Sure, Sprint may be considerably behind the big dogs in the whole LTE rollout thing, but hey, they've already started selling devices with LTE support. Might as well light it up, right? Well, if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or Kansas City markets, and you own a Sprint LTE phone, you might be surprised to find that you have LTE access now.

According to Sprint 4G Rollout Updates, which has a pretty good track record, users have been reporting that their devices are discovering LTE networks in their areas. Sprint hasn't announced anything official, but hey, if you can start a speed test on Sprint and actually finish it, you must have 4G access.

The only announced market that we're still waiting on is Atlanta. Sprint still has another day to activate Atlanta to meet its deadline of July 15th for these markets. S4GRU says its sources don't know when that might happen, but it could be as early as later today. So if you live in one of those areas, own a Sprint LTE phone, and your download speeds have suddenly gotten a lot perkier, let us know in the comments.

Source: S4GRU (1) (2)

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Zacisblack

    Nothing here in Austin.

    • Zacisblack

      Well the "Austin" market doesn't include Austin...It's Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Waco Texas. Why they would not give LTE in the Austin area of almost 2 million people instead of Waco which is probably 500,000 max is beyond me.

      • archercc

        Probably to make it easy. A small market is easy to roll out. They did the same with wimax. Freaking Modesto Cali got it before real markets.

        • Ahhk

          Ummm...you're obviously demographically-challenged. Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are hardly "small markets". Especially when compared to Austin.

          • archercc

            Meaning comparative to Austin but whatever makes you feel cool.

          • Ahhk

            @CK One/archercc: Your theory on smaller markets doesn't make any sense when they did the three largest markets in Texas as well.

            "Yeah, let's do the largest three markets. Then, we'll do Waco instead of Austin...because it's smaller/easier."

            Really? Is THAT your "duh" argument?

          • CK One

            He's not commenting on Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio being small merkets, but on Waco being a smaller market compared compared to those markets...duh.

          • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

            And yet I was right because its not live in Atlanta itself but small suburbs outside of the city, the same goes for Dallas. Sprint just calls it Atlanta/Dallas because people consider those small burbs part of the city.

        • Th374nk

          Modesto is one of the bigger city's not metros in ca we are only slightly smaller the Fresno

      • Ahhk

        Probably for the same reason we didn't get LTE in Austin with Verizon until almost a year after those "other" Texas cities. Waco, College Station and hell...even Lubbock got it long before us (the state capitol).

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikescomputers1 Mike Olson

    Sandy Springs, GA and Acworth, GA are reporting LTE availability. I live in Woodstock, GA and have no LTE, yet. http://goo.gl/vI20B

  • Scott Warner

    Also, not even a mention of Baltimore. :(

    • http://www.twitter.com/morenicano Morenicano

      Exactly! :-(

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vicky-Cantu/1106179018 Vicky Cantu

    No 4G in the Houston Heights... But looking at those pics on s4gru it doesn't seem there is a 4G spot around the North loop. Anyone else in houston got anything?

    • http://www.facebook.com/PissedITGuy Salvador Ochoa

      I live out by West Little York and Barker Cypress and work near the race track and no LTE in either place.

    • http://www.facebook.com/PissedITGuy Salvador Ochoa

      I live by West Little York and Barker Cypress, work near the race track and no LTE as of yet...

  • ojames600

    I am in Alpharetta GA, I get a very low 4G signal and I am unable to do a speedtest, come on Sprint boost that signal.

  • archercc

    I've got nothing in Atlanta proper.

  • callagirl

    Scott Warner I called sprint this morning, they said Baltimore will be live tommo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1351296507 Vincent D. Hill Sr.

    I live in Atlanta and my best speeds have been 26.66 Mbps down and 6.75 Mbps up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1351296507 Vincent D. Hill Sr.

    I ran my speed test in Snellville, GA on my Galaxy S3!

  • maka ichiro

    When is the sprint 4g lte hit hawaii....i have gs3 and it really slow when its running on 3g.. cone on sprint....

  • TheBlueGuy

    On with S3 at 30115 suburb of Atlanta.

  • Sean

    LOL behind the ball as usual Verizon has had LTE for what 2 years now? With no one on the network you get 26mbps down ha

    • irev210

      Behind the ball in terms of what? Speeds?

      Not everyone needs 50mbit 4G LTE (that will get slower once more people are on Verizon's LTE network).

      Sprint has better voice coverage (we roam on verizon for free, along with any other CDMA carrier), it's cheaper, still unlimited data, and they are rolling out a brand new network.

