After silently activating in most of its launch markets this weekend, Sprint's 4G LTE network has finally been officially announced. A promotional launch video released today explains Sprint's 4G LTE rollout and Network Vision, and encourages viewers to comment on the burgeoning LTE network's performance.

To that end, things aren't looking great for Sprint's new 4G network – at launch, it is promising just 6-8 Megabits per second download speed (burstable to 25Mbps) and 2-3 Megabits per second upload. While these speeds are certainly faster than the Now Network's 3G alternative, they aren't exactly what consumers may have expected from a new LTE network.

upload (1) upload

For reference, we can look at Verizon's promised LTE speeds – Big Red officially indicates "average data rates of 5 to 12 Mbps on the downlink and 2 to 5 Mbps on the uplink" with peak download speeds of 40-50Mbps and peak upload speeds of 20-25Mbps.

While official information from AT&T regarding its own LTE speeds isn't readily available, GigaOM reports average speeds of  ~13-17Mbps down and 6-8Mbps up.

All of that being said, Sprint's LTE network is an improvement over both its 3G and WiMax offerings (the latter of which will be phased out by 2015), and the Now Network is already planning to up the ante at some point in 2013 with LTE Advanced.

While the advertised speeds of Sprint's initial markets may seem a little dismal in comparison to other networks, your mileage may vary. If you're in one of Sprint's new LTE markets, let us know what kind of speeds your device is achieving.

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

    Except everyone that has LTE right now is hitting between 12 and 35 Mbps down on Sprints very new LTE network.


    • Curt

      Sprints speed since January has been equal to dial up. If that is not bad enough I have to watch it flip back and forth from 3 g to 4g and it has been horrible. I have been waiting to here about the feed back in the kc mo area, before had alot of dead spots and I do mean a lot of dead spots. I am hoping this is Sprints holy grail, but I do not know. A bunch of dead spots again equals ATT here I come.

      • Alex1x

        4G, wimax, lte? Something, anything Pleaaase!
        I'm on 3G 99.9% of the time, streaming sux!
        Google music, YouTube.... Terrible.

        I'm fed up with crawling data speed, spotty coverage and I live near San Fransico. The only time I use data is when driving, streaming music. And it kills when the sik part of the song is playing aaaannnd Freeze!

        Btw, my sister in the same area Tmobile "3G" gets 25down 5up

    • krazyfrog

      Here in India people get up to 10-14Mbps on Vodafone's HSPA network. And you are saying people shouldn't complain about 6-8Mbps on a '4G' LTE network?

    • yankeesusa

      Yes, 6-8 is still a great speed but at this point people are going to compare and when tmobiles hspa+ gets the same speed as sprints lte network this is going to bring up some red flags. When you compare it to verizon lte then it just becomes really sad for sprint. So while 6-8 mbps may seem decent for most people its not enough when all companies are raising prices left and right.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

        I don't think a lot of people are making those comparisons. Some people are, but it's a relatively low number, and I seriously doubt it's affecting the decisions of would-be customers. The regular person, if told that Sprint has abnormally slow LTE (in the first week of rollout), is probably going to shrug and ask how much for service and what phones they can chose from. Real network data speeds are good and meaningful numbers to us, but the average consumer just hears "LTE" and they figure it'll be good enough for them...assuming they've got any clue what LTE means.

        To be minimally fair to Sprint, this is their first week of their first LTE rollout. Look at the problems Verizon had when their LTE came out, at least Sprint phones aren't dropping data entirely and requiring the phones to be rebooted. AT&T had a couple of hiccups too, but most of those stayed under the radar. It's possible Sprint will be doing a lot better in a couple of weeks to a month. At least they are working on it, that's not something that has always clear before.

      • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ncr MHazell

        I agree. Sprint isn't going to win on this one if prices keep going up and service stays low. Sprint also needs to add some more 3G towers as well, because normal 3G phone coverage needs to be improved as well.

    • GazaIan

      ''Do you really need cable internet speeds on your phone or tablet?''

      Actually yes. Considering I use my phone to provide internet on my laptop, fast speeds would be a delight. Not to mention, I wouldn't want to be downloading something from Google Play and sit there waiting 10 years.

      And keep in mind, Mbps (bits) is NOT the same as mb/s (bytes). 8mbps isn't much.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCERGZBEMMYO7SY23NYDXSLOIM db., heyu

      "Do you really need cable internet speeds on your phone or tablet?"
      Rose, Of Course you do.
      Better speeds, the more you can do, beyond the current scope. Better speed will bring better phones to do more with mobile. We need something else, we need rights as mobile product consumers, freedom from individual corporate policies, and their stranglehold on progress, many new processes and features are tightly locked down until the corporations get their ransom.

