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To the residents of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri: we hate you. Sincerely, every Internet user in the United States.

holy google fiber batman

We've known about Google's plan to roll out its very first fiber optical Internet and cable service in the twin Midwestern cities for months, but today the full scope of Google's plans has been revealed on the fiber.google.com page. The options are staggering, the technology is drool-inducing, and the extras are enough to make even Google I/O attendees jealous. Beginning in September, Google will begin to roll out its fiber to neighborhoods in both cities that have rallied enough residents to request the service on the Google Fiber website. The gigabit Internet access won't blanket the cities - Google has separated the area into zones, and before including any given zone in the initial offering, it needs to meet unspecified quotas of pre-registered residents.

If you happen to live in Kansas City, trust us, you want Google Fiber, and so do your neighbors. It's split up into three tiers. The first tier gets absolutely free Internet. Yup, free Internet on what's soon to be one of the fastest residential networks in the country. Users will have to pay up for a $300 construction fee or the cheaper $25 a month plan for a single year, but after that free access is guaranteed for at least seven years. The free tier includes Google's branded "Network Box" (a combination modem and WiFi router), 5Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

The second tier is $70 a month, has access to full Gigabit speeds, and waives the construction fee altogether. The extra dough nets you 1TB of storage space on Google Drive - which you'll no doubt want to take advantage of, after getting connected to the fiber optic network. The $70 plan requires a one-year contract.

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But the really tempting package is the top tier at $120 a month, combining Internet and cable TV. For that you get free installation, 1TB of Google Drive space, a 2TB Storage Box server, a Network Box and cable TV Box, and a free Nexus 7. Google's flagship tablet will serve as the remote for the TV Box. Users of all three plans can also add a Samsung Chromebook for $299 or more.

It's not all gravy at the top tier - you'll need to sign a two-year contract to qualify, and initially Google's TV service will be missing some premium content like HBO. But if you're in the center of the Venn diagram of people living in Kansas City and Google's digital universe, it's a mighty tempting offer. Remember that to qualify, enough of your neighbors will have to pre-register on the Google Fiber website by September 9th. Kansas City residents, it's time to start knocking on doors.

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Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • http://twitter.com/BlackTaxi2d Henry S

    what happens if you are caught getting media from some shady sites or torrents ? can they cut you off?

    • Donatom3

      I assume they can like any ISP can. That's where you want to make sure you're running a proxy for your shady torrents. Or VPN for the sites, but both will definitely hurt your top speed on the computer running them.

      • Christopher Bement

        Meh, you can enable and disable the VPN if that's what you're using. It's only a download.

        • alex

          in Romania i have 100Mbit for only 5 $,yes only 5,if you dont believe i dont care

    • Christopher Bement

      If you're pirating you should be using a vpn anyway.

    • Ravengenocide

      Might want to read their TOS first then?

  • Ben Napper

    While they don't have the separate channel tiers listed, they have a list of the channels that will be available and Showtime and Starz are included.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=290601972 Justin Crowley


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1203591762 Brett Isbell


    • Paul_Werner

      & Milwaukee (it's close enough to be a Chi Town suburb right???) Lol

      edit: was supposed to be on Ronald's post not yours.

  • sahilm

    How does having multiple TVs work? Can you order multiple TV boxes?

  • https://twitter.com/#!/doomstang Doomstang

    Hey Google, bring your fiber to St Louis!!

  • Christopher Bement

    Just tell me when I can pay comcast my early termination and jump on this.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Comcast has contracts? I've always signed up for plans month-to-month, even on promos.

  • Aakaash


  • http://www.facebook.com/christofuurr Chris Cranford

    Can has in Columbia, SC pleeease? :D

    • Scott

      No kidding dude!

  • br_hermon

    Free internet is nice, though the speeds suck, but the next two teirs....
    WOW!! i want this! Great offer in hardware, speed, features and channels. (The only thing missing is ESPN :( )

    • Cenarl

      I pay 53 for 3/756kb/s, go monopolies!

  • UGator

    Please please please please please please please bring this to Jacksonville, Florida next. Please please please please please please.!

  • BlackGod

    Genius! The only thing better is if they announce that it's coming to the DFW area too! :D

  • user311

    I still don't want to live in Kansas but dammit I want them to have that here in NYC.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ron-Cline/100000825230529 Ron Cline

      we don't want you here anyway you butt-sniffer

      • user311

        Try hairclub for men, and plastic surgery for your mug then maybe you won't be forced to do a side profile shot as your pic. Until then go fuck yourself.

    • bevardimusg

      Kansas city is in Missouri

  • http://twitter.com/alxalejandro393 Alex Esparza-Sandy

    I already know 7 households that want this in my area, especially with those packages.

  • Ronald

    Bring this to Chicago and it's suburbs NOW!!!!!!

    • Paul_Werner

      & Milwaukee (it's close enough to be a Chi Town suburb right???) Lol

  • Mark Arpon

    Free internet is exactly what the world needs. Seriously, too many people still don't have internet at home!

