It seems that mobile gaming is a haven for all the old classics to reappear. Rising even further from the ashes of the past than most other recent arrivals comes Z Origins, a remake of the RTS from the DOS days simply called "Z" by The Bitmap Brothers. It predates notable fan favorite Command and Conquer from Westwood Studios. Though it did come out roughly four years after Dune II (also from Westwood) which served as the archetype for most RTS games to follow, Z departs from traditional RTS gameplay in that collection of resources and structure construction as a requisite for certain units were not part of the game.

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The game, whose mascot appears to be the Demo Man in an earlier profession, is fairly straightforward. Red robots versus blue robots. Now go kill each other. The UI is delightfully 8-bit, hearkening back to the days when times were simpler. When men killed what they ate and command lines weren't nerdy, they were a way of life. If you'd like to relive the glory days, or just blow stuff up, the game is currently available on the Play Store for $2.99.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • james

    Wrong :-) Z was After C&C.

  • Dandaman

    Yep lol C&C came out first....

  • tomcat

    yeah... C&C 1995, Z 1996
    besides that, this comments system by disqus doesnt work in Opera! maybe someone should fix that.

  • Mental_Moose

    Been waiting for this for quite a few months now.
    One of my absolute favorite games of all times. Spent way to many hours on this as a kid and I had never been so proud while playing a game as when I managed to complete it.
    Seems like a pretty great port so far.

  • iamnid

    Not to mention other RTS games before even command and conquer... cough.. Warcraft!

  • ericl5112

    Really wish they would make a lite version, so people could try out a few levels before buying. Never played this before, and RTS is hit and miss for touch.

  • J D

    Where is Dune II ?

    • jon

      seriously, i'd play that on my nexus7.

  • Mist

    I really want this game but, Why does it need to see my contacts. any help?

  • LW

    Yeah, the game FEELS like it came out before C&C but it didn't. Just goes to show you how groundbreaking C&C actually was at the time.