When Samsung inadvertently removed the universal search feature from the international Galaxy S III, everyone assumed it was for legal reasons. Not so, says Samsung! As it turns out, the feature was removed on accident and, as of today, the feature has been restored. If you live in the UK, at least. No word yet on restoration to any other devices.


As you can see in the photo above, the device model this is being applied to is t he GT-I9300, which is the model for the international Galaxy S III. We're still waiting to hear if any users outside the UK get the feature restored, but for now, it looks like if you own the device inside Her Majesty's borders, you should be getting local search back before you know it.

Source: XDA, SamMobile

Thanks, Jamie!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Brfield

    Good to know it wasn't a legal thing. But how do you do that on accident?

    • Dima Aryeh

      They accidentally replaced the wrong search APK maybe. Tossed in a different version.

  • Eid Ligata

    What do you mean 'at least in uk'? It hasnt been removed anywhere alse but uk on international model. Nordic firmware kept theirs. Manual flashers via Odin do not count.

  • Ahmad

    Feature restored, Egypt