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Update: It looks like Amazon got its shipment in before expected, as the gray TF700 has just switched over to "in stock." As a result, Amazon is now sending out notifications to everyone who has already ordered to let them know that their tablet is on the way:


So if you haven't already, now may be the time to order! Thanks, David!

Office Depot beat them to the punch, but if you want options when buying a shiny new ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700, you'd best check out Amazon. They've got the gray and champagne flavors in 32GB ($499.99) and 64GB ($599.99) plus matching docks at the standard price of $149.99. For you Amazon regulars, all that hardware qualifies for free Prime shipping.

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Unfortunately, pretty much everything Infinity seems to be running low on stock. The 32GB models are currently delayed by 3-4 weeks for the gray version and over a month for champagne. The keyboard docks are all showing a 1-2 month delay in shipping. At least you've got a timeline here - Office Depot is already showing the tablet as completely out of stock. Is anyone else getting Transformer Prime flashbacks?

It's worth noting that the Amazon prices for the Transformer Prime TF201, which the TF700 replaces with a 1080p screen and a more wireless-friendly body, haven't fallen yet. Bargain hunters should probably wait a few weeks, or opt for the more budget-friendly Transformer Pad TF300.



[Thanks, @CodemonkeyJesse!]

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Barton82

    And still no 3G version?...

    • Anyonamus

      The 3G model got hold back due to lack of supply of Snapdragon. so the 3G models are going to be release later this year

      • Barton82

        And why do they need Snapdragon for 3G? Tegra deals with it plenty well. LTE is a different story, but 3G?

        • RobinMI

          I read that there were some compatibility problems with LTE and Tegra, so they needed to use Snapdragon instead in the the LTE model.

          • Barton82

            I know, I just said that. But I'm talking about 3G version, not LTE.

    • SticksUWP

      I am also waiting for a 3G/4G option... I just wonder if it will work on Verizon's network. I read somewhere that it looked like it was going to be on AT&T.

    • hldc1

      Verizon no longer releases 3G-only devices. If it's sold by Verizon, it'll have LTE. The Tegra 3 SoC does not play well with Qualcomm's LTE modem, which I believe is the only LTE modem currently available.

      • Barton82

        I know all that, but I live in Europe, so I don't care much about Verizon.

        • hldc1

          Well that handles that.

  • GMAN

    The 3-4 week shipment notice is a default statement until the units are actually scanned in and ready fir actual shipment.

    • candy

      so we ships before the 3-4 week time frame?

      • David Keith

        I just got an e-mail stating it will arrive Friday the 20th. After everything I went through trying to get a Prime ( I didn't) I am glad this one is finally being shipped! :)

    • Levi Wilcox

      I thought this as well. Glad I ordered from Amazon. Got an email this morning. "
      New estimated arrival date: July 20, 2012 - July 21, 2012"

  • user311

    Ordered mine from Tigerdirect, the default waiting time for amazon freaked me out. Its shipping overnight and will arrive tomorrow!

    • candy

      they only have the gray...why is it so hard to find champagne????

    • Josh Levinson

      What's the deal with the Tigerdirect prices being considerably more than the US prices (e.g. $690 instead of $600 for the 64GB version, and $173 instead of $150 for the keyboard dock)???

      • user311

        hmm, no idea what you are talking about, I just double checked their site and its showing 599 for the 64GB and 149 for the dock. I paid a total of 770 for overnight and the 64gb & dock.

        • Tech

          I am unfortunately in a state where they are licensed for business and have to pay an extra $45 for tax. I'm looking somewhere else.

        • Josh Levinson

          I'm talking about Tigerdirect.ca. Not sure if it's different for the US.

          • Josh Levinson

            Just checked, and it's different on Tigerdirect.ca compared to Tigerdirect.com. Seems like it's the case that Canada's getting screwed on the prices for this thing. I'm sick of this bull!@#$ where Canadian prices are so often higher than US prices for no particular reason. I'll be buying my TF700 across the border.

