If you just felt a disturbance in the internet, as if millions of Android users cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, here's why: the Galaxy Nexus is no longer available via the Google Play Store. This comes after Apple won an injunction against the sale of Google's flagship device last week. As of now, the device is not allowed to be sold in the US which includes, but is obviously not limited to, online sales from Google.


At the moment, the site merely offers users the chance to sign up to be notified when the device will become available. The entry itself and the recently lowered cost remain. Given that we've already heard that Google is preparing an OTA update to circumvent the injunction, it's not surprising the company doesn't want to pull the device in question entirely. However, it's still uncertain if the update will even be enough to appease the legal overlords.

What is clear is that despite the changing of the guard at Apple, the company's mission seems to be no less determined: they mean to halt any sales of Android devices possible. At $349 and carrying the promise of the most recent version of Android, the Galaxy Nexus is nothing less than a shining emblem of everything Google wants Android to be. And it's currently banned in the US.

This isn't exactly a good day, friends.

Source: Google Play Store

Eric Ravenscraft
Eric is a snarky technophile with a taste for the unusual. When he's not obsessing about Android, you can usually find him obsessing about movies, psychology, or the perfect energy drink. Eric weaves his own special blend of snark, satire, and comedy into all his articles.

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  • Myroslaw Bytz

    Literally bought one in anticipation of this three hours ago. Payment went through, so fingers crossed... oh and #BoycottApple.

    • http://MyShocker.com Nudo

      so jealous! i missed it by like 10 minutes wtf

    • morrm1

      Bought mine around noon today in anticipation of this as well. So lucky I did it then

    • tehsouthpaw

      Same here...last Saturday when I heard the word injunction I decided that was all the push I needed. It should be here Thursday :D...Apple can go die in a hole #BoycottApple

    • frdoze

      Good job...I grabbed 2 they arrived Friday! Very satisfied... glad I got off the apple wagon.. apple sux more than a dyson

  • Steve Lucas

    sell it to me google! I'm in Canada ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rmourar Ricardo Moura Rocha

    I hope apple goes bankrupt. Really, I wish nothing but bad things for them, instead of releasing competitive new devices they try to stop you from getting anything that is better than the iCrap they sell. Apple, put the legal department to rest and get back to R&D!!


    Google, please start selling it worldwide! Would love to have it in Brazil!!

    • Tarcisio Nunes de Medeiros

      We have it in Brasil. Its called Galaxy X, mas but you cant buy via Google Play.
      Apple sux

      • http://www.facebook.com/rmourar Ricardo Moura Rocha

        I know we do, but I wanted it to be sold by Google in the Play Store...

    • Guest

      > I hope apple goes bankrupt. Really, I wish nothing but bad things for

      You REALLY think they will be filing for bankruptcy???

      > instead of releasing competitive new devices they try to stop

      What? The iPhone has outsold every other phone on the planet Earth.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rmourar Ricardo Moura Rocha

        >You REALLY think they will be filing for bankruptcy???

        I'm not saying now, I'm saying at some point in the future...

        >What? The iPhone has outsold every other phone on the planet Earth.

        But Apple has lost the top spot in the mobile world and iOS has lost it's spot at the top as well, they know that now they're offering a product that it's just not up to par with the competition. And the fact that it sold that well in my way to see has a lot more to do with incredible advertising than actual incredible devices. Apple has stopped inovating for a while, the iPhone 4S is proof of that, it added nothing new except siri, which Google offered in Android for a loooong time now in the form of voice search, although not as good but much more universal, I don't know if you know but Siri doesn't work completely outside the US...

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Marshall/1393515108 Chris Marshall

      Eventually when people start waking up to how limited OSX is for users, programers and developers (as the average consumer gets more tech savvy) more will turn to windows. As people start realizing that the iPad is really just a over-sized iPhone, just as locked down and just as limited (especially because apple refuses to allow any real file management) They will turn to Android. Apple wont ever go bankrupt, but it will be like it seen like it once was, a overpriced over-hyped computer company that steals ideas, claiming they made them first, that does less, functions less, and works less than windows and android. Oh and just to drive the point home screws over developers and users.

  • Bariman43

    defendinnovation.org Sign the petition so crap like this stops happening!

  • http://MyShocker.com Nudo

    worst news ever :(

  • Martin Nilsson

    Can't they just pull a "Pirate Bay" and move servers out of the states? The internet has no borders so set up a "nexus server" in Canada or where ever and sell the Nexus from there. Might be that this is covered in the ban, but I can't see why. Should be enough countries in the world to entertain Apples lawyers for a long time =)

    • krazyfrog

      Not sure if serious… or stupid.

  • Sootie

    Start selling the excess production to australia google!!! without the $50 markup for no reason (kangaroo bucks are worth more than seppo ones)!!

  • 92slammer

    Does this apply to carrier sales....Verizon still has it up

  • Red Smith

    Already made them know what I think about their injuction at their "Contact us" website, especifically Copyright Information... I know it won't change anything, just wanted to vent myself over there.

