Last Updated: August 19th, 2012

While most Android fans are clamoring to get their hands on a new Nexus 7, there are still those who prefer the size and feel of a 10" tablet. And for good reason: a 7" tablet is fantastic for reading, surfing the web, and even watching movies, but it's just lacking much-needed screen real estate when it comes to productivity.

Speaking of productivity, who wants a free Transformer Prime with dock? Good, because we have one to give away. Keep reading to find out how to enter.

Video Locker/Video Locker Pro

A few weeks ago, Handy Apps gave us a couple of Nexus 7s to give away in a promotion for their new app, called Photo Locker. As its name implies, Photo Locker is an app used to hide (lock) photos on your device.


Along those same lines is a new app from Handy Apps, dubbed Video Locker. Guess what it does? If you guessed "lock/hide your videos" then you win! No, you don't win the Transformer Prime; just the satisfaction of knowing that you can interpret what an app does by its clearly-obvious name. Good for you!

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Basically, Video Locker works just like Photo Locker in the way that it lets you hide and encrypt specific videos. The Pro version, which we have 10 license keys to give away, also offers a "stealth mode" that hides the app from the tray and only allows access by entering your PIN into the dialer. Pretty rad, no? With it, you can have your own super-secret stash of videos!

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The contest is now over. Here are the winners, selected at random:

Prime winner:

  • William David Pickering

Video Locker License winners:

  • José Sousa
  • Ahshiq Ja
  • Ernie Manning
  • Christopher Marks
  • Gabe Lakatos
  • Henry Calibre
  • Tony Allen
  • Doug Klimah
  • Brian Ginsbarg
  • Matthew Willis

Congratulations - you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Okay, so about that Transformer Prime - you want to win it? Here's your chance. Simply follow the steps on the widget below, and you're in the running. It's that simple.


  • 10.1-inch SuperIPS + display with Gorilla Glass
  • 1.3GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 Processor with 12-core GPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage with microSD card slot
  • microHDMI port
  • 8MP F2.4 rear shooter with continuous flash for video recording, 1.2MP front camera
  • 8.33mm thin
  • 586g (1.29 lbs.)
  • 12 hour battery life playing 720p video, 18 hours with keyboard dock
  • Metallic spun finish
  • Champagne Gold color
  • Android 4.0

We will also randomly select 10 other winners to receive a free license for Video Locker Pro, for a total of 11 winners.

This contest is available globally!

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The contest begins now and will run until next Saturday, August 11th at 12:01 AM CT. Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • ACE

    I hate this kind of giveaways

  • http://twitter.com/H_ADHIKARI HIMANSHU ADHIKARI

    I would hide all my videos

  • http://twitter.com/AlcatrazKing AlcatrazKing

    I think I might hide the videos I post onto Reddit.

  • http://twitter.com/jakkuz Kuba

    Don't have videos to hide, unless some of J. Biber ...

  • http://www.facebook.com/mac.ceecy Mehfuz Ceecy

    i would hide all my family hangout vids :)

  • Gryph

    I'd hide it all.

  • http://twitter.com/DMD9_ DMD9

    Would be handy for locking any vids so that they don't get deleted when my 4yr old niece plays with my phone lol

  • TorroLT

    Great App, i will hide some private videos

  • Niels

    I'd hide videos of which the subjects'd want them deleted.

  • Cally

    I would hide videos about my drunke nights :D

  • ins4n3h0rst

    I would use VideoLocker to hide all these videos of my kitten ;)

  • murali

    My NSFW videos

  • Dominique

    I would hide my music videos of Justin Bieber..... (:

  • http://twitter.com/dangazone RM

    Ugh, that's private! I'm not going to tell you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/finn.molloy Finn Creagh Molloy

    I'd hide my most special pictures

  • Awais Yousaf

    Got a lot to hide

  • Yousaf

    ill hide everything

  • Sohaib

    got nothing to hide.

  • Fizza

    hmm..wt will i hide??

  • Usama

    ill hide my videos..