      Nothing wrong with either network, but they are both different. At 50mbit, you hit your cap in what, less than 30 minutes? Mighty impressive.

      To stay grandfathered on an unlimited Verizon plan you can't even get a subsidized device from Verizon.... all so you can post a screen shot of a peak speed that, on average, normal markets will have the same ~8mbit typical speeds you see with LTE.

      Have fun with that :)

      • http://www.facebook.com/varsitybears Jonathan Matthew Salas

        Tell it how it is.. woooh

      • Sean

        Not everyone needs it unless you have it right? I have never went over my cap and I use my phone all day every day, I even stream videos form youtube to my car.

        Your points are null as verizon has had LTE for about a year and a half in the area with devices that connect to it. Just about everyone I know has a 4g phone in Louisville. I can post a screen shot of hitting 40+ meg all day if you would like dont hate because your new network aint up to par with others (look at att lte speeds).

        I was on sprint and I know what their network is like and I can tell you there is day and night difference in my area. I used to roam while in downtown louisville. We have had MANY outages and my sub-par 100-250kb download speeds on 3g are ridiculous. Dropping calls in the city is unacceptable when I'm paying $180 a month for 2 phones. On verizon my bill went up 10 dollars a month and I have 4G, where I dont I have 2-3mbps 3G and i have not dropped any calls.

        So be my guest stand up for the network all you want and your "unlimited data" that will come to an end after they get all these goons that jump ship for unlimited data. I used to stand up for sprint too until they accidently canceled my line and tried to charge me an early termination fee and put me in a new 2 year contract when i had 2 months left on my plan before THEY messed up. Have fun with that.

        • Ahhk

          We used to be on Sprint about 6 years ago. But, when they suspended our service (at a very critical time) because of a clerical error, we dropped them like an hard-boiled egg. The clerical error resulted in a $0.18 past due amount (yes, 18 freakin cents!) on a $150+/month account.

          They refused to budge or see the idiocy/flaw in their system, so we've been with Vzw ever since.

  • Erick

    Live in Dallas. 3g only in 75211. Samsung Galaxy S3 still wainting. Very disappointing.

    • Erick

      Speed test download 1.01 g upload .5g. In Dallas zipcode 75211.

  • Amos Vela

    Nothing yet in downtown San Antonio.

    • Amos Vela

      Visiting my friend in the west side of San Antonio No 4g lte

  • http://www.facebook.com/varsitybears Jonathan Matthew Salas

    Central San Antonio here no LTE yet. but my 3g is now avg 2.12 down and 1.3 up

  • Lee

    Any word in North Carolina? Either Greensboro or Charlotte???

  • meka

    I have the HTC EVO LTE n its still 3g in in in Dallas

  • lzymxn

    I'm no more then 20 minutes from downtown Houston and no 4g but apparently its live in Clute, Clute? you gotta be f#@##% kidding me, there's nothing out there

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1392015049 Bill Eastman

    I am in extreme North Austin, and NO LTE :-(
    I am near Rutlnd and North Lamar.

  • ojames600

    i am in Alpharetta, ga, few blocks from a sprint store, and my LTE signal suck as much as the Wimax, I was never able to get a good Wimax lock, and I thought LTE would be better, but it sucks also. Sprint needs to be better.

  • Vance

    Nothing in Dallas yet.

  • djay

    Nothing in Dallas yet

  • Rez

    Suwanee GA and Johns Creek still have no 4G. Come on, Sprint.

  • Li

    Nothing in Dallas, near highland park or north park mall or mocking bird station.

  • Lexster

    Alright, so they got these up. Now when are the next ones coming? And when is Cincinnati getting it, dammit?

  • David Fleck

    Got off a plane at Love Field in Dallas at 11 pm last night (7/15). Booted up the EVO 4G LTE and was thrilled to see the 4G light up with full bars, then just as quickly, it switched back to 3G and has not come back since. I am still in LTE/CDMA mode but have not seen 4G since. Even tried restarting, turning on and off airplane mode, and switching betweent CDMA only and LTE/CDMA. Still getting nothing. Been in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and Arlington. I want more G's!!

  • asrose

    LTE is Virtually non-existent in Dallas.

  • jay

    I live in Lubbock TX and i also have no lte, they told me by the end of last year but nothing,

  • joeblow1984

    These days you have to have 2 cell phones, 1 on CDMA (Sprint, Metro, or Verizon) and 1 GSM (AT&T or T-mobile) to get coverage. People ask me why you got 2 cell phones, and that is why. In my profession, 100 percent cell phone coverage is a must.