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There's a lot of run tracking apps out there, and you could be forgiven for forgetting about Google's very own My Tracks, what with its complete lack of zombies. But the dedicated runner or cyclist might want to give My Tracks a second glance, since it just got a major overhaul and (more importantly) it's still free. The biggest addition to the open source app is a user interface that plays nice with Ice Cream Sandwich, and presumably, Jelly Bean.

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The basic tracking features, including map display, time, distance, elevation, et cetera are still present, but sharing options have been improved. The "Big Three" social networks - Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - are all supported, as well as more technical options like Google Maps and Google Docs. You can export your trips as GPX, KML, CSV, or TCX files for easy viewing in mapping applications like Google Earth.

For the seriously dedicated, you can even connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or ANT+ compatible device, incorporating your biometric data with the information taken from the phone's GPS sensor. Speaking of dedicated, Google recently used the app to track the Highroad team on their 2012 Tour De France run. While you might not be cycling 3000+ kilometers any time soon, it looks like My Tracks is a pretty good way to track your 5K training. And the price is right - even without zombies.

[via TechCrunch]

Jeremiah Rice
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  • SebaKL

    I don't understand, in a face of existing apps like Adidas or Nike, or the super cool Endomondo, who can sit back, look at that app, and say; "yeah, that's so cool, let's give it to people". Endomondo has great UI and huge number of features, cater for any sort of activity. Top that with great online interface, with full workouts records, maps, and all kind of feature imaginable. Seriously, if I were the app developer, I wouldn't have the balls to release it, not to mention under the Google label.

    • Travis Jennings

      Being able to export the raw data and use it with anything is much better than a "cool ui" and proprietary tracking.

      • silaslenz

        You do get gpx and tcx files from endomondo. Sure, might not be raw data, but good enough for most uses.

      • Josh Legoza

        I'm with Travis. I typically use it as more of an auxiliary mapping application. Typically when I go off-roading I'll record everywhere I go so if I find a trail I really like, I can export the map and save it to My Maps in google maps and find my way back to another time since trails like that aren't mapped. I also use it when I find an awesome secluded camping spot to mark and create a GPS "path" to it that I can just follow next time I'm trying to get back to it. I've used my tracks for those uses more often than logging a ride or run. That's one huge reason to have "the balls to release it." Google has here an all purpose GPS tracking app that people can do a lot with, whatever it is they enjoy doing. Its not just a fitness app, so its not competing with Endomondo and the like.

      • SebaKL

        There is no problem exporting data from Endo. in common to the GPS apps formats. It's also easy to draw your own trails and export it to share. Say, GPS track planning for group ride or run.. etc.

  • http://thekonietzkystrain.tumblr.com/ NeuroMan42

    Cool that G has this but Endomondo is the best fitness app I have ever used or bought.

  • Travis Jennings

    Pairs well with zombies app and pandora

  • Rob Rowald

    Not compatible with the Galaxy S 3 according to the play store

    Update: according to teh website based store. Installed just fine from my phone

  • D4niel

    I actually use this to create GPX logs while I'm out taking photos so I can geotag them later. I used it to tag every photo I took (over 2000) during a 2 week trip. Even the old UI did just what I needed. The new UI is much nicer.

  • oneillperson

    The only reason I clicked this was cause I thought it said "bikini app" :/

  • RolandDeschain17

    Sorry to be a Nazi, but can the post be edited to say cycling instead of biking? Biking = motorcycles. If you pedal, you are not a biker nor are you biking or using a bike. Ask anyone in the professional cycling world, or call any major bicycle manufacturer; they'll confirm. I'll go away now...lol.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071132386 Jimmy Chen

      Also HTC-Highroad is disbanded and they are most definitely not in the 2012 TdF, there were no sponsers willing to pick them up. In the blog post they are called HTC-Columbia, wasn't that their name 2 years ago?

  • Dan Urbánek

    Grr...I hate that zoom buttons in second screenshot