Last month, owners of Toshiba's 10-inch Thrive tablet were dealt a blow when the manufacturer announced that the tablet's official update to Ice Cream Sandwich would be delayed to "early Fall." This news came several months after Toshiba had initially indicated an "end of Spring" release target for the update.

After all of that, it appears that the Thrive is finally receiving its update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich today – for real this time. The update, which users report taking around 30 minutes to download, is rolling out automatically now.


Photo: Mukul Modi

In a post to Toshiba's Thrive forums earlier, a rep announced the update, indicating that it includes improved video and audio performance, improved camera functions, and improved signal strength/connectivity. Of course we all know that the real story here is Ice Cream Sandwich.

The update should be rolling out automatically, but if you're impatient, just open your Thrive's "Service Station" app, check for updates, and follow the instructions. To follow discussion of the update, just click through below to the Thrive forums.

Source: Thrive Forum

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  • Jon


  • Finaldeath

    "improved signal strength/connectivity" If this means wifi then my sony tablet s seriously need this. Nothing but problems getting wifi to turn on and stay on, constantly drops connection.

    • jonnywoo

      It's probably not the thrive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/LarryFDawsonJr Larry Dawson

      My WiFi has worked well every where, even in Kuwait. Some signals were a little on the weak side, but once connected it stayed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/junsik.nam JunSik Nam

    what about thive 7?

  • HyunKim

    On sony tab. Agreed with finaldeath comment. Must get 4.04 or 4.1

  • http://starmall.co.uk/ Jack Smith

    Oh good news for me.

  • Beaster1174

    Grr. On attempt number 5 to download the dern thing.

    • badjuju

      I took out my sd card and it worked.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Never thought I would see the day that the Thrive gets ICS before the GalaxyTab 10.1 in the US.

  • nounta

    Will i need to unroot my thrive and flash to stock before updating to ICS?

    • animejay

      Yes, you would need to flash stock. and have a stock reovery and boot image as well

      • Adam

        Though there's not currently a way to root ICS on the Thrive (unless I missed it), which could be a worry if you decide you want to root at a later date.
        I used a rooted ICS ROM on my already rooted HC Thrive, and it's working great.

  • SKing

    Two attempts to download. Last one took and hour and a half. It still failed...

  • dante

    And you can even buy the Thrive right now for $199.

  • Sexybeast-

    On sale today for 199.99 REFURB


  • animejay

    It's sad that i sold my Thrive and bought a Pad Infinity. The reason i sold it was because of the delay to ICS. I'm happy with my new tab though. Glad Toshiba came through.

  • http://www.geeknoob.com/ Kundan Bhardwaj

    It is indeed costly and way to beyond the budget of a common stupid man like me.

  • CeluGeek

    Still no word on whether they unlocked the SD card and USB drives so you can save documents and other files to them from within non-Toshiba apps. This is something that worked when the Thrive was first released and Toshiba blocked it (and blamed Google) with the switch to Honeycomb 3.2, and the reason I'll never buy another Toshiba device. If saving to external storage is still locked, the update to ICS is useless and I don't have to regret dumping the Thrive for a Galaxy Tab 2, where I can save files to both internal memory and micro SD cards from within any app.

    • http://www.facebook.com/LarryFDawsonJr Larry Dawson

      I have been able to do that from the start, have had my thrive for almost a year now.

    • Zires

      I am on a rooted modified version of ICS and everything works great. I updated my friend's non rooted Thrive and the trick is formatting the sd card/usb to extfat. I'm able to do mybackup pro backups to the sd card.

  • onpoint G

    So I'm assuming my excite will get 4.1 since ics is coming to the yr old thrive oh if anyone wants a list of tablets that might get it....

  • Labor

    Not getting it for the AT100 (Thrive in UK, Aus). :(

    • Pi3

      Is this because it is a controlled release or are we being excluded completely?

    • TwistedSis000

      Not working on my Thrive AT100 either. Have a solid connection (3_4 bars) but it starts the download then fails every time. Tried at least 6 times so far. I don't understand all the unrooting comments so don't know if I need to do something before downloading. Is there a site to go to for the download then install it???

    • Dave Forbes

      I am in Australia and we are still waiting on the upgrade to 4. Toshiba

  • geekwannabe

    So, had trouble downloading first time, went for second and it took forever last night. Finished up this morning and did the usual reboots. However, tonight it will not allow me to connect to our network even though it sees it and I keep re-entering secured network password, click connect and go through everything again and again. I have even shut it down several times while I calm down and try the whole process over again. Is one of my apps causing problems? I was successful with Thrive at work today, so does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!

  • cpphotos

    mine is great i have tested it since last fri, the only thing is sometime the HDMI is no reconigzed by the TV and I have to reboot the talbet and tv, im going to do a hard reset to see if that works and ill let ya know, the volume is so loud(that was a much needed fix)

  • http://profiles.google.com/gregrnel Greg Nelson

    Loving the ICS, the thrive runs much smoother overall, just don't use the browser, it crashes like mad. I use Opera anyway which works excellently on ICS.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FWBHCM6QS65XYXJCHPSVBOD5YU William

    I wish there was a Thrive2, with a more current cpu, The Thrive is the only tablet that has several ports, where the other tablets are skimping on; I like the Asus Transformer, except for needing the keyboard for things like usb.

  • setigo

    I have a thrive 10 4G and the service station says no update available yet does anyone knows why or what to do in order to do upgrade

  • the_Zd

    is there update fo ar100 in europe for example in austria? couse i cant find any in system updates.

  • the_Zd


  • Androidnator

    after installing 4.0.4 ics cam does not work
    what to do?

  • J P

    I bought a thrive that lasted 1 yr and a month later the screen froze that was lightly used. I thought Toshiba made such good products?

  • SMH

    WARNING to anyone reading this post! I bought a Thrive with Honeycomb and the upgrade to ICS was no longer available. Talked with Toshiba and they pulled the upgrade back (said it was buggy). It is NOT available, at least not through any normal process, so don't pick up one of these thinking it will upgrade.

  • Mr.Samdor

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