When Jelly Bean was announced, it's as if you could hear the entire Android community speak in unison: CM10! Anyone who has been around the block a time or two knows, though, you just don't ask for ETAs on CM builds. Of course, it wouldn't really matter if you did at this point - the JB source code isn't even available yet. However, the CyanogenMod Team took the time to address many of the questions on everyone's minds on their G+ earlier today, and we have to admit - it all sounds pretty good.

The post starts by addressing the version number; since JB is an incremental update to ICS will it be CM9.1? Or CM10? Since CM has given a full version update to each new Android release, JB is no different: it will be CM10.

Of course, the first question that everyone wants to know (aside from when will I get CM10?) is will my device get CM10?! And the answer to that question is... maybe. If your device is officially supported on CM9, then there's a very good chance that it will also get CM10. Makes sense. Fortunately, the update from ICS to JB isn't nearly as complex as GB to ICS, so CM will not have to be re-built from the ground up again; basically, this means that the rollout of CM10 should be a lot faster than CM9. And we all love faster updates.

So, moving forward, the CM team plans to release a final build of CM9 and then work exclusively on CM7 (keeping it up to date for older devices) and CM10. Like always, though, they will continue to support CM9 with point updates as needed, but I think we're all in agreement about one thing: bring on the Jelly Bean!


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.twitter.com/joshuaworth Joshua Worth

    Yes indeed

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Isn't CM9 still mostly nightlies?

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      RC1 is out for some devices.

    • Kenny O

      There are some RCs, but yes mostly nightlies. I just upgraded to a G-Nexus, but I was running the nightlies on my Sensation as a daily driver for a month without any issues. I put it on my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy S2 and it's been running without any issue for a week now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SHORTIES.MAN Jason Calhoun


  • Deltaechoe

    What's nice is that jelly bean is mostly polish on top of ICS, and not a complete overhaul like from gingerbread to ICS so updates will happen much faster. The CM team has already done all the hard work of rebuilding the rom from scratch and all it takes is a few modifications here and there (few relative to building CM9)

  • Brando212

    very good news indeed. I hope CM10 comes to the galaxy tab 7 and nexus 7 :)

    • skatsbrayt

      Why would you need CM10 on the Nexus 7? CM10 is basically a rooted Nexus 7.

      • sgtguthrie

        CM has additional debugging abilities for developers, and grants more control and customization. That could be a couple reasons. Don't hate on the man for wanting his cm ;-)

        • skatsbrayt

          A rooted Nexus can have anything CM has, though if you would need everything in CM, it's more practical to flash it than installing a bunch of apks, etc.

          And hey, I'm not hating here. Just want to let him know.

          • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

            That's still not really right. Some of the features that exist for developers are patches to the core libraries and cannot be modified by APKs for security reasons. A lot of stuff can be done by installing apps, but not everything.

            CM has elected to add some features directly into the OS instead of creating separate APKs for a number of performance reasons. There's also a few things baked into the ROMs just to avoid user confusion.

  • Jonathan Wong

    I'm hoping my Motorola Defy is getting Cm 10. It's running ICS really nicely with Epsylon3's CM9. I've not encountered any trouble with ICS on it.

    • skatsbrayt

      Though CM9 is working smoothly on our Defy, there are still kernels specific to JB so unless Motorola unlocks our bootloader, we still have to wait for the CM team to fix hardware issues that would arise.

      • Jonathan Wong


    • Jordan

      well i did, for a long time, so much i just rolled back to cm7.2 and i never regret it. a fully featured, smooth gingerbread build is much, much better than a half-ass broken ics build.

      but then again, it's been 5 months... has it improved much from the choppiness and bug nest it was back in February?

      • Jonathan Wong

        I'm using Epsylon3's CM9 from XDA Developers. It's working quite well on 2 year old hardware that is the Motorola Defy. Just don't have too many programs open and you'll be fine. Camera works nicely except for panorama. Dragging down the notifications is smooth and pressing the X to clear all notifications has a smooth animation too. I only wish I had a nicer phone, then it would run better with more apps open.

        Maybe consider using some sort of task manager to manage memory. Or perhaps consider the v6 supercharger that's claims to end all lag with some sort of superior one-of-a-kind memory management system. I have no idea how it affects battery life though.

