After announcing its financials for the second quarter with money bleeding left and right, Sprint decided to follow up the negatives with a few positives and switched subjects to something a little less gory - upcoming 4G LTE markets. Before Labor Day, which happens to be September 3rd this year, the following areas will be lit up with speedy (but probably patchy) LTE:

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Gainesville, GA
  • Manhattan/Junction City, KS
  • Sherman-Denison, TX

Compared to dozens of cities announced at every Verizon and AT&T 4G expansion, Sprint is definitely lagging behind, but we're hoping they will be picking up the pace towards the end of the year and into next year when the Network Vision rollout is supposed to be completed.

But don't lay the full blame on network engineers - turns out it's actually angry birds that are standing between your device and the next LTE tower. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Source: Sprint

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Paul Sousa

    Funny reading different takes on the 2Q report. s4gru.com seemed pretty positive about it.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Of course, Sprint's report wasn't all negative (they wouldn't write their PR like that), but the truth is they lost 1.4 BILLION dollars in Q2. Between the iPhone deal, the IDEN shutdown, the LTE rollout, and Sprint being Sprint, they're bleeding money. Subscriber gains were much lower than AT&T's and Verizon's, which each added over a million.

      And then there's this: http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/07/23/wsj-sprints-spectrum-holdings-may-be-too-sparse-to-keep-up-in-the-lte-arms-race/.

      Yeah, there were a few positive things (they always find something), but overall, the picture is pretty bleak.

  • Lexster

    Cincinnati! Cincinnati! Come on...a very larger market and it isn't even on s4gru's list of markets or even possible markets? What the hell, guys?

  • vienessa

    What about Cumming GA?

  • Blackfeather Tanfur

    On my old Evo 4G, I didn't notice all that much difference between the (Wimax) 4G and 3G speeds. So I usually left it off to conserve the battery. Let's hope that with my new Galaxy S III, and LTE, there will a noticeable difference! Otherwise I'm paying Spring that extra $10/month for nothing (as I am now, until they get LTE in my market (SF).

  • Scott

    I wish I would have kept my Sprint stock though, all this bad news and their stock continues to go up.

  • Phillip Vinson

    Whats up with them announcing a Major Market like Chicago. I want a new phone, And am getting tempted by these other companies marketing.

  • Denny Wu

    After being a Sprint customer for 3 years, I'm pretty fed up with them at this point. I'm 20 minutes from downtown Chicago and my 3G coverage sucks. Dropped calls weren't a problem before, but recently every call will have a 50% chance of dropping. Sprint hasn't even announced LTE for the nation's third largest city, although s4gru says September is a "possibility." Bah!

  • brad

    L.A. New York were not the first to get lte. Wtf. This will be no different than wimax. I will never see late coverage when my Verizon friends have lte here in temecula. B.S.

  • Mahalocat

    any love for Honolulu Planned! Come on Sprint!

  • Roger

    I'd love it in Rockford, Il area but won't hold my breath. What I would like to see is a planned schedule published for maybe the next 12 months instead of just an announcement of such and such a city when it's being rolled out.
    Naa... that will never happen.

  • maka ichiro

    Come on sprint when are coming for honolulu....3g is bearly working down here..

  • guest

    LOL @ the angry birds line. Thats what they get for having all those dumb angry birds commercials here in the states.

  • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

    I FINALLY picked up 4g for about 3 minutes in Vinings while waiting for a train.

  • Chris Rhodes

    Sprint is slow as molasses in its 4G LTE Network rollout! They said Jan 2012 by the end of 2012 there would be 120 cities with 4G LTE as of now August 28th 2012 there is 15! Good luck reaching that goal SPRINT!!!! Dan Hessy the CEO needs to RETIRE!