Since the Nexus 7 was originally announced, we knew that there were more accessories on the way. For starters, the device has four pogo pins that don't match any currently available accessories. Well, now we're getting a first look at the next batch of extras. For starters, there's a landscape multimedia dock that will be available for $49.99, and will be able to charge the device as well as transmit audio output via a 3.5mm plug. The slides say the dock should be available "Week34 (08/24)", which could mean on August 24th, or at least within that week.


n7premiumcover n7colorcover

If covers were more your thing, we're also looking at a variety of cases that aren't currently available. For starters, a premium leather case with glass fiber bumpers is set to arrive in "Week35 (08/31)" for $39. Additionally, different colored versions of the $19 case currently available on the Play Store will be on their way. The slides indicate that the multicolored cases should actually arrive during Week29 (07/16). If that date looks familiar, it may be because you've already seen it once this month. In the past. This may indicate that not only are these slides old, but it seems that at the very least, the estimated arrival of the multicolored cases may be delayed. This could also indicate that the other accessories may arrive later than expected, but it's impossible to be sure.

What is sure is that these accessories look rather slick. The premium accessories even offer an attractive option for consumers. The Play Store already sells some reasonably-priced covers and chargers. If you're looking to invest a bit more into your tablet for a slicker experience, though, Google and ASUS will be more than happy to shut up and take your money.

Source: Nordic Hardware via Droid-Life

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  • NickAVV

    I hope they update the launcher to support landscape mode if they have a landscape dock

    • http://youtube.com/user/CurelessSyn CurelessSynergy

      Try this:
      Root isn't needed, this app will force auto rotation to everything, including the launcher.

      • Robert Allen

        For some reason, using that app, I can't figure out how to get the launcher to force auto rotate to landscape when I turned my nexus, do you know that I have to do in order for that to happen? Any help is appreciated.

  • http://btwnworlds.tumblr.com/ Lou G

    While it would be nice to have official gear, I bought a Kensington stand from Amazon that's supposed to be for the Kindle Fire. It's nice. The 7 is a little smaller and thus slides around much easier, but it's still nice.

    I bought a generic 7-8" tablet case, works perfectly.

    Still all of that looks reallly nice.

  • jesus


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alexander-Drizzy-Rojas/100000186636833 Alexander Drizzy Rojas

    Now i just needa win that contest :)

  • http://twitter.com/whoisajimmy

    No magnets on the covers still, eh?

    • Aaron Berlin

      Really odd that the first party case wouldn't take advantage of this.

      • moelsen8

        I was assuming this was due to apple. I imagine they can't wait to see Google release an official magnetic cover so they can keep their lawyers busy. I'd like to think Google put this there knowing someone else would find it and sell some covers.

        • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

          Why not make a small slot for a magnet that you can install yourself? :P

        • Aaron Berlin

          Maybe something about the cover itself is patented, but Blackberries have had this for years, pre-installed in every single dorky holster.

        • http://twitter.com/The___Universe_ The_Universe

          Apple douchebags: "Ermegherd wee eenventehed dah magahnetz"

  • Anotherworld

    Damn where is my 32gb version...

    • Amaury Rodriguez

      In the play store :)

  • droid

    Since the Nexus 7 was originally announced, we *KNEW that there were more accessories on the way.

  • dilharo

    ...hdmi for POGO DOCK is for android5.0 for chrome os integratio..so keep 50$ ready for the next android update..tipster a developer

    • tenkely

      Been calling this for months...

    • Greyhame

      Fantastic if true!

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    Kinda glad I didn't order the original case. The leather one looks like it might be the way to go, as long as it doesn't cover too much of the front. My only gripe with cloth/leather covers is that most of them cover up the bezel too.

  • guest

    I would prefer it if they could keep supply up with demand

  • Federico Stöltzing

    so I´m confused, ae they selling the nexus 7 or not??

    Que es Android

  • http://www.facebook.com/dion.ryff Dion Ryff

    Still disappointing though that non of the cases or charges are available in Australia,
    Wished Google would hurry up and get on with Offering all Nexus Devices and Google services here as we are all waiting eagerly for it

  • Paweł Gładysz

    I hope They will start selling NEXUS devices via Play Store not only in UK nad US.
    Google - U no like our money?

  • sootie

    Do these really still not have the magnet in them? That's pretty damn annoying I was keen for basically a carbon copy of the iPad smart case

  • Kenny O

    I ordered the case from the Play Store, while it is great - it's annoying that there is no magnet to keep the cover shut. I was hoping that the premium case would at least have that....looks like no dice.

  • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

    Maybe I was hoping for too much, but I'm a bit dissapointed the dock has no HDMI out.. :(

  • karenbrown2012

    I hope They will start selling NEXUS devices via Play Store not only in UK nad US.
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  • Paul_Werner

    I'm just waiting for this to ship to me:


    Great price and can't wait till it starts shipping

  • TwilitSky

    I got the Blurex case on Amazon (it seems they raised the price by a few dollars since), and I'm pretty happy with its sufficient padding and "smart cover" functionality. I'm a bit surprised the official covers don't have the feature. If the Nexus 7 has the ability to lock the screen with a magnet, why isn't Google itself taking advantage of it?

  • gltovar

    still a bit sore about the lack of good samsung accessories for the galaxy nexus

  • Trevor Heywood

    Bought one of these:
    It's not real leather and the bezel is covered, but it has a microfibre inside cover and the all-important magnetic sleep-wake function. Works for me!