If you're not in the market for an über cheap, probably contract free phone, feel free to move along. Assuming you didn't already when you saw the name 'Kyocera'. Still here? Good. Because I've got great news for you! The Kyocera Rise (no relation to the Dark Knight of the same name) is rumored to be coming to Sprint and Virgin Mobile very soon.


Twitter tipsters @evleaks, who has thus far tweeted nothing but leaked photos of devices with brief information on the devices depicted, has shared that Kyocera's contribution to the Justice League budget smartphone world will be headed to Virgin Mobile, one of the nation's leading prepaid carriers, as well as Sprint.

The latter is unsurprising, as Sprint has indulged weirder things from Kyocera. However, with specs that don't even rival the original Evo (which went EOL back in January), it's unlikely we'll see this device cost a penny above free with contract. However, unless Sprint has some cheaper plans, more in line with its subsidiary Boost, even getting the phone free on contract may not be worth the $80+ plans that Sprint requires for smartphones.

Still, as much as we may not believe in the Kyocera Rise's ability to escape the pit, budget smartphone markets do exist, and this device fits in them nicely. And, hey, it's got Ice Cream Sandwich. Which is more than we can say for some phones with better specs released just last year.

Source: @evleaks

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Seth M

    There was a dark knight movie called Kyocera Rise? Dang, I need to keep up on these superhero flicks!

  • Sam Tate

    OEMs STILL haven't learnt that software buttons are the way forward - but out of all the phones released recently (apart from the Nexus) this has the best layout.
    The One X has that horrible menu bar (to be fair, not the fault of HTC)
    The SGSIII has that atrocious Gingerbread layout with a menu button and no multitasking
    This one not only includes all the buttons you need, but themes them like the stock Android ones. Well done.

  • http://www.twitter.com/robertmoreno Robert_M

    Looks a lot like my Samsung Captivate.

  • mel

    Why did I pay $100.00 for mine?!?!?!