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Around the middle of last month, Samsung published the source code for the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions of the Galaxy S III to its Open Source Release Center. Mysteriously, the Verizon variant's code was nowhere to be found - until late last night, anyway.


You can now find the kernel source for the Verizon GSIII alongside its brothers, thus rounding out the source release for the Big Four here in the U.S. Considering the Verizon variant has already been rooted, things are about to get a lot more fun for GSIII owners on Big Red.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/strifejester Justin Ellenbecker

    Doesn't do a bit of good since the bootloader is locked and AFAIK there is no way to unlock it as of yet. You would think with VZW going to plans that include tethering now and limiting data even harder they wouldn't care any more about devices and how they are used. At this point in the game they are actually getting closer to just giving you a pipe and letting you use it except it is more of straw than a pipe. Perhaps with the source a new kernel can be compiled that will pass the bootloader checks, I have a little more research to do. This is the one thing keeping me from the SIII when I can upgrade in a month. I might buy one outright even, but not until I get hands on time with it.

    • Ashish

      Just get a used nexus and save yourself the contract. You can find them used all day long for about $300 on ebay. I honestly don't see why anyone would lock themselves in for 2 years knowing the history of updates. People are all gung-ho about the OneX and the GS3 now, but in about a year everyone is going to be coming out of the woodworks saying ("Insert manufacture name here", where is my Jelly Bean update?)

      • http://twitter.com/Bateluer Robert Boluyt

        In a year, you should be ranting about a Key Lime Pie update. :P Go for the Nexus.

        • Ashish

          I have a Nexus. You will hear no ranting from me :)

      • TheMan876

        If I could get an S3 on Verizon and it had the bootloader unlocked I would pay the full $600 it and flash Jelly Bean and be very happy. The locked bootloader kills it.

      • cyber75sax

        Because this thread concerns rooting and getting new ROMs, so we can get our updates faster than any carrier.

    • moelsen8

      it looks like you can actually flash custom kernels but it's a real roundabout method as of right now. there's some details in this rootwiki thread: