Update: Here's HTC's official statement regarding the update, which elaborates on the changes in greater detail:

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure customers are receiving software updates that improve their user experience, we are pleased to announce our next upgrade for the HTC One X will be released on August 10th.

The primary update will include an upgrade to Android version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), in addition to an improved Sense experience which will: enable the ability to map menu function to the 'recent app' key (improving visual presentation in non ICS apps like Facebook); improve tab management in the browser with a dedicated tab switching button and enhance camera capabilities such as white balance and continuous autofocus. Furthermore, customers can expect enhancements to memory, platform stability and the overall browsing experience. Other improvements include a Single Sign-On for Facebook allowing user access across applications and browsers and upgrades to Beats audio, which reflect our dedication to providing an authentic sound experience.

From a developer perspective, we are expanding SDK support for Media Link and providing a framework for video call applications to achieve improved performance and quality.

According to German site HTCInside, the European variant (not confirmed for all regions) of HTC's One X smartphone is receiving an OTA software update to version 2.17.401.2. The update, as shown by the dialogue on the device (and our rough translation), promises Sense 4.1, Android 4.0.4, improved stock browser performance, and enhanced camera quality.

20120810_htc_one_x_android_4.0.4_sense_4.1_03 20120810_htc_one_x_android_4.0.4_sense_4.1_05

Having been using a Sense 4.1 ROM myself the last few days on my own One X, I can also confirm that the newest version of HTC's UI overlay brings at least one change of its own. Expect marginally smoother homescreen switching animations (the animation itself is a little different, too). That's actually the only visual Sense 4.1-specific change I've noticed.

Otherwise (and probably most importantly), the update includes the same recent apps button menu in Settings that we saw come to the AT&T version of the One X last week, meaning that annoying virtual menu button can finally be banished back into the nether regions from whence it came.

If you're getting the OTA on your One X, be sure to let us know in the comments!


Thanks, Eugen!

David Ruddock
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  • http://plus.lars.fosdal.com/ Lars Fosdal

    I wonder when the Jelly Bean version will come?

    • PINJ

      all In Good Time

  • EddyOS

    Quick Settings aren't in the stock ROM, just activated in custom ones. The code is there but HTC haven't activated it

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Oh thank god. Fixed!

      • aXer

        There is an chane to activate
        Quick Settings on stock rom??

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          I personally don't know. You're probably best off with a custom ROM that has it turned on.

    • Johan Lindström

      I can confirm that. I didn't get the "Quick Settings"-tab in my pull-down notification bar after I updated my OneX (Sweden-Telia).

      And You can still "sneak-peek" on notifications

  • Leo Kanellopoulos

    i have a uk hox and still didnt got it

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It's possible (likely) that the rollout will be staggered by region. Your device may have a different radio firmware compared to the mainland Euro version. Thanks for the info, though.

    • Ridhwaan Shah

      Yeah he too. I have the European unlocked version One X and I live in Australia but I haven't got it yet. Before all the updates came. Maybe have to wait a little longer

  • http://twitter.com/yash1229 Yash Bhatia

    Does this revoke root access and relock the boot loader?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      There is no reason to think it would relock the bootloader. Even if it did, HTCDev would allow you to re-unlock. If the bootloader is unlocked, you should have no concerns about root, just find a rooted ROM running this software version (they're out there already).

  • Thiago

    I got the update right now and I am in Croatia

  • Pilu

    Got the update, downloading right now
    HOX Hungary/Vodafone

  • aXer

    Problem with T-Mobile sim is still there:(

  • Simon Belmont

    The change is animation was that they removed any 3D effects at all. I kind of liked the subtle effects from Sense 4.0.

    It's funny, Sense 3.0 and 3.6 never had animation issues or stutters on my older EVO 3D. Oh well.

  • iNitesh

    Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting @ Asia..!!!! ;(

  • ST79

    I'm on Vodafone UK and still NO update available ...

    • Neil

      Any update yet for UK Vodafone handsets?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1712821667 Andrei Poenaru

    I can confirm the update is available in Romania right now.

  • Adandu

    After seeing this aricle i've manualy checked for updates, and I got it. Now I'm downloading. Btw I'm from Romania

  • suvidh virmani

    India ?? When ??

  • suleman

    When this update is hitting in Asia.. plz tell...

  • braandon

    Just being patient and waiting for it .....

    • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

      yeah but patient sucks. :D

  • Jack Crowe

    Come on French one X!

  • Arana Michael

    Oh sure, they update the One X, but waht about the other ONE series? Or the Evo or the HTC Amaze which development has become an issue because they won't release the full source code. HTC went from being a great company to a trashy company.

    • Dexter

      One S already had this update....

    • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

      Chill... its not like your One S isn't already a great phone.

  • ntlee

    Asia HOX using in Canada. I can't wait to get the update

  • SinaKing

    I have Taiwan Device & Also Original Taiwan Rom ,
    but i didn't get Update !

  • ST79

    Still no update available in the UK... HTC one x on Vodafone uk.

  • brandon

    still don't receive the update yet !!! still waiting for it.. i'm from malaysia

  • big D

    Still no update on Sunday.

  • kozjegyzo

    I got updated in Hungary. Finally no virtual menu, this made my day :D

  • DBCOOPER1971

    I have the International One X here in the U.S. and I still don't have this update.

  • gunaiden

    am from algeria , and my device hox is from europe ,and i got the update the first day it comes :) but my brother have the asian verson of hox but he do not have the update yet

  • Norwegiandroid

    Downloading the ota with sense 4.1 in Norway for my htc one x as i write.
    Arrived today.

  • Ian Jessiman

    I'm still waiting for the update in UK, sim free one x. Any one got this yet in the UK?

  • manospro

    I have the HTC One X purchased from the UK. I have yet to receive the update... :-(

    • saggwagg

      No nor me in UK and my HTC one x is unbranded on Orange UK, funny got girlfriends phone HTC one v at the same time and same tarif got her update last week..... Uhhh

  • http://twitter.com/shelukindo oscar shelukindo

    Received my sense 4.1 updated today I am I Dar es Salaam Tanzania

  • killerbai

    when will this update come to asia, im from philippines

  • yadu

    I'm from india...got the update yesterday....as told above menu button can be linked with recent apps and also tab button ther in stock browser, home screen transition got faster.... But don't see any solution for multitasking issue and heard some of them got primary and secondary cam switching button I dint find it also....Also no quick setting button

    • ram

      Hi yadu I have n,t got update..can I know how they releases the updates

  • Bobaloba

    I updated my UK device yesterday afternoon. No more virtual menu button bar!!!