Last month, Google announced that it would be ending all legal disputes with French authors and publishers in an effort to bring books to a wider audience. The announcement came following the French Publishers and Author's Associations withdrawal of their suits against Google, and marked a "win-win solution" which opened "the possibility for out-of-print books to reach a wide audience," while maintaining commercial rights for authors.

Following up on that announcement, Google added a post to its European Public Policy Blog today indicating that Google Play Books has officially arrived in France.

In the post, Google explains that France, which is the fifth European country to gain access to Play Books (after Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK), will enjoy a Books launch including Google Play's full selection of millions of books.

Books on Google Play offers millions of books, including hundreds of thousands of French titles, from new releases to bestsellers and classics. It's easy to find great French authors such as Antonin Varenne, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Fred Vargas and Dominique Sylvain, plus international bestsellers, in the country’s largest ebookstore. With the launch of ebooks, Google Play becomes a one-stop-shop for the very best digital content available on the web.

Bringing the Play Store's content to countries around the world is an oft-cited area of improvement for Google, and today's announcement is no doubt a step in the right direction. To see the original post, just hit the link below.

Source: Google

Thanks, Jeremy!

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  • Kokusho

    About time !

    < french guy here.

  • Some EU dude

    I wish EU would force companies to release their services/products in all the EU countries, not just a few. Companies probably wouldn't skip EU because of increased bureaucracy costs, if they wanted tap into one of the bigger markets in EU.
    And of course EU should make that sort of paperwork easier for them.

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

    "Thanks, Jeremy!" : My pleasure guys! ;-)

    Now the Music and the Magazines stores are the two last missing pieces of the Google Play puzzle in France. Hopefully Google is going faster than ever, as they must be trying to launch all their content stores in the countries where they plan to sell the Nexus 7.

    There's also the Devices store missing in France, but since it doesn't depend on any carriers or publishers agreements, I hope Devices will be the *automatic* next step once all the content Play stores are available!