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Featured App

Video Locker Pro

Today's roundup is sponsored by Handy Apps' newest addition to its privacy and security stable, Video Locker and Video Locker Pro.

The principle is the same as their Photo Locker apps featured in many of our previous roundups: protect the videos stored locally on your device with a PIN, and keep them away from prying eyes.

The protection goes beyond mere denial of access. Video Locker will not appear in your list of recent apps, and the Pro version has an option to hide it from your app drawer as well.

Should you choose to enable it, the only way to access Video Locker Pro will be via an inconspicuous calculator widget and your personal PIN code. Speaking of which, you can recover your PIN via email if you forget it in either version.

Other features include a tablet-friendly user interface, 128-bit AES encryption, bulk video hiding, and folder-level locking. The standard app is free, while Video Locker Pro is advertisement-free and hidden from your app drawer for a reasonable $2.99.








Android Police coverage: InstaWiFi Lets You Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Password Through NFC Or QR Codes

So you're a security freak whose WiFi SSID reads like a nuclear launch code and has a password with 76 characters. There's nothing wrong with that - until you have company. InstaWiFi aims to make sharing your secure WiFi credentials easier by quickly transferring them to another Android device, via either a standard QR code or an NFC transfer. Unfortunately, the QR method only works with this scanner app - other options like Google Goggles aren't compatible.


InstaWifi enables you to connect and share wifi networks instantly. Have you ever been in a situation where your friends/family comes over and ask for your WiFi name and password? Do you have a long password that you keep on a piece of paper for people to type? There is no need for that anymore. InstaWifi makes it easy for you to connect and share wifi networks with your friends and family instantly through the use of NFC and QR codes. Simply tap your phone on a sticker, or scan a QR code to connect to a wifi network.


Android Police coverage: X-Ray For Android From Duo Security Scans Your Device For Root Vulnerabilities, Unfortunately Can't Fix Them

X-Ray is a free app that exhaustively scans your Android phone or tablet for vulnerabilities, drawing on the known security holes in Android. It won't actually solve your security issues, but it will let you know that they're there. It also helps collect data on how many Android devices are vulnerable. X-Ray isn't in the Google Play Store, but you can download the APK from the X-Ray website.


X-Ray scans your Android device to determine whether there are vulnerabilities that remain unpatched by your carrier. The X-Ray app presents you with a list of vulnerabilities that it is able to identify and allows you to check for the presence of each vulnerability on your device. X-Ray has detailed knowledge about a class of vulnerabilities known as “privilege escalation” vulnerabilities. Such vulnerabilities can be exploited by a malicious application to gain root privileges on a device and perform actions that would normally be restricted by the Android operating system.


Chameleon Launcher

Android Police coverage: Chameleon Launcher Beta Arrives To The Play Store For Pre-Registered And Kickstarter Users [Initial Hands-On Screenshots]

If you've registered for the Chameleon Beta via Kickstarter, keep an eye on your inbox - you'll be getting information on how to activate the beta soon enough.


PLEASE NOTE: This application is an EARLY RELEASE intended for our Kickstarter and pre-order customers only. If you are a kickstarter or if you pre-ordered Chameleon you will receive an email from us in the next week with details about how to unlock this early release. We're sorry for the confusion but we had to do it this way to make sure our kickstarter and pre-order customers could get future updates of Chameleon through the Google Play store. A new paid version of the Chameleon Launcher will be available for everyone VERY soon.

Slices for Twitter

Twitter apps are thick on the ground, and competition is fierce. But Slices looks like it may be worth investigating. A modern, sliding UI combines with a slick layout for an interesting take on the Twitter ticker, multiple account support, and "Live Events", a curated stream of relevant users for each event.


Slices is a gorgeous new Twitter app with a cutting-edge design, loads of features, and remarkable speed and responsiveness. But Slices is more than just a Twitter app. Slices is the world’s first Twitter experience that lets you browse a Twitter directory by category, easily follow live events, slice your timeline into manageable streams, bookmark favorite accounts, and synchronize with a web experience. In short, Slices is a completely new way to experience Twitter. It brings content discovery to the forefront and solves some of the biggest frustrations users have with the Twitter experience.

