Well, that was fast. Just a few hours ago, we got official word that the Galaxy Note would be arriving on T-Mobile on August 8th. Now, we hear that as soon as the device launches, an OTA update will be available for the device. The update will bring the device up to Android 4.0.3 add some new minor improvements. The device will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich, but the tiny bump should still bring a few moderate improvements.


Here's the list of what's new:


  • Error: ‘Enter MAC address’ after entering MAC address
  • Weather widget does not show current location
  • MobileLife contacts addresses combined into a single field

Regardless of the changes, if you're going to pick up a Galaxy Note, may as well make number one on your to-do list when you get it home to plug your shiny new device in to your computer and fire up Kies. Step two will, of course, be to ask Samsung when Jelly Bean is coming.

Source: T-Mobile

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    Another great device for Tmobile customers.