With the level of anticipation surrounding Jelly Bean and CyanogenMod 10, pretty much any news of a working build is good news. Today, test/preview builds of CM10 have surfaced for Motorola's Xoom as well as the ASUS Transformer and Transformer Prime (tf101 and 201).

Of course, since these are preview builds, they aren't perfectly stable. It's also worth noting that unofficial builds carry no guarantee of support or update.

That being said, the Transformer builds are surprisingly functional with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, camera, video acceleration, some dock functionality, and most sensors functional. GPS and light sensor functionality isn't quite there yet, but most of the device's critical functionality is present. Here's a quick video of the build in action.

The Xoom builds, on the other hand, are not quite as complete. In a post to Google+, Steady Hawkin notes that "a lot of the features and functions are still very much [a work in progress]." Hawkin also notes, though, that he has personally been using the builds as a daily driver, meaning they may just be worth checking out.

To get a hold of an early CM10 build for your device, just hit the appropriate link below.

Download: TF101, TF201, Xoom (Wi-Fi), Xoom (VZW)

Via AndroidRoot.mobi, Google+

Liam Spradlin
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  • TynanDeRosa

    Installed on TF101, don't see Google Now though, sadface.

    • guest

      Did you flash gapps. Google now isn't included in the ROM itself but in the Google apps package.

      • TynanDeRosa

        I had to install gapps from CM9 mirror, am I blind and it's like right in front of me?

  • TechGuy21

    yeah i installed it on my TF101 and TF201
    you need the lasted Gapps if you want google now.

    so awesome cant wait for more updates

    • TynanDeRosa

      where the hell can I get it? only mirrors I've found aren't CM or XDA, so I don't know if I can trust them.

  • Arsalan Afzal

    You forgot about the Transformer tf300t. They have mostly working build as well that works quite well aside from a few things. Here is the link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1776260

  • Epicrus Albaker

    on my motorola defy i forgot to charge it up when it had the CM7 test build, and it cant be charged , and since i dont use my tablet much i might not charge it for days, is it safe to do it? or should i just switch to another rom?

  • Sven Enterlein

    I'm so happy with the way that my TF101 is running right now (Android Revolution HD 3.4.2) that I can wait until a more stable (or even the official) release is out.
    Many kudos to the hard-working developers though. You make Android what it is!

  • Alvin

    Flash the test build on my TF101. Wow, this stuff is good! Still suffers from the Sleep of Death though. Google Now is bloody awesome.

  • Lorenzo

    Can anyone locate me to a video that roots Asus transformer tf101 with the newest build number (