Reddit ET

Your Android Police editors are also regular Redditors, so of course we keep a weather eye out for promising apps that take advantage of the news platform. Reddit ET Free deserves a look from any Reddit user, if only because it so stringently adheres to the Holo UI for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. The standard version includes access to all subreddits, sharing via email, Twitter and Google+, submitting new stories from the app, and a homescreen widget. You can upgrade to Reddit ET Pro to get rid of ads and add a landscape mode for $1.99.


Reddit ET – A sleek new reddit client for your android phone. Reddit ET is designed to enhance your Reddit experience with all the features you expect. Take Reddit ET for a spin and explore the new features and performance it brings to you.


aww: reddit pictures widget

Continuing the Reddit theme, we've got a widget that specializes in the interesting, cute and occasionally mind-blowing photos that are a staple of the sharing site. Aww: Reddit Pictures Widget does just what it says, and displays a feed of photos from the subreddit of your choice. Tap the photo, and the comments come up in the app of your choice, such as the developer's own Reddit Is Fun or Reddit ET up there. A single greenback is all you need for hours of time-wasting goodness.


"aww" is a home screen widget that displays pictures from any subreddit on reddit.com. View cat pictures, dog pictures, space photos, and more. Brought to you by the developer of "reddit is fun".

  • Features:
  • Automatic refresh interval
  • One-click navigation between images
  • Light frame, dark frame, and frameless option
  • List of suggested picture subreddits
  • Save images
  • Share images
  • Open comments in a reddit app, such as "reddit is fun", or the Browser
  • 2x2, 4x2, 4x4 widget sizes
  • Widget resizing is enabled for Android 3.1+
  • Multiple widgets can automatically pick non-overlapping pictures to show at the same time
  • Option to auto refresh and prefetch on wifi only

Sudo QuickLaunch

Android Police coverage: [New App] Sudo QuickLaunch Replaces Jelly Bean's Google Search Swipe Gesture With A List Of Your Favorite Apps

Did you upgrade to Jelly Bean only to find that Google Now isn't up your alley? Then you may want to download Sudo QuickLaunch. No, there's no command line here, it just replaces the swipe up gesture with a menu of frequently used apps. You can specify which apps you want to use. You'll need Jelly Bean and virtual buttons to use it - phones with physical buttons can only see it from the lock screen.


With Sudo QuickLaunch you can launch your favorite apps with a simple gesture. Sudo QuickLaunch is designed to replace Google Search in the "Swipe Up From The Home Button" interface (for phones with software buttons). It provides quick access to the apps you use most. You can also access it directly from the lock screen (for phones with hardware buttons). No DRM. No ads. No permissions.

SeatGuru by TripAdvisor

Android Police coverage: SeatGuru Arrives On Android So You Can Fly In Style With Better Airline Seating

Thanks to penny-pinching airlines and a maniacally paranoid FAA, flying in the US has become something to dread. SeatGuru can't change that, but it can tell you where your upcoming seat is, and in some cases change it. Seat maps for a ton of airplanes and the airline configurations for each one are available, as well as the amenities offered on each flight. You can also shop for tickets but honestly, there are better and faster ways to do that.


Pick the best seat on the plane, find low airfares, and get real-time flight status alerts with the free SeatGuru(R) app - all from the ultimate source for airplane seating advice, in-flight amenity information, and airline recommendations. Whether you're at the airport or on the go, SeatGuru is now optimized for your Android phone. The free app lets you access over 700 seat maps from nearly 100 airlines. It features advice and insights drawn from over 45,000 passenger reviews, so you can always find the best seat before you fly.

vtap QuickSearch

Apple might have released their legal hounds on Samsung, but they can't sue everyone on the planet (at least not until OSX 10.9 Ocelot). If you're feeling a distinct lack of universal search on your phone, give vtap Quick Search a try. Not only does it search your local apps and files, it brings in results from popular web portals like Wikipedia and Fandango.


