Well, well well - it looks like the unicorn black Galaxy S III may be real after all, at least according to MobileFun, a popular UK retailer which just put it up for pre-order for five hundred quid.

We first suspected the black version of Samsung's flagship may be coming after seeing several images of a suspiciously dark-looking device pop up on Facebook. Shortly after, Android Police obtained a shot of an internal Carphone Warehouse system clearly showing the black variant in its inventory.

The MobileFun pre-order page just about seals the deal. I reached out to the company via Twitter and asked whether the page depicted a real product. The confirmation came not a minute later:

Based on almost 900 reviews and a 4.6/5 rating at Review Centre and its past track record, MobileFun does seem to possess credibility (at least its UK arm - the U.S. one not so much), so I'm going to say this rumor is all but officially confirmed - the last thing we need now is for Samsung to chime in.

Update: MobileFun just put up a full blog post announcing the black Galaxy S III and touting being first to announce a price and the release date. Here is what they had to say:

We’re happy to announce that Mobile Fun will be stocking the Samsung Galaxy S III sim free… in black! As far as we know, we’re the first to announce a price and release date for the new phone.

The new colour scheme looks fantastic when paired with the S3′s sweeping curves and thin frame, with a subtle texture that looks fantastic as you move it in the light.


Thanks, Chris!

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  • mesmorino

    So... Does anyone want to buy a white galaxy s3? Barely used, no damage, gsm/UK model :p

  • anon

    Question to those who own US carrier GS3s in blue. Is the battery door on yours a violet colour or a purpleish gunmetal tone? I got the latter but I see demo phones with this more violet (read redish toned purple) instead. I prefer what I got since it nearly matches in tone to the rest of the phone where these violet ones do not. I also note the white backs have a hologram like pearl finish to them (too bad this does not carry to the faceplate) So it makes me wonder if this black phone will be plain or have some sort of flair added to it.