When a new device comes out or gets a new version of Android, one thing developers want need to ensure ROMs run as smoothly and efficiently as possible is the kernel source code. Samsung has been quite good about releasing source code for new and updated devices, and it has now made available the Ice Cream Sandwich kernel source for the AT&T Galaxy S II.

While that may not mean much for the bulk of the crowd in terms of actual usefulness, it's definitely good news for the development community. Hit the link below to grab the download.

Samsung Open Source Release Center

Cameron Summerson
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  • ProductFRED

    For anyone who doesn't know, several pre-GS3 Samsung devices had a line of code in their ICS kernels (leaked kernels) that would perma-brick your device by corrupting the memory chip inside the phone when you did a wipe in recovery. Samsung has been working closely with some XDA devs to fix the issue, so if it hasn't been fixed yet, this should make it much easier.

    • pierre krafft

      I think that was from the Korean leak and it is fixed. The code destroyed parts of the flash memory by accident and most phones can recover from this with a trick but they loose quite a lot of their internal SD space.

  • Scott Copeland

    Will this work with the Samsung Galaxy 2skyrocket

    • Scott

      I'm not sure if I should try it i. The att. Sky rocket will it work