Hey guys! It's a game that's not tower defense or puzzle-themed! Draw Race 2 is a new take on the racing game genre. Whereas most racing games on mobile devices use your accelerometer for steering, Draw Race 2 opts for a top-down view, tracing the race track to direct your vehicle. It's certainly a novel approach to the problem of racing controls on mobile devices.

The apparent second version of this game includes tons of challenges and skill games to test your ability to run your finger around your screen. The game also boasts realistic car physics, which is great because when I'm driving, I love to feel the momentum as my car comes around a corner in my index finger tip. This game allows me to experience that same feeling (again, in my finger tip) without the risk or raising my insurance premiums. Or death.

drawrace1 drawrace2 drawrace3

In all seriousness, the game does seem to have a high production value. The maps and the vehicles look great and the physics seem immersive. One has to wonder how engaging the act of tracing a race track will be versus a more traditional perspective, but the game at least tries to make the controls centered around skill and real-world racing concepts, like maintaining speed during a turn and maximizing path efficiency.

The game is available for $3 right now in the Play Store in the US. There's also a second version for the rest of the world, so be sure to get the right version for your region.

Eric Ravenscraft
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    Incompatible with Atrix 4G, incompatible with Xoom. Good luck Chillingo developers.

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