Months after AT&T's Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket got a leaked build of Ice Cream Sandwich, it looks like the device is finally getting an official update. Users at XDA began reporting the update earlier today, indicating that it is available over Kies. Unlike March's leaked build, the official update brings users to Android 4.0.4, rather than 4.0.3, and (of course) carries a different build number. Here's a snippet from the update's build.prop:

ro.build.description=SGH-I727-user 4.0.4 IMM76D UCLF6 release-keys

Of course, rooted users would be advised to wait for a pre-rooted build of the update. Everyone else needs only to fire up Kies, look for build i727UCLF6, and grab the update. To follow the discussion surrounding the new update (and to find various ODIN and other flashables) just hit the XDA link below.


Liam Spradlin
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  • BlaineMagee

    Haha two weeks after I flash to a custom rom they release this. I doubt I'll go back to stock, touchwiz is so ugly.

    • jpfrasier

      Just install Nova Launcher and you will be good to go and won't have to deal with TouchWiz.

      • BlaineMagee

        Good to know. I jumped to the nightly CM9 builds started coming out I just jumped over to it.

      • fixxmyhead

        Touchwiz is not just a launcher -__-

  • DaBearz

    Ah, the shitrocket is getting an update...

    • Isaac

      ... What amazing device must you have?

  • Dima Aryeh

    That's an AT&T SII in the photo thumbnail by the way, not a Skyrocket.

  • chris

    omg finnaly sooo excited . have to wait till my phone charges ugghhhhhh

  • http://about.me/pmen Paul Méndez

    The AT&T Galaxy Note's official ICS update is also available via Kies right now. Just saying!

  • Williams

    ICS 4.0.4 BABY updated Galaxy s2 Skyrocket!!!
    Took 30 minutes to update and nothing get deleted from the phone!

  • kprawl

    My Kies says "Please update Samsung Kies to the latest version then update firmware," but it is the latest version of Kies. I even uninstalled it and downloaded a fresh copy from Samsung, reinstalled and have the same message. What is up? Kies says my current firmware version is: I727UCLA3/I727ATTLA3/I727UCLA3/I727UCLA3

    • Victor

      Any luck with fixing this issue?

      • kprawl

        Got it figured out. Didn't have my phone set on TWLauncher. Once I set that it updated perfectly.

    • ben

      this is what i did. down grade to 2.3.5 using odin 1.85 then put your phone in download mode, open up kies click firmware upgrade and initialization. a box should pop up enter your s/n and model number and is should say it will take u back to the original firmware and do a emergency firmware recovery. i hope that helps

  • kprawl

    Samsung Kies version is:

  • G2

    Can someone upload a video on youtube when they do the update! thanks would greatly appreciate it

    • Jammer

      Go to page 4 of the XDA link. Install Odin 3, download the zipped md5 file, read the thread for directions. Its pretty simple. Look up how to boot phone in download mode. Also, u will need the phone drivers installed on your windows machine.

  • Jammer

    Installed with Odin instead of that POS Kies software.
    Installed CWM recovery

  • http://www.facebook.com/emejia89GT Edwin Mejia

    ok i cant figure out how to update this thing. not the most technological person. can any one helo with a link or something.