The only personalized Universal Search app that searches on the phone and the network. Along with finding things on your phone, it also displays prioritized Internet results directly from sites such as Fandango, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and for local business listings, maps, and places of interest. There is no need to navigate through your device menus or open applications to get the information you need.vtap Quick Search is eager to be your friend – it learns what you do and when you do it, as you use your phone. It will improve how it assists you every time you use it.


This one falls into the category of "why didn't I think of that?" Set a timer on your mute or vibration via Mutely, say for exactly 163 minutes to get through The Dark Knight Rises. Activate mute and never worry about missing half a dozen calls after the movie's over.


Mutely is a handy app to set a timer when we sleep, take a nap, watch a film, start a important conversation, cook spaghetti, etc. You can turn your phone in silent mode for important moment but being notify for important calls & text thanks to "Excluded Contacts" Offering an intuitive & nice UI, one can quickly start a timer in 1-click via home screen widget or app's screen. It also support preset timers.

Kids ABC Letters - Pre-Reading

The parents among you know this: kids are irresistibly attracted to their parents' gadgets. So when you inevitably give in and let them play with your phone or tablet, why not give them something a little more constructive than Angry Birds? Kids ABC Letters is specifically designed for the sippy cup set, with a system of flash cards that gradually progresses from letters to sounds to words. $2.99 gets you an ad-free app.


Let your child make the first step to reading. Learn letters, phonics and words! Kids ABC Letters is an ANIMATED ALPHABET that INTRODUCES kids to the exciting world of LETTERS & SOUNDS and teaches reading! It makes learning INTERACTIVE and FUN, and engages children in a FASCINATING GAME. The alphabet is presented for kids through a set of beautiful flash cards. Tap images and blinking areas to see the spelling of the words and to hear the sound each letter makes in a word.

Kurfuffl: Keep Score

Kurfuffl is the latest in a growing list of apps that's specifically designed for drunk people. Essentially a web-connected counter, Kurfuffl connects you and your friends to a database of random competitions, like how many jobs you've applied for, how many pickled herrings you've eaten, et cetera, and lets you keep score. You can even add your own competition (such as "how many possible Andy Kaufman sightings you've had") for the personal touch.


Kurfuffl is one part battlefield, one part scoreboard, one part referee, and all-parts amazing. Once inside, you can invite your friends to compete in challenges like “Summer Fufflin'” (number of summer street festivals attended), “I Can Fuffl You Under the Table” (number of drinks in a night) or “Jobs Blow” (number of jobs applied for). Or get creative and make your own challenges to settle a long-standing dispute or just to make the night more interesting.

Make Pixel

Pixel art is a form in revival - just ask Kairosoft. If you'd like to try your hand, give Make Pixel a try. It's a free image editor that's limited to individual pixels. But just because the results are simple doesn't mean the tools are: with hundreds of built-in patterns and a 6-layer editor, you'll surely be able to impress all your friends at the Class of '82 reunion.


Make Pixel is a free tool for creating pixel art based on patterns. Select a layer and place it above the pattern you want by simply drag and drop the pattern on the grid. You can then rotate it by touching it. Two modes are available, move and duplicate. Your inspiration is the only limit.

Dragon Remote Microphone

Android Police coverage: [Update: Manual Download Added] Nuance Launches Dragon Go! - A Stellar Voice Recognition App For Android

Dragon Remote Microphone App for Android lets you turn your Android device into a wireless microphone for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 over a WiFi network. Dragon Speech recognition for your PC will change how you work, communicate, create and live. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been designed to turn your talk into text faster and more accurately than ever before. Just speak your mind to capture ideas, create content, cruise through email, search the Web, or control your PC. Unleash your inner Dragon today with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 and the Android Remote Microphone.

Instant Upload for Facebook

Let's face it: for various reasons, the official Facebook app is terrible. You might as well just use the mobile web version and be done with it... except that uploading photos becomes that much more cumbersome. Instant Upload for Facebook essentially ports the upload feature from DropBox and Google+ to Facebook, making it simple to backup your photos or annoy your friends with what you're having for lunch.