          • Felix

            I spoke with asus while launching a complaint. It seems that their pricing is set to be equal between us and Canada. Tigerdirect is just gauging right now. Check out ncix

          • gay4adolf

            tigerdirect.ca may be showing canadian prices.

    • Serena

      Do they charge you for taxes on Tigerdirect?

      • user311

        Depends on the state, I live in New Jersey where I don't get charged tax from Tigerdirect or Amazon(Till next year).

        • Serena

          Thank you. I live in New York and was not charged tax either!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Marshall/1393515108 Chris Marshall

    I love my Amazon Prime Membership but 3-4 weeks is usually a given for Asus being Asus. Right now its best just to go with Tiger Direct. Called them and the units will be shipping out near the end of this week, and everyone can expect to get one by next week for sure according to their associates. ETA for mine was July 24. A little later than I would have hoped but ah well Better than waiting till August like I would with Amazon or a big box retailer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/womack74 Anthony Womack

    Just went to the Amazon website and there is no mention of the infinity in site. They have cases, but no 700. Where are you getting this from?

  • baglady

    Got my order in at newegg before the stock ran out. It will be here by Wed.

  • Kenny

    FYI, two colors does not mean its 'multiple'. Misleading. I wouldn't have clicked the article if it was properly labeled.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      — adj
      1. having or involving more than one part, individual, etc: he had multiple injuries

      Your argument is invalid.

  • http://twitter.com/RabidNelson Jonathan Nelson

    The grey models are now in stock. My 32 GB grey model is scheduled for delivery between July 20th and 21st. Better order now!

    • hldc1

      Ordered one this morning. I'm curious though as to why a search on Amazon doesn't bring up the tablet. I searched for "Asus Transformer Infinity", "Asus TF700", and "Asus TF700T", and it still doesn't come up. As another fella said, only cases come up. Strange.

      Edit: You apparently have to search for "Asus TF700T-B1-GR" for the tablet to come up. Pretty ridiculous.

  • rlm

    TF700 at Office Depot; Misrepresentation
    I ordered the TF700 and dock from Office Depot 7/13/12 and was told by the phone rep that the items were in stock and the delivery date is 7/16/12.
    The morning of 7/16/12 I spoke with a rep and was told that the item was on the truck out for delivery and I had to be home to receive the delivery (between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) I waited until 5:10 p.m. and contacted Office Depot again and was told the driver was running behind and to be patient - it will be delivered today (7/16). The rep said he would call the driver to ensure it is on the way.
    By 6:40 p.m. there was no delivery so I called Office Depot again - they said it was on the way and would be delivered.
    Today, 7/17/12, I looked at the order status online and the delivery date was changed from 7/16 to 7/18/12 some time after 10:00 p.m. last night. Office Depot lied to me three times about the tablet being on the truck out for delivery. My guess is that they did not have them in stock as stated when I placed the order. I cancelled the order and went to a trustworthy company - Amazon

    • David Keith

      i went online they said they had them in stock, I took a gamble and went to the store just to see if I could place a order and pick it up at a store. The rep said no store has them, but there is 75 in stock at a warehouse 5 miles from me. So I should go home an order it online. So I went back to work and went online to order it.. as soon as i put it in my cart it said it was backordered 3 weeks.

      I called corporate and asked them if there really are any in stock and they said no. While on the phone with Office Depot I was on Amazong placing my order for 3-4 weeks. (then it turns out to be 3 days) :)

  • gdan

    ordered mine from amazon in the last 15 minutes and it will be here tomorrow :D

  • Loren Cogar

    Doesnt look like docks are in stock.

  • http://www.betheunchurch.blogspot.com maisonpulaski

    so I am confused. if we want one that is in stock we have to pay $50 more? Is that correct?

  • Wrong1029

    I just ordered it on bestbuy! It's coming on the 20th!!!

  • Chris

    Ordered mine Monday. Should be here Friday

  • Ron

    I'm getting mine delivered tomorrow

  • robocop

    The docks are NOT the Infinity docking stations...they are the repackaged Prime docks that still work but are lighter and a little more flimsy...the actual docks wont be in the US until end of August/September