    • Peterson Silva

      Not sure if ironic or...

    • fixxmyhead

      yea cheapskates

      (note: im a cheapo but damn its internet u gotta have it)

  • Btod

    so happy to be a resident of Kansas City, MO!!!

    • LazarusDark

      Shut up.

    • James Sutton

      yeah but I live in Olathe why can't I get it when I live like 15 miles away from the hot zone

  • aiden9

    So dang jealous. Just the kind of competition the ISP sector needed.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Here is the link to the announcement video:

  • http://twitter.com/amcfarla Aaron McFarland

    and what is the Kansas City Comcast office thinking...after this announcement?

    • Cenarl

      Im sure someone is working on "the
      comcast Hitler video reaction" on youtube)

  • Peterson Silva

    Please bring it to Brazil! =D =D =D

    No? Okay :(

  • John O’Connor

    Can't wait until Google reaches its long internet arm out to my neck of the woods.... circa 2017?

  • Ignacio armijo

    Now I just hope my fiber hood actually wants it too or else I'll get it last, mostly retirees so I gotta do some convincing lol. Wonder how much more would set boxes be cause it only comes with one? Glad to live in KC

  • Shinrow

    I'm not in the US but I REALLY hate them too ! :o I'd really love to have the Gigabit Internet offer !

  • sky stanojevic

    its not even in Googles home territory?.. WTFMF .. bring it home to the Bay so i can get rid of comcastic

    • JG

      Bringing it a little farther south to San Diego would be nice too... Especially if they add in city wide (or at least beach wide) wifi coverage included in the deal. Then no need to worry about silly carrier data capped plans.

  • Dipish

    This is all good, of course, but I don't see the offer as very tempting.

    * 5Mbps/1Mbps is a pretty crappy Internet for advanced users. Still nice to know that it's free and thus accessible to everyone.

    * $70 for 1 Gigabit sounds reasonable but I don't need that much and don't want to pay that much. Something $20-$30 for 20-50Mbps (both DL and UL!) is way enough, *at least for the next several years*

    So the catches here are quite obvious:
    * No "middle tier". You either overpay (IMHO Internet access simply must not cost $70/month, whatever the speed is) or have a relatively slow Internet
    * On top of that, you have to sign up for a one or even TWO year contract! Smells a lot like the current state with mobile operators in US and it sure doesn't smell good.
    * On top of that, you have to convince your neighbours that they really want all the above said

    The bottom line: Google wants too much here.

    • JG

      I don't know if its all that over priced (well... at least compared to other over priced plans)... As of last year, according to the price sheet from my cable co I happen to have handy, they wanted $53.95 for 7Mbps, an additional $9.95 ($63.90 total) to up it to 15Mbps. There really isn't all that much difference between 70 and 63.90 - but there is with speeds - Google is 66.6x faster! Personally, for just a few dollars more, I'd go for the considerably faster connection without a second thought.

      While 1,000Mbps might be too much for one person, I'm sure not everyone lives alone. If you're living with several other individuals, especially if they're all internet addicts... 4 unique 1080p Netflix streams, HD video chats with significant others, uTorrent sharing the 70GBs of (totally legal) music from SXSW... I'm sure you can probably find ways to make use of the extra internet flowing into your house...

      Or you could share the connection... The camp councilor I work with during the summer lives across the street from her daughter. They've got one connection & share across the street via wifi. Then it'd be $35/house & 500Mbps/house... Still excessive speeds, but a lot closer to your price range. Of course that doesn't help meeting the quota Google has in place, but...

    • John O’Connor

      I have Cox's highest tier internet here in San Diego $100/month for only 50-55mbps max bandwidth. So Google is most certainly offering a better deal. AND IT'S FIBER!! One other thing that bears repeating and most people seem to not take into account is that there are caps with all internet services. My ultimate internet only allows a hard limit of 400gb in one month. So I would be interested to see what google's cap is

    • Dipish

      OMG I thought that Internet is WAY cheaper in United States!

      I live in Moscow and here you can get 40-60Mbps for only under $30!Of course any unlimited plan isn't really unlimited (btw I wonder if there is a limit in Google's offer?) but I use under 100Gb per month and never got any notifications from my ISP... Oh, and here DON'T have to sign up for a yearly contract, you can quit anytime. It's supposed to be significantly cheaper at lest if you sign up for a contract.
      To all: where do you live and what's your Internet plan? Curious to know...

  • FirefighterMatt56


  • rvichar

    The Canadian internet market is over controlled, cappe, throttled and way over priced. This new service just proves this fact and how the CRTC has done nothing for consumers. Time to watch some Chiefs!

  • JG

    Just a thought... Is Google trying to secretively create an Eureka? All of us nerdy geeks salivating and checking out real estate listings in KC just to get our hands on gigabyte internet... I wonder what the change in avg. IQ score for the city will be... That, or the city should stock up on tissues now.... (Those of you whom are familiar with Avenue Q know where I'm going ;) )