The newest addition to Gameloft's Asphalt family just landed in the Store. Dubbed Asphalt 7: Heat, this first-class racing game brings all new ways to hit the pavement in your favorite car, including offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin.

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Asphalt 7 features 15 different racks based in real locations around the globe, with all new tracks in places like Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami, and Rio to go along with its six different games modes and 15 leagues. It also features a revamped multi-player mode that lets you race against up to five opponents either locally or online, and the new Asphalt Tracker keeps up with who the top dog is by saving stats and achievements.

Asphalt 7: Heat is $0.99 in the Play Store - hit the widget to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • VitoCassisi

    Does the app utilise in-app payments? 99c games make me suspicious now.

    • Jorge Arias

      I was thinking the same thing... it is part of the reason I have not purchased it yet.

    • http://twitter.com/easeves Mr E

      Good question. Usually "top shelf" Gameloft games are like $5 or so, right?

      Don't worry, in a couple weeks they'll reduce it to free due to "piracy" ;)

    • ProductFRED

      You never know, might just be an introductory price. Also, you wouldn't need IAP's to play a racing game as much as, say, Dead Trigger.

    • Himmat Singh

      It does. But judging by the iOS reviews, they say its totally non-intrusive. Doesnt affect gameplay.

      • VitoCassisi

        Good to hear.

    • Cheeseball

      The Asphalt series on Android and iOS have always utilized Gameloft coins, a form of IAP. Nothing new here.

      • Namuna

        Huh? "Gameloft coins"?? What's that? I've got multiple titles from Gameloft and have NEVER dealt with or even heard of 'gameloft coins'. I've got the original Asphalt (v5) and v6 and never dealt with any form of IAP. I'm buying v7 now and I wouldn't doubt for a second that Gameloft might be moving to an IAP structure.

  • saltyzip

    Not supported on Asus Transformer TF101, rubbish. Does it support any android tablets? What is Gameloft achieving by not supporting the kids of the tablet generation.

    • ericl5112

      supported on my TF101. In fact, a lot of Gameloft games suddenly became supported on it. I figured they were finally rolling out support. Odd. Wonder why I have access all the sudden. Haven't tried installing anything gameloft to it yet, so it might break then.

  • Jim

    99% of the apps that say incompatible with transformers work side loaded. gunna try it later lol.

    installing just the apk for this game wouldnt really work, since it typically says incompatible device when you download the game data. however, doing a titanium backup on say your phone with this game, then transfering the backup to your tablet and restoring that backup with titanium backup on the transformer might yield some results. works for other gameloft games.

    i do buy the games before i do this, but still not sure on the legality of it.

    • ericl5112

      You bought the game. You aren't redistributing it. Should be fine legally. I do the same on GL games I purchase.

  • Himmat Singh

    Shall I cry or laugh? Not compatible with my A510 tegra 3. I hate sideloading (people are just gonna label me a pirate). But I really have no choice in the case of most EA/Gameloft games. What a joke

  • http://twitter.com/easeves Mr E

    Any idea if this is an intro sale price? It looks like Asphalt 6 is $0.99 too. Was this always what it cost?

  • http://www.geekchoice.com Dagmar Schneitz

    This looks like a game that's worth the .99. It has that combination of Pole Position (those that can remember '80s game) and Grand Theft Auto. I'll buy it.

    • VitoCassisi

      I loved that game!

  • Namuna

    Size: 1.3gb!!!! whoah!

  • slsf617

    Between this, The dark Knight rises, grand theft auto 3 and Max Payne I'm starting to wish the nexus had a 32GB option. I'm just glad I didn't get 8GBs

    • Clintro

      Just wait until the refresh.... then buy a 32:)

      that is what I am doing!!

  • kobazik

    I love the game. Been playing it on my iOS devices. When I imported my Gameloft live profile into my SGS3 I have no achievements and stars :( Gameloft please fix frame drops !

  • jim


    That's the game running on my transformer tf300. Didnt try a direct sideload. Did a titanium backup from my phone and put it on my tablet as described in a previous post. Works fine. Again, why can't these app devs just take my money and let me install via play store at my own risk. So annoying.

    • Ionut Costica

      Probably because most people wouldn't understand the 'at your own risk' part and give them horrible reviews... Not that the fact that their device list is so small doesn't bother me...

  • Raviteja

    I got a doubt when a update released for Asphalt 7 in future wont android users need to download full 1.4GB every time?....I know Google said about new feature no need to download full app at I/0 but that is part of JB right...

    • Himmat Singh

      They usually issue an update to the APK itself and not the SD data. Unless of course the update has additional maps/content.

      • Raviteja

        But only apk? how? Look at size in market 1.4G

        • Himmat Singh

          I know. Out of the 1.4GB, the APK size is actually only about 10mb. The rest of it is the SD data (additional data).

          • Raviteja

            So when a update comes only 10mb will be downloaded?

          • Himmat Singh

            That should be the case. It must be insane to redownload that whole 1.4GB again!

          • Raviteja

            Ya it will be......Gameloft is not replying to my question...

  • MyNameIsLOS

    Bums me out that most of their newer games aren't compatible with the Evo Lte.

  • asdf

    Sideloading may not work. Someone on Android Authority says it has to ping the mothership to run...


    Guys, guys... Think outside the box. These kind of things are simple to get around... Find a device that is supported that also has the same CPU/GPU. I own an HP TouchPad which has the same SoC as the SGH-T989... Simple changing a few things in the build.prop file makes my market see the TP as a SGH-T989 thus enabling me to purchase and enjoy it. Ta-da!

  • John

    WTF? Not compatible with the 4G LTE? Really?

  • Tyrone Curwen

    wtf not compatable with my padfone, but theres a review out with it running and being reviewed on a padfone....... ummmmmmmm..... am i missing something?