You will not lose your photos anymore because Instant Upload for Facebook(IUFF) will help you. IUFF uploads your photos to Facebook within seconds after you take, like Google+ Instant Upload. Privacy is very important. If you upload your photos via IUFF, only you will see the photos. Then you can share photos you like.

FUJIFILM Camera Application

Owners of FujiFilm Wifi cameras now have a much easier way to transfer their photos to Android devices. The official FUJIFILM Camera Application brings your photos across a WiFi network directly - perfect for sharing on tablets. Too bad it's limited to 30 photos at a time. Geotagging enthusiasts can use the GPS functions of a smartphone to accurately tag photos on the camera as they're taken.


The FUJIFILM Camera Application is an application provided by FUJIFILM that can be used to copy up to 30 images at a time from wireless-equipped digital cameras to smartphones or tablets and to view the pictures on the camera on large smartphone or tablet displays.

[Supported Cameras]FUJIFILM FinePix F800EXR and FinePix Z1100EXR
Android Smartphone/Tablet: Android OS Ver.2.1 to 4.0

The Wormworld Saga

After some growing pains, there are now dozens of ways to legitimately buy and view comics on your Android tablet. There's just one problem: they're all designed for (or adapted from) print comics. Books are just text, but comics are intrinsically tied to their medium - so why not change the content to match? The Wormworld Saga does just that, telling its dark fantasy story in a tablet-only format. The full story and extras like social sharing and an included art book are yours for free, but in-app purchases can unlock extra artwork and author commentary.


Discover the breathtaking fantasy world that enchanted a million readers already. The Wormworld Saga is an episodic graphic novel designed for tablets, from the mind of renowned digital painter Daniel Lieske. Follow the life and adventures of Jonas Berg, who at a young age enters a parallel world through a forgotten painting in a dusty attic. From that day on, Jonas’ fate is linked to this fantastic and mysterious place, in which he will visit indescribable wonders, experience true friendship, face insurmountable evil and discover his family legacy.


Let's get this out of the way: IBM THINK is an elaborate commercial in the form of an app. That said, as a short film and a collection of interactive slides, it's pretty fascinating. Basically a short history of analytical quantitation, THINK features a 10-minute HD video, the aforesaid slides and high-resolution scalable images. Only those with Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean need apply.


Explore how progress happens with THINK. For kids, innovators, and forward thinkers. From the very beginning, we’ve sought to improve the way we live. We’ve worked to make our world more efficient, accessible, and safe. While each leap of progress has required its own intelligence and hard work, many seem to follow a distinct, repeatable pattern. We see how our world behaves, map what we find, understand causes and effects, believe we can create new outcomes, and act to build and improve the systems around us. THINK explores how we can follow this path to address some of our most pressing challenges – from the grand to the everyday.


You're a nerd. It's OK, so are we. (Yours truly has the Star Trek door chime, R2-D2 whistle and Metal Gear Solid Codec sounds for his email, IM and ringtone alerts.) The LifeMeter widget brings one of the most iconic gaming UI set pieces to your homescreen as a battery meter. Currently the app has highly configurable versions of the life bars from the Legend of Zelda and Elder Scrolls games. If only you could carry around a couple of Potions to refill it. The widget is $1.99, with a limited free version available for the frugal adventurer.


We at The Food Sucks are of the opinion that notions of battery life do not have to be measured with grim clinical concern. It should be FUN. Even nostalgic! Introducing LifeMeter, a widget that draws inspiration from decades of classic gaming fun and brings it to your Android device to enjoy. It takes the age-old iconic digital heart symbolizing LIFE and applies that feature to your Android device's battery. We also didn't merely draw inspiration from the meters of classic games like Legend of Zelda, we wanted to demonstrate that LifeMeter is capable of a modern styling too, and what better example than from a game like Skyrim.


Moped is yet another instant message service that aims to make SMS obsolete. What makes it better than Gtalk or any number of alternatives? Well, if you're addicted to Twitter than it's probably right up your alley. You sign into the service with your Twitter account, fill your friends list with @names, and create searchable messages with hashtags. You can use the web service to chat in a desktop browser, or keep conversations going on other devices with email integration.


