With the 2012 Olympics rapidly approaching, television networks across the world are gearing up to cover every live event. NBC has gone one step further and released not one, but two Android apps to help you keep with everything that's going on across the pond.

At this point, both apps are lacking in the content department, which actually makes sense as the games don't actually start until the end of this month. It's also worth mentioning that neither app is available for wide variety of different devices yet, but both have a note stating that "additional support for Android handhelds and tablets will be coming soon."

Each app offers its own unique set of content:

NBC Olympics

1 2 3

  • Pre-games news
  • Video highlights
  • Photo galleries
  • In-depth look at Team USA
  • Hometown coverage
  • Sports Info
  • Twitter tracker
  • Results and schedules
  • Media counts
  • TV & Online listings
  • Primetime companion
  • Push notifications for breaking news

NBC Olympics Live Extra

4 5 6

  • Video on demand
  • Live coverage of all events
  • Full event replays
  • Channels
  • Gold Zone for watching Gold Medal events
  • Alternative camera views
  • Push notifications
  • DVR Capabilities for most events

Best of all, both apps are completely free, so hit the widgets, and get ready for some Olympic Game action.

Live streaming abilities are determined by your cable, satellite, or telco provider.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • rogue3

    Both apps are free but they do require a cable subscription. Lame-O!

    • TBolt

      pretty bad omission in the article.

  • banjoonmyknee

    The live streaming app does not work on Samsung Galaxy S3, maybe the hottest selling smartphone on the planet right now.

    What a #fail by nbc.

    • Stewart Higgins

      The Olympics haven't started yet...

      • banjoonmyknee

        Right. But given that this was as big press release from NBC and right out of the gate they don't support the Official Smartphone of the 2012 Summer Olympics,. At the very least, it is as pretty big marketing faux pas.

        • ElfirBFG

          See, I'm leaning toward that being a thing out of their control as a network. I'm sure that if you sideloaded the apk, it'd work on the S3 despite what Play might tell you. It works on my CM9 Atrix and the app isn't even 'supposed' to work here in Canada, eh.

          • Allison

            I'm in Canada and really want it on my iPad. Is there a way around it not working here??

          • ElfirBFG

            Not sure. I have unblock-us set up for access to American Netflix/hulu, but I haven't tried the app since my initial post. If that works, it'd only be on WiFi. And iPad? Df?

  • http://www.reviewhorizon.com/ soricon

    If you can't see it in the market, try to get the apk from here:http://reviewhorizon.com/2012/07/nbc-olympics-live-extra-2012-app-finally-out-on-android-and-ios-platforms/
    I was able to install it on my Galaxy S2

  • http://www.npike.net/ NPike

    Really crappy apps by a big name company (NBC). I wish I was surprised, but this is on par with their other apps as well.

    Looks like they designed it for iOS, and then didn't bother to make Android specific designs. It doesn't follow the Android design guidelines at all.

    Very disappointed. (For what it's worth, it runs equally poor on iOS as well as Android)

  • Henk3

    I am amazed. On holday in the USA and I cannot watch the opening ceremony anywhere! Neither online or on tv.

    • http://www.sickcrimes.us/ Captain Obvious

      Yeah, my wife is pretty pissed off. I ditched cable back in February and NOWHERE could she watch it.