Remember late last month when we caught what was alleged to be a white EVO 4G LTE on an inventory sheet and subsequently got a glimpse of the rumored device thanks to a suspect Sprint banner? Well, it looks like we can expect the snow-colored device to land at Sprint July 15th, according to TechnoBuffalo's "trusted source."

A white EVO LTE will probably come as no surprise to current Sprint subscribers or followers of the EVO line. Sprint has a habit of offering white versions of each iteration of the EVO, so it's only natural that the EVO LTE would follow suit.


Adding a little bit of spice to what appears to be a leaked promotional flyer, the above image also indicates that Sprint will be holding a buy-one-get-one-free deal for the Epic 4G Touch (the Now Network's variant of Samsung's Galaxy SII).

Of course, we can't confirm that the image above is 100% reliable, but whether you've been waiting for a paper-white EVO LTE or a good deal on Sprint's Galaxy SII, there is hope yet.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz

    It would not be wise to take the Epic 4G Touch free 2nd phone deal as the 4G that is supported on the device (WiMAX) is obsolete. Considering that Clearwire is bankrupt and only has enough money to last through December 31 2012, and Sprint is shying away from helping them expand or upkeep the WiMAX network, it would be silly to be locked into a long term $350 termination fee per phone device that could effectively have a real shelf life of use for only 2-4 months after the sell date. The 3G will actually get only slower and have more issues, as Sprint is already recycling the 3G spectrum (in most areas that is already operating at maximum capacity and experiencing massive network/speed/quality issues) for its LTE network. This effectively means that the Epic 4G Touch is a phone that is rivaling a phone with Wireless Web in the pre-1xRTT world.

    • fixxmyhead

      dude that's Sprints network 1 xrtt. I don't know why people ever even signed with them in the first place

      • yankeesusa

        What are you talking about? Sprints phones only use 1xrtt when their evdo network is down. Even with 3g or evdo the epic touch 4g is a great phone. Most people weren't able to use 4g anyway. Also even with all the lte towers that verizon has most people with smartphones dont use lte. At this point 4g is not that big.

        • fixxmyhead

          i was making a joke about sprints shitty speeds. i dont think u really know about networks. i seriously dont want to explain it in a big ass post

          • yankeesusa

            Got it. Although sprints speed are no joke. they are seriously slow and really hope they improve with this sprint vision program they have going.

    • yankeesusa

      Not taking a phone right because there is no 4g may be big deal for some but most people right now don't care. A good 3g network is the most that anyone needs right now. At least with verizon and att if you have lte you'll reach your cap a lot sooner too. Unless you have 4g in your town 4g should not be a deciding factor in buying a new phone. With sprint a good 3g connection can be close to 2mbps with the new network upgrades, which is more than enough for most people.

  • cwilson617

    Wow. Glad you got that all figured out. I have Epic 4g Touch, and as of this time, it gets what I need to have done when I need to have it done. Sprints network problems? What? Verizon has network problems, too. T Mobile? Their network folded too. There isn't any perfect solution, except the one we find that works for us. There's always a trade off. You want speed? You pay for data tiers. I personally don't want the limitation on how much data I can consume hanging over my head. As for wimax, it works as an overdrive when I do experience slow 3g which isn't as often as you think. If wimax goes away, I'll get a GS3 on LET. But for now, this works. Many people that have smartphones don't know or care what data rates they have, because their phone works. If Sprint doesn't work for you, get with a one of the carriers that does. Just because it doesn't suit you, it doesn't mean the sky is, falling for Sprint users. Get what works for you. This Epic 4g works for me. It works so well that I'm not even interested in the GS3. I don't need it. If I find that it doesn't, I'll get one that does. I believe everyone else will too. It's a natural order. Relax.