Moped is a simple, yet powerful, private messaging service. Use Moped to send messages to others from desktop and mobile, harnessing the full potential of the Web. Sending messages is as convenient as instant messaging (IM), and as quick as text messaging (SMS). Users aren’t tied to a particular device; messages are accessible from desktop, mobile and even your email inbox. Users direct messages to each other by @-mentioning the intended recipient(s) (e.g. @dave what time does your flight arrive?). Users can also create message filters on-the-go with hashtags (e.g. @sarah, arriving in #Berlin around 8ish). All messages are private.


We've all seen the increasingly popular "man photographs himself once a day for 87 years" videos. Now you can make your own - assuming that you can remember to keep your phone handy for that long. PhotoChron assists in keeping consistent photos with an overlay on your camera app, and shares the results on YouTube.


  • Daily, weekly or monthly reminders
  • HD or SD video output
  • Share the videos to YouTube, Facebook, Google+ or simply email
  • Align your photo with using a simple guide or overlaying it with the last photo you took
  • Didn’t line up the photo quite right? Edit the photo afterwards to make the perfect time lapse
  • Add photos you might have already taken that are in your phone gallery

Perfectly Clear for Android

Essentially a one-button cleanup app, Perfectly Clear adds a number of standard desktop-class image enhancers to your phone or tablet snapshots. (And considering that most mobile cameras still leave a lot to be desired, that may be quite needed.) The introductory price is a buck, and the developers aren't saying when the price will rise to $1.99.


Perfectly Clear has arrived for the world’s most popular mobile operating system, Android. Athentech Imaging, the makers of Perfectly Clear, have been the industry leaders in Automatic Image Correction for years. Our powerful and desktop and intelligent LAB software have led the way for an award winning iPhone app and now Android app. Camera phones lack the quality and sophistication that dedicated cameras have and often leave you with underexposed, washed out photos.


Aggregation apps usually limit themselves to two or three services. Not so with Pictarine. It may be limited to photos, but it can fetch them from no less than 11 services, including the relatively underrepresented DropBox, Flickr and Photobucket. Unfortunately, early users are reporting authentication problems with this free app.


View the latest photos of people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. Be the first to like, comment, and share your friends' photos and always stay up to date with their life. Just connect your existing networks and never miss another photo. Every time you open up Pictarine, you'll see new photos from your close friends, family and favorite celebrities and photographers from around the world.

Lemon.com Wallet

So, keeping all of your personal information, credit and debit cards, and everything else that someone needs to steal your identity in the same place isn't the greatest of ideas. But most of us carry exactly that in a back pocket or purse. Smarter Wallet digitizes it all, keeping an electronic copy of everything in your wallet accessible by a personal PIN. There's no NFC support, do you can't spend your money, but it does connect to your accounts for tracking. And not having to search your physical wallet every time you need a security number has got to be worth something.


Have you ever lost your wallet? Then its time to meet the Smarter Wallet from Lemon.com. The Smarter Wallet from Lemon.com turns your Android into a digital back-up of your wallet that organizes and stores your cards, receipts, coupons and more, so you can access what you need more conveniently. Plus, you can use the digitized information to see how you spend your money, and learn to spend smarter. With Lemon, you can now have a wallet that’s never lost, stolen or forgotten.


My BMW Remote

BMW's smartphone remote is finally available to US Android owners who also happen to have a Bimmer in their 6-car garage. The app will connect with BMW vehicles equipped with the BMW assist system built in the last four years. Remote locks, AC and heater, and a vehicle finder are available to all, with older models having to settle for just the lock function.


The remote functions of BMW Assist and the "My BMW Remote" app provide you with a connection to your BMW via the mobile phone network. You want to activate the ventilation in your BMW before you reach your car on a hot summer day? You are unsure whether or not you have locked your parked BMW and wish to lock it for peace of mind - without having to be close by?

  • Remote Door Lock & Unlock
  • Remote Climate Control (BMW X3 from March 2011)
  • Remote Light Flash: remote control of configurable exterior light functions to locate the vehicle
  • Google Local Search: address destination search on the Android Smartphone and transfer to the vehicle navigation system
  • Vehicle Finder: display of current vehicle position on a map in the Android Smartphone - for locating a parked car within a radius of up to 1,5 kilometers.