    • http://twitter.com/just_guillermo ☠Guillermo☠

      I'd like a place to vent, does apple have an official twitter?

      • http://www.facebook.com/cvmaas Chris Vander Maas

        Why not vent to the moronic judge making the decisions based on being bribed?

        • Rod Farrell

          Don't blame the judge for enforcing the law. Blame US lawmakers who will pass anything that pleases their election financiers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1534593949 Vinny Tuzeo

    apple is running scared. If it wasn't obvious.

    • Guest

      > apple is running scared. If it wasn't obvious.


      Apple sells a far inferior product, and STILL outsells any Android device ever made.

      That should scare Android... not Apple.

      I wish I could sell a LOWER quality product... and still make billions in profits.

      • SquatAndPoop

        Hah, you have obviously never used a Gnexus, gtfo troll.

  • Jim

    There are still PLENTY of them brand new on ebay.

    • SYO

      Prices might spike soon after this news so better snap them up now~

  • Christian sotelo

    This sucks @christian555 on twitter

  • Goldenpins

    I was on the fence on this, than after the first article when the judge passed the ban, I purchased the GSM Gnexus and its being shipped 3 hours before the ban became official. Even called Google to verify if it went threw.. luckily they said yes.

    • Kenny O

      Yep, I did the same thing. Got mine yesterday, rooting and running 4.1 - it's as advertised. Amazing.

  • cooldoods

    boy, Apple is going to get a lot more haters if the iPhone 5 isn't loads better than the 4S.

    • Tyler Chappell

      They won't make it too much better, because then no one will want to buy the 5S! :D

  • BlackGod

    F*ck Apple employees and all them love 'em!

  • Jose Marie Maquinay

    Love the Star Wars reference, hate Apple!

    Sell it in the Philippines, people will flock it.


    • fixxmyhead

      No I heard that's where BlackBerry thrives

      • Jose Marie Maquinay

        Nah, I live in the PH, and people here love cheap Android phones. So a cheap Nexus will sell easily, not to mention its a Samsung.

        • SYO

          Unfortunately, here in the Philippines I know a lot of people who end up disliking Android because they choose these cheap phones and tablets..especially the China or wherever-made ones with questionable brands lol

          I would totally spring for a Galaxy Nexus had I acted faster : dang!

          • Jose Marie Maquinay

            Its their fault if they got disappointed from what they bought, it means they didn't do their research first. Android is an OS, not a phone model. I keep telling that to people who are new to Android...

            And lastly, #BoycottApple

          • http://twitter.com/kuyanyan Yanyan

            I guess we have a lot of stupid people in our country. Anyway, the only way to get a cheap Galaxy Nexus here is through dbgadgets, widget city, etc. Smart is still selling it for P30000 ($712).

      • http://www.facebook.com/fransarj Francis Arjonillo

        correction: Used to be where blackberry thrives.

  • http://twitter.com/LordG33k Martin Goodlace

    Apple must REALLY be sh*tting there pants .. in FEAR of being taken over .. and so they should be ... LMFAO #BoycottApple

  • http://twitter.com/PCSievers P.C. Sievers

    It is time for Google to enter the war instead of mostly sitting on the sidelines.

    This block of sale is ridiculous for the simple fact no one is going to buy an Apple phone because it has a "unified search". Not to mention the entire concept pre-dates the iPhone itself.

    Hopefully Android's notification patent is validated just before the new iPhone is released, just in time to get it blocked from the shelves by a judge. Turnabout might be fair play in the short term at least before this entire joke has delivered its last punchline.

  • L boogie

    on the eve of independence day, i get this news. freedom of choice i like, apple-ocracy is a nightmare that must never come true and unfortunately, it would if garbage like this keeps happening. whats next, they'll want me to give up my nexus for their overpriced, overhyped piece of iManure? useless thieving pile of living afterbirths complaining about infringing on property when they themselves created a platinum standard for that. time to make moves Google.

  • Jeff Messer

    Ok, I'm ranting over on Google Plus. I'm going to be "reasonable" for one more second though. Are we sure this isn't just due to a shortage of stock after Google I/O?

    • brett77

      The article over at Engadget postulated that it was either due to:
      1. The injunction
      2. Flashing the existing devices with the OTA patch
      3. Installing Android 4.1 on existing devices

  • duplissi

    oh... soo glad i bought mine on the 29th!

  • cherry

    I just ordered one yesterday and my card was charged. Will they ship or will they refund? I am worried :(

    • TheGunski

      Don't worry, they just can't import more stock. If you bought it you will recieve it without any problems.

  • Dipock Das

    in a free market economy how are you going to ensure an honest monopolistic living without the patent office? Pesky competition ! Always copying the ideas we copied first ! Well there should be a law against that.
    By the way - I love my new Nexus phone - it totally rocks. Google have finally got it right.
    Now who wants to start the bidding?

  • francoislr

    They need to open it up to the rest of the world to carry sales while the US cannot. I would love one of these. My only option is the Galaxy S3, at about 3 times the price.

  • http://www.beholders.org/ Taty

    Typical of Apple. Steals everyone's technology, then sue others pretending they invented it.

