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Last night Samsung released the kernel source code for the Verizon Galaxy S III. While it's good that Samsung is making good on timely source releases, this particular bit of code didn't do a whole lot of good in way of GSIII development because of the VZW GSIII's locked bootloader. Fortunately, Team Epic has changed this with a new workaround called kexec hardboot (kernel execution hard boot) that should allow users to effectively "sideload" custom kernels without having to actually flash them on the device by bundling the kernel with the custom recovery.

To demonstrate that the workaround does indeed allow the VZW GSIII to use custom kernels, they also developed a proof-of-concept kernel built from source. It doesn't actually change anything over the stock kernel (there's no need since it's just being used for demo purposes), but it does in fact allow developers to see that kexec hardboot works and experiment with it.

If you would like to download the proof-of-concept kernel/recovery, head right here. Team Epic notes, however, that while the image shouldn't cause any problems, improper installation could cause "irreparable harm" (read: you could brick yo' stuff, so be careful).

It's also worth noting that Verizon could issue an OTA update at any point that kills this workaround, so users shouldn't download any OTA until after it has been tested and custom recovery booting has been confirmed. For more information on kexec hardboot, check out Team Epic's write up.

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  • DroidRocka

    People work fast...wish I had that luck when I bought my first android phone moto cliq XT (yea yea I know DON'T LAUGHT AT ME)

  • http://twitter.com/simp1istic simp1istic

    God dammit verizon.

  • Jammer

    When my S3 arrives tomorrow I'm taking these steps:
    -install voodoo rootkeeper and backup SU
    -install app quarantine and freeze OTA updater app
    -patiently wait for CM9

    • Clint Pedersen

      You'll probably be waiting a while. They will stop development on CM9 as soon as JB source code is released and only do maintenance on CM9. My guess is that AOKP will release their build of 4.1 for the GSIII before CM10 is released for the GSIII though.

    • Huy Pham

      You mean you're going to wait for CM10? EFF you Verizon!!! This is going to the last phone on this contract for me. As bad as AT&T customer services goes, I'm heading that way by the time the new Nexus comes out - I don't even care about the early termination fees.

  • discstu37

    "Verizon could issue an OTA update at any point" bahahaha you've got time.

    • michael sinor

      I wouldn't be surprised if they send an update to "fix" this. Hopefully they can't close this at all, but I think their actions are pushing me into rooting quickly. Who wants to be stuck with the same software and no updates for years, and when the carrier decides to allow one through somehow they mess it up, and your device is pretty close to bricked. Only Verizon hurting themselves, and I just can't understand how they don't see it.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll


  • Casen Brashear

    Will this method work on other locked bootloader devices? Mainly RAZR?