So you're sitting in your bedroom, because the AC is out and these are the only windows that catch the wind. But you want to follow the NBC Olympic stream - on your desktop in your office. Enter rSpeakers. The Android app combines with a desktop server program to stream the audio - any audio - from your PC to your phone. The app has no ads, but you'll need to upgrade it for high-quality streaming.


rSpeakers is an application that lets you stream directly to your phone what ever is coming out of your speakers on your PC. This requires a server application which you can download and find instructions on how to install at http://www.boxxymays.com/rSpeakers

Some suggested uses:

  • Select streaming device as microphone and use as a baby monitor
  • Monitor TeamSpeak/Mumble while away from the keyboard
  • Stream music to your phone while doing chores around the house

GLBenchmark 2.5

Android Police coverage: GLBenchmark 2.5 Released, Brings Support For 1080p And A New Version Of The Egypt Benchmark

If you're a performance junkie, you need this one. GLBenchmark's latest version adds new environments for graphics and CPU testing, including the much-applauded Egypt tests.


GLBenchmark 2.5 is a graphics performance benchmark tool that measures different graphic and computation capabilities of your mobile device. The majority of the tests focus on graphic resources, measuring the quality and performance of the underlying OpenGL ES 2.x implementation. The benchmark, among other features, contains high-level 3D animations (the new Egypt HD and Egypt Classic from GLBenchmark 2.1) and low-level graphic measurements.


  • 8 different tests (on-screen and off-screen version for all tests)
  • Flexible test selection
  • Immediate results
  • Simple user interface


JOT! - Notes Widget

JOT is a simple widget that saves a note. Nothing more, nothing less - when you're don, tap "clear" to start over. Just think of it as a tiny dry-erase board for your phone.


Going to the grocery store and need to jot down some items down to remember? A group of friends sending you to Taco Bell and you need to jot down all their orders? Well instead of texting yourself, just use JOT! widget to save a quick note! JOT is a quick one-page note widget, designed to look slick and have you ready to write in one click. Did you write something down and now you need to save it somewhere more permanently? Our new export feature allows you to e-mail your jot, export it to EverNote or any other similar multi-notes app!

Script Kitty 2.0 update

Script Kitty isn't for the Angry Birds crowd. IF you have to manage remote servers, a phone or tablet isn't the place to do it, but Script Kitty can at least make it easier. You'll need to set up scripts for each server and program, but if you get it right it could be a major timesaver. The full version is required for to manage unlimited servers with unlimited scripts. The updated 2.0 release has a more Holo-inspired UI and plays nice with tablets as well.


Script Kitty allows users to run scripts on remote servers and android devices. Script Kitty has been re-written from the ground up to enhance compatibilities and capabilities across the board. Script Kitty allows administrators and power-users to tame the beast of managing remote servers over SSH from portable devices. Run scripts and programs on remote servers with a flick and a click.

Script Kitty 2.0 Features:

  • - NEW - Redesigned Tablet and Phone GUI
  • - NEW - Completely rebuilt ssh libaries for enhanced protocol support
  • - NEW - Enhanced OS support for OOB OSX and BSD support
  • - NEW - Public key authentication
  • - NEW - Experimental Support for local android scripts!
  • - One-Finger Command execution to single or multiple servers
  • - Export of command logs to SD
  • - Import command scripts from SD


CARFAX Reports

This one's pretty simple: scan a vehicle's VIN, enter its plate number and you've got free access to its Carfax Vehicle History Report. You can now safely ignore the commercials with that annoying fox asking "where's the Carfax?" Fair warning: you'll have to set up an account before the app will let you scan.


Get Carfax Vehicle History Reports on-the-go, and buy your next used car with more confidence. Scan or enter Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) and get CARFAX Reports instantly. Note: Requires an active CARFAX.com consumer account. Not for business accounts used at carfaxonline.com.