        I've only had 2 freeze ups in the last month but I had 5 games open and few other apps.

        Make sure to install the right kernel or be stuck scratching your head for some time before realizing I installed the GB kernel not the needed Froyo kernel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.locker2 Daniel Locker

    So my Galaxy Note has nightly builds of CM9, but not a stable release. Will it get any form of CM10? Pretty stupid question I think but I just want to be sure.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SHORTIES.MAN Jason Calhoun

      cm9 is no where near ics they r very different.. andbyesbthe note has a few stabke cm9 roms..im testing a pure aokp rom right now..132mb fast and light!

      • sgtguthrie

        You said "CM9 is nowhere near ics"??? Wtf planet are you on? CM9 is based on aosp android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich :-

        • skatsbrayt

          He's probably an AOKP fanboy. I'm sure though that he's a troll.

        • Kenny O

          I was running CM9 on my Sensation 4g, just got the Nexus....I played around with pure ICS before flashing JB. That guy is an idiot, its exactly like stock ICS but with more tweaks and options listed in the settings.

      • http://twitter.com/nklenchik Nick Klenchik

        Go buy an iPhone man

    • Paul McManus

      A Release Candidate is out for the Galaxy Note, and it continues to get nightlies

  • Kramer101

    Thanks to the CM team, my HP Touchpad is immortal.

  • http://twitter.com/WetNilly Jared N

    I can haz JB for touchpad? :)

    • Michael

      haha I don't have a touchpad but was wondering that the other day

    • Michael

      haha I don't have a touchpad but was wondering that the other day

    • Simon Belmont

      I'm definitely looking for this too. ICS on my TouchPad has been great.

      Super smooth and they keep working on it. Love it.

  • brian

    So happy I got a galaxy nexus. I'm already running jelly bean and soon I'll have CM 10

    • Kenny O

      Cheers to that, I was able to order my Nexus right before they stopped selling them. JB is amazing.

  • Sootie

    I am so very in love with CM9 but want JB stuff, Cyanogen mod team FTW, I may never have to get a new phone, however the nexus 7 is making me want a tablet for the first time ever.
    Also whats up with the missing title for enter email address in the comments, it says pick a name then has a blank box under it if you try and hit submit it then tells you please enter an email at the top into I assume the random blank box

  • Sootie

    Yep random blank box it is...

  • Ken

    Not excited about cm like i was in the cm7 days. It's so lackluster on features now and they take la lot onger to release updates. AOKP has so many more features releases faster and just runs better on my NS4G. CM9 is still a high quality rom though

  • Simon Belmont

    Come on, Sprint! Release the EVO 3D ICS update so HTC can release the darned source code.

    I want fully functional CM9/CM10. Do it!

  • Robert Oliveira

    Woo-Hoo! Love CM! I'm running a Euroskank variant of CM9 on my CDMA Galaxy Nexus, but I'm tempted to go back to stock ICS for now just to get the official JB update. Not sure that I will though. I also have the leaked JB ROM but I hear there are some minor issues with it at the moment. (Wi-Fi strength, and a couple of bricked Sprint devices).

    I'm also searching for a way to root & load CM9 on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (on the Mac), but so far only finding instructions/files for the Windows platform. I no longer have easy access to a Windows-based machine. :(

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      You'll have to use the windows version of ODIN to flash the right recovery image for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. There's another application (I forget the name) that has reported some bricking, so I don't suggest using it.

      Here's what I did. Use a virtual machine, I prefer VMWare Fusion (but you should be able to use Virtual Box if you've got no other reason to have Fusion, it's free and open source). Once you've got the VM set up, install Kies for the drivers, put on ODIN, and connect the tablet. You'll obviously need to instruct the VM software to connect the tablet to the VM instead of the Mac. After that, follow the windows instructions. I know it's a pain to set up a VM just for that, but you should only have to do this one time (maybe twice if there's a major change to CWM that's required for Key Lime Pie or Lollipop).

  • decaf

    I hope they bring back the lockscreen gestures from cm7

  • slatanek

    I'm running CM9 nightlies on Galaxy Note int. and must say they are pretty stable. The only major drawback is lack of MHL/USB OTG support. Apart from that a great rom, in my experience more stable and faster than ParanoidAndroid for instance.