For months now, users who wanted to root their Logitech Revue GoogleTV unit were either forced to use hardware modifications or do without. Now, though, Android hacker extraordinaire Dan Rosenberg has found a way to do it completely through software. There's only one problem: it's both extremely difficult and risky. Still, if you're up for a challenge, this one's for you.

This hack uses an exploit called nandpwn, which is explained better on GTVhacker than I could ever do:

A local privilege escalation exploit for the Logitech Revue that leverages the ability to map the hardware registers of the NAND flash controller in conjunction with a Linux kernel information leak to clobber kernel memory in a way that allows gaining privileges.

Fancy, no? It's also "highly unstable" and could cause permanent, irreversible damage to your Revue. So, if this sounds like your idea of fun times on a Friday night, hit the source link for full details.

Good luck.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Revue Sux

    My Revue is an absolute POS. I really don't care if I brick it. Netflix barely works on it. Web browsing is more than painful. Flash crashes all the time on it. This would be an excellent excuse to tell my wife if I brick it, why we need a new box.

    • mookie blaylock


    • Andy

      Yes, anything Flash on my Revue is a total junk. But, my Netflix works great though.

      • Revue Sux

        My Netflix on my Revue is close to useless. I have to reboot the box once a day to get it to actually load a video or stop the "can't watch this video right now" errors. I can't believe Logitech and Google let this thing on the street. Luckily I got it free.

        • Mobetr

          I had to reboot four times a day until I exchanged it twice. Has worked great since then for two years.

    • Chillium

      I absolutely love my Revue , it works as my cable/tv/av remote, netflix, revision3 and more. It never has problems, except for the 1x10 line of pink pixels at the bottom. I can't live without it. People who complain are stupid. Find me a better option that does 100% everything the Revue can do... I can't. I like the integration with the cable box. It my most used feature. Revue Sux, you suck, and for all who says it sucks, they suck too because it was only $99 so it was worth it.

      • Chillium’s Mama

        Heh. I guess you have proven you have absolutely no clue what good technology is, which by definition means you are more of an idiot than the people you are calling stupid. My Revue barely works, too. I have reset back to factory defaults, updated it, etc. It is slow, crashes, hangs in Netflix. not to mention a list of crap I have given up on. I have done zero hardware or software mods to it. All of these services work through my regular computers, Xbox, etc.

      • Shayne

        I have 3 Logitech Revues. And I own and operate a computer & technology store. I haven't had any problems with mine. But I usually only use ip camera apps, Google Chrome browser, & Netflix. No problems for my usage.

        • Paul Clark

          I love mine too. The programmable keyboard is awesome. It is worthwhile having just because of the built in harmony remote functionality coupled with the ir blaster. It controls all of my components and also is far better for doing searches in netflix etc compared to using a standard remote control. I actually own a revue, an apple tv and have an xbmc pc running unbutu with samba. The logitech revue is by far my preferred device. Initially the media player would not play a lot of different video formats, buy anymore seems to play almost everything I throw at it. I also have a slingbox. If anyone feels the need to bitch, bitch about the people that are running that outfit. They took a really cool device and killed it's usability in the revue, wd player etc and will not answer basic question as to why, when or if functionality will be returned.

      • RevueSux

        Jesus you are braindead. The Revue is a slow buggy piece of garbage, I should know, I wasted money on one. Trash like you should be removed from the gene pool.

  • Jahfry

    Hell, I can't even keep my Revue running for more than a few hours due to some weird crash (think it is a chip that overheats, but even with aux cooling I couldn't keep it solid). I might as well do this.

  • http://twitter.com/psych2L Joseph Lee

    Yea, I think it's costar time lol

    • jc

      I've got a co-star, and unfortunately, it is being returned. no programmable buttons on the remote. No way to switch inputs on the TV via the remote. No dedicated DVR button to access recorded content on my STB. All three of these things are deal breakers for me. As bad as the Revue is... the keyboard is a rock solid remote with a slue of features that others seem to leave out.

  • Knlegend1

    Once its rooted.....then what can you do with it? I have one and its okay I only use it for Google Music and Netflix. Other than that its a bigger question mark than the Nexus Q.
    Oh and Youtube...

    • Rodalpho

      Once it's rooted, you can easily modify the flash signature and watch hulu (not hulu+), video from any of the various TV networks, etc. That's the big win.

  • solomonjets

    My revue is rarely used. A custom ROM would be great, I use my PS3 for Netflix and Amazon video. The Revue is just too slow.

    • ZFT

      no DTS support on a streaming box is retarded as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/curtis.runnels.1 Curtis Runnels

    Wow..i was thinking of buying a revue today tell i heard all you guys. the co-star is sold-out. What do you think i should do?

    • http://www.facebook.com/kaito.aviles Kaito Aviles

      Wait for the ouya console, going to be basically the same thing + games :)

    • Scott White

      If you want one now I'd definitely get the Co-Star. I have the revue and it works just fine for me, but by now it's well outdated. The Equiso Smart TV is also another option. It runs android rather the Google TV. If you don't mind losing the cable box passthru.

  • Philip Courtois

    Mysterious sound at 1:34...

  • MooMoo

    FYI.. for those of you who need to reboot it, and are tired of unplugging+replugging power cord. The good 'ole "Ctrl+Alt+Del" works, since this is an Intel Atom based CPU. :D

    • http://twitter.com/jpdl_us Jaime Ponce de Leon

      MooMoo. I love you.
      I got tired of tripping over all the crap between me and my entertainment center to unplug the damn thing every day.