Yahoo! Sports Beyond Gold 2012

The IOC may crack down on any misuse of their coveted trademarks, but they can't actually charge people for reporting on the Olympic Games. Enter Yahoo! Beyond Gold, a pretty impressive unofficial guide to the 2012 London games. you won't find any video (NBC has the exclusive iron grip on that) but you will find in-depth stories, analysis, a schedule and a constantly updating medal count. This one looks good for those who are only somewhat interested in the Olympics.


The Yahoo! Beyond Gold app gives you all the up-to-the-minute news, results, medal counts, photos, Yahoo! Sports exclusive content and more – everything you need to keep up with the games.

•Beautiful mobile design specifically for this app
•Exclusive Yahoo! Sports content from the experts that know the games
•Medal counts and results for quick viewing on the go
•Constantly refreshed photo galleries to make you feel like you’re there
•Right Now section gets you caught up with all of the latest Summer Games coverage

Olympic Tennis 2012

The International Tennis Federation doesn't do badminton. They don't do fencing or canoeing, either. They aren't interested in equestrian, and they're so downright focused that they don't even look twice at table tennis. They do tennis, just tennis, and all the tennis - including scores, news, player highlights, a live Twitter feed and a full schedule. If all you want is tennis, then the ITF's Olympic Tennis 2012 is all you need.


Follow all the action during the Tennis Event at the London 2012 Olympics with this app from The International Tennis Federation, the worldwide governing body for the sport of tennis. Keep up-to-date with all the latest Olympic tennis news from the ITF and get access to the key information about the Olympic Tennis Event which runs from 28th July – 5th August 2012.

Panasonic Flag Tags

Android Police coverage: Panasonic Flag Tags Lets You Show Your Olympic Spirit, Paint Your Face With Chosen Flag Colors

Panasonic has the elusive and expensive privilege of being an official London 2012 Olympic Games sponsor. And what better way to show it than highlight promising athletes from around the world and donate to charity upon their victory release an app that digitally paints your face like a flag. Oh, and did we mention it's brought to you by Panasonic? If you forget, you can always look at the banner below each and every page of the app.


Create your Flag Tag, paint your face and ‘Share Your Passion’ for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As an official worldwide Olympic partner, Panasonic is encouraging people around the world to pledge support for their team by painting their face in Olympic team colours. Step 1. Simply take a photo, select your Olympic team flag and we’ll paint your face in photo-realistic colors. Step 2. Use the editing tools to scale the flag, add/remove paint and apply overlay effects giving you endless creative capabilities. Step 3. Once you are ready submit your Flag Tag to the gallery, send to your friends via email or share your Flag Tag on your favorite social networks.

Live Wallpapers

Fresh Water S3 LWP by Opotech

Gee, I wonder which recent major device release inspired this live wallpaper?


An advanced OpenGL water simulation live wallpaper featuring:
• Touch reactivity and interacting water ripples

Full version includes:
• Custom background selection
• Quality and style settings


WTF Apps Of The Week

Attack of the Roasted Chickens

I don't even know what Attack of the Roasted Chickens is trying to tell me. Is it a poultry-themed take on the zombie apocalypse? An incredibly subtle PETA campaign? Were live chickens turned into these shambling monstrosities, or were chickens actually plucked and cooked for the purpose of mankind's destruction? Do the magical stones have some connection to whatever reanimated hundreds of Boston Market family packs? Whatever the answers are, Attack of the Roasted Chickens has earned its place in WTF history.


Isn’t it shameful to be killed by the slap of a roasted chicken? Then arm yourself with slingshot and began saving your life by throwing rocks at them. Guard yourself from this army of roasted chickens and don’t let them cross your border. They are coming at you for burning their village and making them the target for your dinner. Aim for the Golden Roasted Chicken to strengthen your defense.

Is It August?

Words fail me - except to remind prospective users that Android has a built-in (if relatively complex and cumbersome) August detector. It's called Calendar.


Ever been stuck wondering whether or not it is August, and unable to work it out? In the past one would have had to go to isitaugust.com, but for those on the go without an internet connection this is very difficult! But not to worry - with this app, you can check for Augustosity while you're out and about!

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