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Slowly but surely, Samsung has been pushing ICS to several devices in the Galaxy Tab series, and it looks like today's the day for the Wi-Fi (GT-P7510) in the UK and the 3G version (GT-P7500) in Italy. The long-awaited update brings not only Android 4.0, but also an updated version of Touchwiz UX that's quite similar to the newest Tab 2 series.


We expect that the update should become available in other parts of the world quite soon, but there's no official word as to when that will happen.

The update is rolling out OTA-style right now, but it can also be pulled via Kies.

[Sammobile, XDA]

Cameron Summerson
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  • RedPandaAlex

    I decided to get a tablet right after the Galaxy Tab came out. Everyone thought I was nuts for choosing the Xoom over the Galaxy Tab, which was lighter and had a better screen. So I feel slightly vindicated, since I'm already on 4.1.

    • http://adrielmichaud.com Adriel

      Yeah, Honeycomb runs like a total piece of shit compared to ICS or JB. It really holds this tablet back.

    • jm9843

      You've been vindicated. Xoom > Galaxy Tab

  • Brie

    I dove in and got the 10.1 wifi. Love the fit and hardware. I HATE the term "pushing" when referring to Samsung updates. Samsung has been DRAGGING this update so it can sell newer tablets using the newest OS as a selling point. It is very obvious. And we are to be delighted with ICS when this is quite capable of JB right now. I am so annoyed with Samsung for this and to compound things I am a Vibrant survivor, a half baked phone that Samsung just blocked out and washed its hands of. XDA alone saved that phone and my sanity.
    I have said this before, Samsung has fantastic hardware (sans Vibrant) but really holds updates hostage. I am no longer buying Samsung unless it is a Nexus. And yes my current phone is the Galaxy Nexus which I love, obviously because Samsung has nothing to do with the software.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Exactly. We got the GTab 10.1 for my dad for xmas this past year because we got an amazing price on it ($360 when it was still $500 at the time), and yet my brother's Acer A500 and my mom's Acer A100 have received ICS long before my dad's GTab, but at least it will be 4.0.4 instead of 4.0.3. The Galaxy Tab 2 lineup is kinda a huge disappoint in hardware since there is no Tegra 3, but oh well, I have my Nexus 7 to keep me happy, and my next phone will be a Nexus but I am still hoping to have ICS on my Thunderbolt by the end of August. If I get ICS on my Thunderbolt, that will at least make it last me long enough to see what is unveiled at MWC and CES.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mikexilva Mike Silva

      We have a Tab 10.1 wifi still on Honeycomb and a while ago I wanted to get the 7.7 for me, but it didn't come with ICS and since I had a bad experience with the 10.1 updates, I waited and waited... and now I'm getting a Nexus 7 and not touch non Nexus samsung devices again.
      BTW I have a Galaxy Nexus and whan the GS3 came out I felt temped, but either samsung renew the Nexus with a S3 hardware, or I won't touch it.

  • NoUsernamesFree

    Does this mean a working camera on AOSP ROMs now? Wewp!

  • Goldenpins

    From now on im never buying a non-Nexus device. Returned a Vibrant after seeing all the complaints, had a HTC mytouch 4g with constant screen issues. After getting the GSM Nexus, I dont think I can ever have a regular smartphone.

  • samman

    Anybody can confirm this?


    wat abt INDIA?any updates

  • ORi

    You are morons. I've had ICS+CM9 for months on my GTab 10.1v now. And since last week it's running JB + CM10.

    • Java

      I am thinking that you may be my biggest hero........ NOT! I think you are the MORON!

    • Christopher Lee

      Some of us rather like running stock/rooted stock, thanks. I had CM9 for a while too, but there's something about stock that's appealing. Calling people morons based on firmware choice sounds suspiciously like the "fanboy" behavior so many people like to accuse Apple fans of.

    • aaron

      yeah, beta software is so awesome! cool story bro!

  • dr2012

    I think it is unacceptable that I still have Honeycomb on my original tab. Shame on Samsung and shame on Verizon. I'm also not too happy with the fact that I have ICS on my Galaxy S3... the older Nexus phone is getting Jelly Bean first? As much as I love Android, Google really needs to be more forceful with OEMs and cell carriers, why do they not want to show off their newest OS that is getting universal praise. This really does get frustrating.

  • joanniegia

    my gt-p7510 shows android version 3.2 with no updates available? confused.