Leave it to Comcast to be ahead of the curve on keeping up to date with new technology*. The Comcast subsidiary Xfinity has just updated its TV Player app to be compatible with Android 4.1, with special emphasis on supporting the Nexus 7. The app is technically compatible, though the release notes say that the next version of the app will include a UI designed specifically for the 7" form factor.


While Xfinity probably isn't the first company to announce plans for or produce a 7"-specific UI for an app on the Play Store, it does highlight yet again the beginning of the trend we all knew was coming since I/O: 7" form factors are going to be a beast unto themselves. The Xfinity TV Player app already has a tablet UI, so this will mark new territory. Exciting times are in store.

* Wait, what did I just write?!

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Ryan

    Apps being built specifically for the 7 inch form factor isn't really going to hep the Android tablet ecosystem. They should work just as well on a 10 inch screen.

    • Dan C.

      Well its a start. Plus up sizing from 7inch to 10 inch shouldn't be as bad as going from a phone size/optimized. If the play store were split into Phone/Tablet/TV/Misc it'd be perfect. Having specifically optimized apps sounds great. More work for the devs but better performance/control/compatibility. That being said, the size compatibility introduced in Honeycomb was awesome and does a great job on the majority of apps i use.