  • zarlwilliam

    why anyone is surprised at these speeds after all the information s4gru.com has provided... i will never know.

    anyone who's looked at the technical specs of this rollout saw this coming a mile away.

    verizon - 10x10... sprint 5x5. so to compare verizons speeds to sprints is just silly.

  • http://twitter.com/kevank kevank

    In Dallas, LTE is live.... Got 13meg up and 13meg down.

  • tehsusenoh

    They're most likely under-promising the numbers in order to keep complaints down as they roll out the network. It's better to under-report and then over-do than to over-promise then have the customers after you.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I hope that's the case and they won't actually cap the upload like they did on WiMax. WiMax was capped at what, 1-1.5Mbps - they could easily do the same on LTE.

      • http://twitter.com/Zookeeper63 Hoosier Daddy

        interesting, I get closer to 4.5Mbps...

      • Simon Belmont

        Wow. I get between 10-20 Mbps on WiMax around here.

        It's a shame that others get lower speeds. WiMax has been great for me and my wife.

        • Simon Belmont

          Haha. Wow.

          I just noticed he was talking about the upload speed. Yeah, it's around 5 Mbps around here.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          10-20 uploading? I'm having trouble believing that.

          • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ncr MHazell

            In the future though that can become a reality, but probably not in this generation of technology.

    • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ncr MHazell

      I sure hope that is the case.

    • PCdoctorGuru

      We have 4G Lte in Elizabeth NJ... the speeds e are getting are 2.01 upload and .60 Dl.... Im so one ith Sprint and patiently waiting my contract expiration date.

  • carhauler1969

    I ran several speed tests yesterday in the Fort Worth area & got 20-25 MBs down & 15-18 MBs up. Well above the claimed speeds.

    • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ncr MHazell

      They most likely promised lower speeds so they don't get complaints when they are rolling this out. Of course that number is going to decrease a lot when other phones connect to that network and start draining resources.

  • Tavon Mitchell

    Even though those are the same speeds I got on Wimax with my OG Evo it should still be good enough but there will be people that will think that's not good enough.

  • kfs

    If it is fast enough to check email,.update twitter, & alert me about fb without destroying battery life then that I s fast enough. I r you are streaming video in the middle of the day then you are r home, not out and about.

    • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ncr MHazell

      Battery life is a hardware issue. Most phone makers in this day make powerful phones, but don't make good batteries to provide enough power for the phones. Phones end up lasting about half a day, and when you start watching videos or go on the net, your batter life vanishes right before you eyes.

  • http://twitter.com/doakills Austin Ferguson

    real deal comes when they go 800mhz with lte advanced... and 10x10 setups.. which there network vision upgrades already include. Also expect "newer" phones sometime after beginning of next year to rollout with the newer 800/1900 lte bands in tow... sprint just coming to light with there 4g.. :) my gnexus waits patiently in washington state. bah

    • Hi

      lte advanced release 10 is limited to 8x8...

  • archercc

    Sadly still no LTE in Atlanta.

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz

    Point blank Sprint isn't winning customers by promising the slowest speed of all live 4G networks be it LTE or HSPA+, and certainly touting slower speeds than their WiMAX network was marketed having is a definite cause for concern when selecting to upgrade or move to another carrier. I've already made my choice to head over to T-Mobile the day they launch LTE on a single tower in my area, because I know it will be faster on launch day than anything Sprint will ever have in the future at anytime.

    • Wooshkey

      They are also not winning any customers when they go down and buy a 4g LTE phone in Dallas, activate it, and boom... No 4G LTE to be found. The 3G inside buildings is terrible! Right now I just hope they file for bankruptcy within a year so I can get out of this two year contract only halfway through...

  • maka ichiro

    Still no Lte in hawaii...

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    Ok, does anybody else think that video feels like it was put together by high school students? It was just awful. For a company that has a full time marketing department, you can't tell me they couldn't have had somebody put an afternoon into making this thing a little more polished. it was disorganized, the audio isn't good at all, the cuts are embarrassing... It's not like they haven't known they were turning on LTE in these cities, they've had months (at least a few weeks) to prepare. I've watched as a buddy filmed and patched together a higher quality commercial in just over 4 hours (including some drive time).

    • Freak4Dell

      Wow, no kidding. They even had the cheesy transitions. It's like they threw a 13 year old in a room with Windows Movie Maker. Marketing has never been one of Sprint's strong suits (and they seem to be focusing on getting rid of any strong suits they had in the past, anyway), but I would still expect better than that.

