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"Serial killer" and "Simulator" aren't words that usually appear together. But in the case of Dexter, Showtime's prima donna of premeditation, it might just work. This fall, Showtime and Ecko|Code (Marc Ecko's game development studio) will bring Dexter Morgan to Android. It's labeled "Dexter The Game 2", since the original is a web-based affair. The second time around seems to be taking a Grand Theft Auto-style open approach.

As a major fan of Miami's favorite compulsive vigilante, I'm both excited and worried about Dexter The Game 2. It looks like the developers are taking the right approach, making an open-world, investigation-based game that emphasizes stealth and deduction over action. That should fit the tense and thoughtful mood of the show. On the other hand, licensed games don't have a great track record, especially on mobile. The initial trailer doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. We'll see how this one fares this fall - just in time for Dexter to start back up again on television.

DEXTER® Sneaks Back to Videogames This Fall With Dexter The Game 2

Ecko|Code and SHOWTIME® Developing the Title For iOS, Android and PC

July 12, 2012 – New York, NY - Ecko|Code and Showtime Networks today announced that Dexter The Game 2, the sequel to 2010’s Dexter The Game, will arrive on iOS, Android and PC this fall to coincide with season 7 of DEXTER, which premieres onSHOWTIME on September 30th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Developed internally at Ecko|Code in conjunction with SHOWTIME, Dexter The Game 2puts players in the shoes of America’s favorite vigilante in an open-world Miami. Dexter navigates the city in his own signature style. Crime scenes will be investigated with the knowledge that the serial killers who have evaded Miami’s Police Department will be stalked and given their comeuppance by Dexter's Dark Passenger. Series star and executive producer Michael C. Hall has provided the voice of Dexter Morgan and has been a close collaborator in the game’s development.

“The fan’s main comment about the original game was that it was too short. With Dexter The Game 2’s procedurally created serial killers and cases, the player will never run out bad guys to stalk and crimes to solve,” said Marc Fernandez, Chief Creative Officer of Ecko|Code.  “Exploring a richly detailed and vast Miami through Dexter’s eyes is thrilling.”

"Over the years we’ve worked closely with Ecko|Code to experiment with how fans enjoy experiencing Dexter’s world in the digital space," said Laura Palmer, Senior Vice President, Distributor Marketing, Showtime Networks. “Combining the freedom and the dark humor and suspense of the series, Dexter The Game 2 is unquestionably the most ambitious project yet.”

For more information on the game, visit www.dexterthegame.com.

[via DroidGamers]

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  • http://www.facebook.com/larsgbnielsen Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

    That looks horrible and way too bright :(

    • David Becker

      That was my first opinion as well. This game looks extremely basic. Hardly any detail to the world. Just flat walls everywhere!

      • Eli Staroverov

        I'm curious if they can flesh it out in the several months until release. Or is this what the final game will look like?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


    Rita Bennett (Julie Benz): “Deb must be a mess. I mean, falling for a serial killer?”

    Dexter: “What are the odds?”

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    The graphics look really terrible, right now. I think that's something they can smooth over, especially since the game trailer is going to draw a lot of those same complaints, which they will almost certainly have to respond to.

    As for game play, I think this could be awesome (probably better on console though). I really like the idea of doing an open environment in the Dexter universe. GTA always felt a little too 2-dimensional in the way that many of the things you did within the city felt very puppet-like until you stumble into the event triggers. Dexter has a kind of back story, presentation and a psychology that changes the focus from just being a thug to being a specific character exploring the world and looking for his next kill. As long as they capture the concept (and make it better looking), it could be a very immersive game. So many games based on movies and tv shows are done very badly, but there are rare exceptions like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay where they managed to transpose the character and feeling of the movie onto the game... So much of that is only possible when you've got such a strong and compelling character, so I think this one has real potential.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terrebe.aqweyha Terrebe Aqweyha Aqweyha

    where will release the game?