnforamerica

    Works great for me! Just had a coworker write me a $2 check and it worked just fine with my Galaxy S2 (ok, Epic 4G Touch... barf).

  • John

    I used this on my android and it works fine. The processing took less than 24 hrs I believe. Well, at least with the one check I deposited. You just need to make sure your picture of both sides have all four corners in site when taking the snapshot, and that the snapshot is as close and clear as possible. Happy "on-the-go" depositing!

  • lori

    I have an AT&T LG Thrill android and haven't been able to use the Bank of America app for over a month. Im not sure why it's not working. I have uninstalled it and then installed it again and it still comes up with a box saying connection error. then were sorry we werent ablet to complete your request. please try again. doesnt ever work. any suggestions?

  • Quepaso

    Doesn't work on Nexus Jelly Bean - connection error, won't let sign in. I haven't been able to use it at all

  • Junemarie

    I have a Galaxy S (SCHI500) phone & a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" - - I cannot get Bank of America's android app to work at all - error "Connection error - please try again later." Sooool - when is the later that works? I have tried for 5 weeks - day and night to no avail. HELP!

    • littleyampi

      Did u find out how to make it work tho?

  • D-Dash

    This app sucks almost as much as bank of america. I'm switching banks Monday.

  • SelektorStyle

    Does not let me sign in on booth Nexus jelly bean and ipad mini. Connection error. It's been a while since the app came out, but these issues haven't been addressed yet. Fail.

  • http://www.facebook.com/badger.dogi Badger Dogi

    I have downloaded this and tried it at least a dozen times on my Galaxy III tablet and it just locks up and crashes. I bought the tablet, versus a cheaper product, specifically to be able to deposit into my BOA account without waiting in long lines at the bank or the atm. This is so disappointing. I have been reporting this for months and they dont do anything to make it work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/badger.dogi Badger Dogi

    I've been trying this app since Nov 2012, but they have still not fixed the deposit bugs. It will not take a photo, it locks up and crashes. I've reported this like a dozen times and it still doesnt work. I uninstall and reinstall, same problem exists. Do not buy the Galaxy Tab 2- 7" tablet thinking you can deposit checks to BOA.... it will not work. I still have to get in the car and wait in line at the drive through/ATM. Wish I had saved my money and bought the Ipad Mini.... at least the BOA app works with ipad.

  • George

    A quick one here. Just installed the new BOFA mobile banking app on my mew Galaxy Tab 2. Everything works with the app except when I try to deposit a check. Its as if the app is not talking to the camera software to view and take a picture of the check. All I get is a black background screen where the check is supposed to be. Any ideas?

    • Events unfolding

      Make sure overhead lighting is good, check is under the camera...do not lay check on the iPad or device. Under. Good luck

      • JJ

        Its a tech fault, apparently on Android tablets. They say Phones are OK though according to tech support.

        • Steve Bergman

          Nope. It freezes up when taking the photo on my Galaxy Note 2 phone.

  • CGS

    Check deposit doesn't work on Nexus 10.

  • cr 1462

    Please fix your freaking app the deposit checks thing still does not work

    • sweetcrazygemini .

      It is now TWO years from the original post, and ONE year since your post, and GUESS WHAT?? It still doesn't work. By some fluke I got one to deposit a few weeks ago, but they must have fcked shit up again cuz now it don't work.

  • Patriot0351

    BOA Banking App does NOT work on Samsung Intercept operating with Android. When you take a picture of the check, it just says "processing image" and will do so until your phone battery dies. It will not work and is nothing but garbage. Try again BoA!

    • Patriot0351

      PS Android is pure garbage too. iPhone OS beats Android hands down any day every day!

  • Riobha

    Except it still doesn't work! It either freezes up or it says it can't read the check...I can't get it any clearer! I would review it on Google apps, but, THEY demand that I sign up for Google+ before I post a review & that ain't agonna happen!

  • Riobha

    If Wells Fargo can make it work w/ a Samsung, why can't BofA?

  • Events unfolding

    Using ipad B of A app for check deposit. Generated beautiful pics of both sides of chech BUT would not finish the deposit. Message said unavailable and try later. Multiple times. Suspect app needs a fix?

  • cliff

    This app still will not allow picture taking on galaxy tab 7

  • JJ

    Still not working on Nexus7 (2013). Same issues with the check deposit, showing black screen with either front of check or back of check. The app itself works fine for other things but not this facility.

    They obviously "lied" or fed a party line at tech support when they told me they have known about this issue since 4th July 2013 and are working on it!!

    I too bought the tablet mainly for depositing checks, it is another nail inn the coffin for BOA.

  • ME

    The app is a piece of crap!!!

  • Willis

    The deposit process using Android Jellbean on my Samsung Galaxy S4 gets hung up on "processing image" then app stops working entirely. Have had repeated problems with this. Any suggestions?

  • jonathan

    Ok I have a epic 4g touch. Samsung. The flash would not disable so I messed around and found a solution. Take some stationary or thick printer paper and rip a lil corner piece off big enough to cover the led bulb on your cam. Lick the paper and it will stick to the glass and filter the flash down. One layer wasnt enough so I took another piece and licked I and stuck It to the piece already on the glass to double up and I filtered the light far enough down to take the perfect shot of thechecks. Just took patience to focus I right. I Was at a slight angle not directly above. Checks went through.

  • CT

    Now just make it work with Kyocera Rise.

  • Dk Hawp

    I have Samsung galaxy S2 and I have been using this app to make deposits and never had any issue. But, about a month pr two ago, I was trying to make a check deposit and while I was taking the front checks picture. i got an incoming call from my friend. After we talked, I resumed taking the picture but my camera light automatically flashed, which make the photo too bright and impossible to make the deposit. I checked my phone settings and make sure the flash light was off. I took a picture without using the app and it was just fine( the light didn't flash). I uninstalled the app and reinstalled again, hoping that that might fix the flashing, but to no avail. I called up a representative but was told to make sure that i turned off the flash on my camera again. He said that it was not they(the app) who screwed up but Samsung. I borrow my friend's Apple 4s and was able to make the deposit. My phone, on the other hand, although other features work just fine, would not still allow me to make any deposit. Please fix the flashing light situation!

  • jocee

    It used to work fine until the upgrade came along. Now all I get is a blank screen or scribbled on my Galaxy S2. Sooooo frustrating!!!!!!! Now I can't access mobile banking on my phone. R.I.P Bank of America :-(

  • sweetcrazygemini .

    NOPE NOPE NOPE, DOESN'T WORK FOR MOBILE DEPOSITS. I see someone had the same problem 2 years ago. You seriously haven't fixed the problem in all this time??