  • flashman

    Check flash permissions and turn everything in flash to deny and flash works great then.

  • boece

    I know this is old but thought I'd chime in - my Revue has turned out to be junk, too. I bought it refurb off eBay cheaply enough (about $80) and while it worked pretty well for several months it now reboots quite regularly and at very annoying and inopportune times. Netflix seems to lock up pretty regularly and sometimes the box just sits there for an hour and won't do anything. Even if you power cycle it sometimes it takes several minutes before it gets beyond a "Google TV" graphic (usually you immediately see the "Logitech Revue" boot after a power cycle). It's become quite unstable. Something is very wrong with these units. Perhaps they're overheating or something but it wasn't an issue for the first 5 or 6 months. Last 2 months or so it seems to be steadily degrading. Perhaps over time some kind of chip or part is melting and destabilizing the unit and perhaps during refurb they replace said part (or parts), the unit works fine for a while then bam suddenly it's overheating again. Or the software is garbage and the unit can't seem to be stable but I'm banking on the hardware; the random reboot/lockup/freeze symptoms just seem to point to hardware. In the old PC days when your computer had random freeze/lockup problems it was almost always either a bad memory chip (or chips) or bad building power.

    It's really a shame. I love the idea of Google TV and when it works it works well. I've long since given up on the idea of building my own HTPC. Did it about a half-dozen times and it was always a kludge job, built by a geek for a geek. I'm older now, married with kids and the concept of spending days and weeks hand-building something to shove under the TV isn't that exciting to me any more. My time may not be any inherently more valuable now but it at least feels that way. I've built thousands of Linux servers and workstations in my lifetime and have no desire to prove that I can do it any more.

    Long term I just may go to an Apple TV or Roku or a Smart TV that has all the apps built in. I just really like the idea of web browsing with the Revue - it IS handy at times. Browsing on the big screen is handy when the whole family wants to sit together and look up stuff online. Flash does crash occasionally but when the box is stable - which is increasingly rare these days - it seems to work fine.

    Unfortunately I doubt we'll see much in the way of firmware updates from Logitech since this product is basically EOL but I doubt it's really the software. The hardware that Logitech built probably just sucks and we're out of luck as far as that goes.

  • ann

    all these people with negative statements against the logitech revue have 1mbps worth of internet speed i watch movies on netflix amazon prime no problem even watch movies for free with chrome browser no problem with browsing the only problem i have with the revue is when i play hulu through this link download.hulu.com.huludesktop.swf it plays for 10 minutes wow i wish they could fix this it shows so good.

  • clint

    I am so disappointed in the revue it is a piece of shit

  • clint

    This abysmal piece of shit cost me $400 total 249 + 149 camera when I bought this at best buy fall 2011. I did not have a wifi tv at the time, and this seemed the cheapest way to get an internet tv in our living room on the older bigscreen, because I keep my main pc upstairs in a bedroom. The hardware crashed so often from the limited cache temp memory and other problems with flash plugin has crashed and no installed app can handle this messages it is very frustrating. When you could still get the logitech people to talk to you within the first year of purchase they did not really help much other than to tell you to press control alt and delete about once a week to clear the cache, now I have to do this several times a day just so this pos will still function! I do not have any tech knowledge about hacks or jailbreaks, but from what I gather there are a lot of people way pissed in online forums over this revue, some seem to be pissed at Google , more at Logitech. The revue does do some things pretty good like having a nice ebay app that has always worked really good and the netflix works most of the time, but I have a speedy 7mbps connection with my TWC roadrunner, and the 3.1 when it finally was available was a lot better but too little too late really . Also I personally was sold on the revue because of the full size keyboard at the time over the Sony Gtv unit. Now this pos is going downhill totally web browsing is a joke and is slower than dial up days from like over 15 years ago, email does not work much right anymore as well, I get error messages almost daily that the cache is failing or that the symptom is a sign of hardware failing error message from the unit WTF?? Did logitech only build this to last about a year for that high price? The unit always got very hot and I think that might be part of the hardware failing, it seem to work better when I sit it on the floor instead of in my entertainment center next to the cablebox. I always thought that logitech was a reputable company I am not too sure anymore. WAY angry at being screwed over like this other people probably more so as an early adopters at the original outrageous $299.

  • Mobetr

    I bought a Revue and thought it was a POS because it kept locking up and losing audio and then I would need to reboot it. I kept exchanging the hdmi cables and that did not help. Finally I exchanged it and that did not help. I went to a different Best Buy and exchanged it to get one with a different serial number series from a different lot. Eureka! It is not a POS, some of them were just manufacturer defects. I've had for two years now with very rare crashing. It works great, browser, tv, external USB HDD, etc. well worth the $99. If you have a lot of problems, you probably have a defective box. The updates did not help until I replaced the box.

  • TuPadre

    I've had mine for about a year and it works great for Chrome web browser, pandora, some news channels, and other google Tv apps. I tried to side load many apk like Amazon Instant video put it did not work. I also use it to stream movies of the Internet website Channel1.to (let me watch this) and it works some times due to all the pop up adds that website hosts. I normally stream movies from my iMac to my Plasma through mini display to to HDMI cables. In the times when my wife or kids are using the iMac I revert to Google TV. I use it as an alternative source which is buggy but it has some workarounds. I am hoping logitech allows developers to open it up. What negative things can I say for paying $50 for this?

  • Billy is My Name

    So has anyone actually followed these instructions and successfully rooted without problems yet?