  • coggy9

    I would hide the videos that I need to hide.

  • micheal dale grim

    i really dont have any videos to hide!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vinaythallapalli Vinay Goud

    i would like to hide my personal videos

  • Anush Surendran

    What videos would you hide using Video Locker?

    - Umm... I would hide Videos of my Parents and Relatives... :)

  • Rocco

    The videos I would hide using VideoLocker is my WoW PvP recordings.

  • http://twitter.com/slowhill I.S. Noise

    Don't got a lot to hide!

  • Niraj

    Nice for hiding personal videos from idiot friends

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ajay-Jose-Appaden/524880909 Ajay Jose Appaden

    I go ahead and hide my personal vids...family time...stuff like that ...stuff I wouldnt appreciate just about anyone seeing...

  • a.sabbatini91

    I think the way you keep your smartphone is in a certain sense a mirror of what you are; since I have nothing to hide, I really don't know which kind of videos I should hide.

  • melan26

    I've been wanting a tablet like this.

  • Sukhvir


  • VonDerThWood

    I would hide videos I record of work so I can create the ultimate YouTube compilation right under their noses...

  • Jemima P

    I'd hide anything of me singing :)

  • casouzaj

    Android Police and Handy Apps are amazing companies. They have barely finished giving away nothing less than two brand new Nexus 7 tablets (wish I was one of the lucky winners), and already come up with a most appealling Champagne Transformer Prime 32Gb tablet with Dock, along with Video Locker application licences. Unbelievable! They just can't stop suprising us! Thanks a lot!

  • Jair

    I would hide my videos of "Joe Dirt"

  • Rhea

    I would hide videos of me singing songs by myself :D

  • p3h2o

    All videos that could be mistaken of me committing a criminal act.

  • Tschutora

    Actually I would just randomly hide some videos to test how Videolocker works^^

  • Grant Abraham

    I would hide my collection of Justin Beiber music videos. Oh, look, already gone.... :P

  • Marc

    Dirty Dancing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742560660 Barbara Compton Kesterson

    I would hide my 70's & 80's music videos. Don't want people to think I am that dorky.

  • Kristie Betts

    I would hide my personal videos, family time stuff like that wouldn't appreciate just about anyone seeing

  • rlego

    I would hide my night on the town videos

  • lauren smith

    i would hide videos that show me looking at shirtless hot guys

  • http://twitter.com/vladrys Carl Franc Rai

    Aside from you know whats :D I'll definitely be using Video Locker to hide drunk videos and other ones where friends do foolish things; the same videos that I'll be using when doing an AVP for their birthdays and weddings *evil grin*!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephanie.schnepp Stephanie Schnepp

    Lock old embarrassing family vids.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.levickis Ellen Levickis

    i would hide videos that show me smiling at shirtless hot guys. it's ok to look, just don't show you like it.

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    I would hide personal videos. =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/letsdance69 Rick Sawyer

    I have no videos that are embarrassing that need hiding.

  • Sebastian Kurek

    Guess there would be some private recordings that the kids shouldn't see to hide.

  • Manuel

    I would hide my videos with the weaknesses of the Death Star

  • William Pickering

    I would hide ALL the videos. Just to confuse anyone who picks up my phone and tries to watch them.

  • cDel

    I would hide all the videos I take of kittens..........

  • http://www.davidpalexander.com/ David Alexander

    I'd hide the video I wasn't supposed to have of my friend's 21st birthday party.

  • Jennie Tran

    Nothing to hide here!

  • Susan Barta

    Just some videos of my dog and cats... but the room in the background is a mess..

  • Awais

    ill win and hide all my videos.

  • Ali

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  • Sohaib

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  • Yousaf

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  • Usama

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    OMG I want to win this so freakin' bad.. I ain't even jokin'.. I been coming to this site every few mins to see if the winner is posted yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/unethical.hacker Adie Bhatt

    why is the winner still not declared ?

  • Stian French

    GJ! But it's too bad that JB isn't out yet for the Prime. That would only sweeten your win!