If you have or will in the near future purchase an Evo LTE from Sprint, HTC has a special treat for you: $25 in movie money. HTC Watch, which is the Taiwanese company's offering in the streaming movie market, lets users buy or rent movies and TV shows, very similarly to how the Play Store operates. If you already have an Evo LTE, just sign up for an HTC Watch account and you should receive your credit immediately.

htcwatch3 htcwatch4 htcwatch5

While we're still a little unsure how well HTC's video streaming service will do in the long run when even Google's own Play Movies is still trying to gain traction, free money is free money. If you bought the device, you may as well cash in on some free scratch. Be careful getting too vested in HTC's service, though, unless you would've decided to use it anyway. When you're not dealing with major video streaming services from leaders-of-industry, it can be less than certain that you'll get to keep that content later on.

Source: HTC via Pocketables

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    at about $4/movie thats good for 6 free movie viewings. Ill gratefully accept. Casa De mi Parde already downloading

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    You can only rent not buy with this offer.