Trello is not just a to-do manager. With this app, you can organize any project into cards, which can be used as a private tracker of your progress, or shared with friends and colleagues that you're working with. To top it off, it all comes in an attractive package with cloud syncing.

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Everything in Trello is grouped into boards, which should be treated as separate projects. The cards are individual aspects of each project board. You might want to add cards with photos, notes on who is working on various items, or checklists of individual to-dos. You can imagine Trello as a sort of virtual whiteboard for keeping track of your ideas. All this is synced to the Trello website for easier access when you're at a computer. The first release should run fine on phones and tablets up to 7-inches, but there is currently no 10-inch optimized UI.

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This app, and the associated website, come courtesy of Fog Creek Software. Joel Spolsky is the man behind this venture, and you might be familiar with some of his previous work - just a little site called StackOverflow. The app has an impressive pedigree, but it also feels like a solid port to Android. This is not just a warmed over iOS clone; the app uses the Android column layout, as well as the action bar. Trello is free, so check it out.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://twitter.com/homncruse Aaron Burke

    Joel Spolsky and the entire Fog Creek Software umbrella of software is simply amazing. I've been waiting for the Android app for a while! It saddened me when I got my boss hooked on Trello, and he asked about mobile apps, and while he was able to grab one on his iPhone, I couldn't on my Android :( We trade jabs back and forth on the superior phone all the time, and I had no defense against that one.


  • Milind

    What's the "Android column layout"?

    • Kaushal

      As guess that he's referring to the Holo design in which one can swipe left/right to switch to the next screen/section/"column".

      UPDATE: I spoke too soon. The initial page looks like Holo design but swiping it does nothing. You need to tap on each section title. Once you enter the "Welcome Board" (which should be there if you just signed up for a trello account), you will see the columns that Ryan is referring to. But that doesn't look anything like Android. With the dot indicator at the bottom, it looks more like swiping through iPhone screens.

  • Caio Moreno

    Too bad dont have a Widget. But I think it will help me a lot.