    • Eric Dodson

      This is totally off topic but you aren't related to the famous Toombs family in Portland, Orgeon are you?

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

        If you're talking about Roderick George Toombs aka "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and his son Colt (thank you Google). There's no relation that I'm aware of. Maybe if I went a few steps up in the family tree, there might be a chance that it's connected, but I've never heard about it. Oddly, from looking at pictures of the two, I can see enough resemblance that it is pretty plausible.

        If you're talking about another family with that last name. I still know I'm probably not closely related, What are they famous for?

        • Eric Dodson

          Yeah it was Piper I was talking about, just seemed odd to see the last name since it's not that common of a last name that I'm aware of. Thanks for the reply, I just thought it would have been cool if you were related

  • jpfrasier

    I'm kind of surprised by some of these locations. Why Granbury, Texas? I go there on business often and it's a really small town. I wasn't aware that apparently it's prime testing ground for sprint lte.

    • Guest__Comment

      Sprint is far, far behind in its LTE rollout. And their cities will be VERY few, and VERY small, and VERY slow speeds.

      Who could ask for anything more!

  • Guest__Comment

    Those are awful speeds.
    No thanks, Sprint.

    • http://techmansworld.blogspot.com/ncr MHazell

      Remember, those are promised speeds. You are most likely to get better speeds, unless a whole bunch of people start connecting to that tower and start draining resources.

  • NoLTE4me

    Can't get lte on phone. Been all over Dallas today and no sign of lte on my evo. Sadly dissappointed.

  • Lovehohos

    I'm in Houston and last night after midnight July 15th Lte was fast. Checked 12hrs later and it sucks its gone don't know what happened to it. There was an update for HTC and still not downloading as if I had HTC.. What a disappointment....

  • Freak4Dell

    I'm sure it will be fast for a bit, but it will probably slow down as more people jump on it. It does sound like they're underpromising for the time being, though.

  • Unsatisfied sprint customer

    Once again, sprint rolls out 4g in Dallas and still no 4g LTE.

  • dfadsfds

    Oh my good people stop complaining, its unlimited and less than the competition, even with their not so great 3g network i use no less than 5gb a month and their is no extra fee, ill be the happiest person on earth if i get a consistent 3mbs or high and don't need anything higher than that and probably no one else does, so what, verizon and att might have better speeds but with a 2gb limit i dont see myself lasting longer than 2 days without going over.

  • SAM

    Im In Fort Worth and my Htc Evo 4g Lte is not even picking up 4g yet as of 7/16/12

    • lb

      Nothing for me yet on my Evo 4g LTE. I know it is not the phone as I was passing thru Waco a couple of weeks ago and got 4g. Guess they were testing and did not have it blocked. Very fast for the 10 minutes I was there. Sprint 4G LTE coverage map says I am covered. Bad work Spring.

  • rah

    I live in Atlanta and have the sprints s3 lte and may i say it is very very fast

  • Erick

    In Dallas and lte not live in my zip 75211. 1meg max speed on speed tester. Still 3g. Please stop saying lte live in Dallas. Only live in parts of Dallas. Anyone having similar problems?

    • j

      Same boat. not live in Addison or Collin county.

      • Wooshkey

        I have been in North Richland Hills, Keller, Bedford, Hurst, Grapevine, North Irving, North Dallas, Central Dallas and NO LTE. I'm starting to wonder if there is a problem with the HTC EVO or is it the network? I'm on the latest EVO update along with updated profile and PRL. I left AT&T for Sprint and it looks like I'm screwed! Really Sprint!!! This is what I have to deal with for two years... At my house I'm getting 200 to 400 KB down and 600 KB up... How is my freaking up faster than my down!

        • Freak4Dell

          Dang, sorry to hear that. You definitely should not have left AT&T for Sprint. Verizon, maybe, and maybe even T-Mobile if you just really wanted to save money, but Sprint? No way.

  • Dan Lehman

    Why wouldn't New York be a launch city?

  • JonJJon

    4G LTE? or do they mean 4G LITE? :-P

  • nickp

    Sadly no lte in Baltimore yet :/

    • Brinsmaid

      I am really disappointed in that too. Hopefully soon. The last thing I read was that they were 30% complete in Baltimore as of last month.

  • King worm

    In Dallas ran speed test on both HTC EVO LTE and LG Viper. Evo topped out at 33 ping 16.25 mbps down 2.3 up... viper ran 37 ping 16.11 down 1.9 up

  • yankeesusa

    This is definitely not going to help sprint keep or gain new customers. I really hope their 6-8 mbps is just at first and that their speed will get faster once their lte network starts expanding and getting better. Even if speeds stay at this speed I will stick with them due to the amount that I save. But it isn't going to help if they go out of business.

  • jj14x

    Getting up to 21Mbps up (ranged from 19Mbps to 21Mbps in 5 speedtest attempts), 9Mbps down in Lewisville, TX (just a few miles from Dallas TX)

  • curt

    He says he wants to here from people in other cities, but not the city of their headquarters. Why is that; well according to their tower placement. the LTE coverage in the KC MO area should be worse than their wimax, which was already horrible. Sprint you have one foot on a banana pill and if you don't fix your coverage problem most people are not going to wait to see what you do next. Your 3g is so slow it is not like dial up, it is worse than dial up. Further I talked to a KC MO officer who says they use your data for various devices and he said most of his co-workers stopped using the devices that uses Sprint data because it is so slow. Sprint, I think your only getting one chance, don't blow it.

  • dallas_guest

    so far my HTC evo lte haven't picked up any LTE in DFW area yet! Thank you Sprint!

  • http://twitter.com/PanchoBancho Pedro

    The two locations where I need 4g LTE the most (home & work) I still only get 3g. While on I-35 in San Antonio, TX 4G LTE is super fast...got to test it, but does me no good there. Who can I talk with? Thanks!

  • Ian Santopietro

    Under-promise, Over-deliver. Not the best strategy in the world, but it's not a bad one either.

  • whowhen

    I'm in KC with 11.6 down and 6.4 up...


    Nothing in Houston or Humble Texas! 3g only WOW! Not sure if I should be looking for an LTE icon or what!

  • http://twitter.com/PanchoBancho Pedro

    Commented yesterday with hopes of being provided a name/department I could speak with. I live in San Antonio, TX a new site for Sprint's 4G LTE. When I said I only get 3g reception at home and at work, instead of the new 4g, that reception is poor at best. Was hoping the 4g would superceed the 3g inadequacies, but I get no 4g. Im using the new Samsung Galaxy III. Is there someone I can speak to...?

    • http://www.facebook.com/salvador.aceves.73 Salvador Aceves

      I also live in San Antonio, and there are only a few areas that pick up 4G, that I've driven through. Namely, by the airport on 410, and by 151 on 410. I went to the Sprint store because I thought it would be the phone (S3). They said everything is still rolling out, but it seems like these guys have no clue what' they're talking about. I just signed up, and may just end up cancelling until they can get their stuff together. At this point, wimax on my brothers s2 is totally acceptable, because at least he can get a good signal in most places.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hoots.Bude David ‘Hoots’ Crawford

    That's ridiculous, I get that on 3G+ here in the UK where LTE is still to rear it's head:

  • NFMejia

    I have been running on Sprint's LTE in Houston since Friday the 13th of July. Granted that Houston has only about 60 towers with LTE out of their nearly 200+ total in the Houston area but still I got a low of 7Mbps down and 5Mbps up and my peak was 15Mbps down and 10Mbps up.

  • Angelo

    The majority of people arent running speed tests. They are simply using the features of their phones and want it to work. Tell me what can you do with your phone (even while teathering) that you would see a difference between 6 mb/sec and 12? The only time you would see a difference would be buffering time while steaming hd video while theathing (and even then it would probably not be noticeable) but since your limited to 5gigs how much of that are you doing. As long as the speeds let people do what they want then speed per say doesn't

  • raul

    will I'm in Houston Texas and i just picked up my HTC and ran

    a speedtest. And got. 19mbps download and 8mbpsuplode

  • duplissi

    meh, i get about 6-10 down and 2-3 up with att hspa+ so im all good, i dont need lte.

  • asrose

    Sprint LTE in Dallas is just a myth as of 9/13/2012. I have been all over DFW and have not seen a usable LTE signal yet. It is unfortunate that Sprint puts out these misleading Press Releases.

  • Customer

    There is no 4g lte in irving,tx zip 75038. I bought iphone 5 but without 4g lte its worthless. so i m planning to go to Verizon.

  • sib

    In the Lewisville area . no 4g what so ever. using the EVO 4g LTE.this has been the most disappointing experience ever. went to 2 sprint stores and they have been no help :(

  • Ricardo

    Here is with LTE. The first one is in 3G and the other is LTE!!!

  • sprintrapedme

    Sprint recently started their 4G LTE service in Tallahassee Florida. After reading my speed test sometimes I get one quarter of a megabyte download that's point 25. Considerably lower than anything out there on the market. I have been a loyal sprint user for 8 years waiting for what was to be the greatest 4G service ever. I feel raped used and abused by Sprint.they're called service is good but as for data I am changing to something else. To all those reading this do not buy sprint