    • Guest

      > then sue others pretending they invented it.

      You obviously don't know how to read a simple patent.

      Like it or not... right or wrong... Apple *DOES* hold the patent on "slide to unlock".

      Hate the patent office that keeps issuing such foolish patents, not Apple.
      Apple doesn't make patent laws.

  • babywarez

    Fuck Apple!

  • Brian Thompson

    I totally refuse to repair Apple devices from now on, and that is a full time job by itself. Shady motherf**kers!

    • http://holdat.blogspot.com Mark Mathis

      Noooo! keep repairing them so the people don't have to buy new apple products. They will continue to use their oft breaking machines and not buy new ones.

    • Guest

      > I totally refuse to repair Apple devices from now on, and that is a full time job by itself.

      You totally refuse to do your FULL TIME job??? Do they still pay you?

      Wow, are you hiring?

  • Ryan Tampone

    Apple should be burnt down to a crisp and DESTROYED!! They have not innovated shit in years, all they have done is steel other people's ideas (i.e. pull down notifications, and technically Siri's voice control, Android has had that long before Siri) and then sue other companies over it. How con the courts not see Apple is trying to create a monopoly?!?! I mean a blind def man could easily see it!!

  • Mike

    Possibly the worst news I've ever heard knowing I was just about the buy the Sprint Galaxy Nexus...

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasonconort Jason Conort

    I have never disliked a company as much as I dislike Apple. And its simply because of these lawsuits. They are abusing our courts at tax payer expense to keep us from buying the devices we want. Do they truly believe that if they keep me from buy a Nexus that I am gong to rush out and buy an IPhone? The people that were going to buy an IPhone, bought an IPhone despite the nexus being available. The only thing they achieved was making a lot of enemies.

    • Kenny O

      Exactly. Keeping people from the Nexus is not going to do anything for the sales of the iPhone.

  • rockhazard

    It won't make any difference. This is what will happen: the software fix will be applied, then when the device is released into the public to rave reviews, a patch will leak to reverse the patch that enabled US sales. I wouldn't say Apple is exactly wasting its time, but in the end they lose.

  • yarrellray

    This too shall pass. Android rules and so does Google and Samsung...

  • L boogie

    and a definite thank you to the honorable judge koh whose recent rulings would always be remembered in the android universe as the inevitable sign of the apocalypse that would blanket those thermonuclear war seeking, great artists steal, your holding it wrong pack of magical iDiots. same magical maniacs just told the italian govt that they were wrongly interpretting their own laws in a anti-trust case that could've been avoided but why do things the easy way. what one reaps they would definitely sow

  • MauriceGriffin

    Between hearing about jellybean and this injunction I ordered one Sunday. From the looks of these comments I'm not the only one. If any company would know that a limited supply of an awesome product is going to spike its sales it ought to be Apple! Silly, silly Apple..

  • dextersgenius

    A user on this other site suggested a wild idea: how about selling T-shirts (for $350 or w/e) and give the Nexus "free" with the shirt?

    • Guest


    • FrillArtist

      Too funny, dude.

    • EvilBadger69

      Many an internet for him!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cvmaas Chris Vander Maas

    Lucy Koh is an Apple cronie cashing their checks, a sad day for justice!

  • KevinK

    Samsung needs to ban all products from Apple. Google needs to take all of there stuff away from them too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidtb Dt Bell

    amazon's still got..

  • John

    I can't wait to watch apple hand over 96 million to Samsung when this absurd ruling is over turned.

  • HGamesTeamCato

    I have an iPhone and i'm quite enjoying it, but the Galaxy Nexus is an amazing device that I feel shouldn't be subjected to this unneeded patent war. I feel that it hasn't infringed on any patents, and that Apple should just leave Google and Samsung alone. If they keep this up, I'm not going to recommend the iPhone to anyone, and tell them to buy a Galaxy Nexus, which looks amazing. So Apple, even though I am a huge fan of both companies, keep this up and i'm going to leave the iPhone until this stops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rmourar Ricardo Moura Rocha

    replying to the answer on my previous comment since the server doesn't let me reply.

    Well, first of all I am not an American. Secondly, I have no problem in protecting their patents if they are specific and make some sense. Apple's patents are extremely generic and should be without merit, on top of everything Apple is not asking for google or samsung to pay them for their patents, it's asking the government to prevent them from selling anything that could be better than what they offer. I thoroughly believe that this overly litigious attitude from Apple is going to come back and bite them in the ass.
    And to call me stupid for no reason whatsoever shows me that you're in closer to being one then I am.

  • anonymous

    Google has nothing to worry bout Apple is just starting fires its not gonna be able to put out only reason they doing this because they are scared #f___k Apple

  • gumnam

    google never bothered to sell it in India. it would done well here instead of s3 that samsung is trying to replace it.

  • BoomBam

    Is this really because of the injunction?? Google is not listed on the lawsuit, just Samsung, right? If Amazon can still sell, so could Google, no?
    Plus even the accessories are listed as coming soon...

  • Andy Huang

    Just one acronym for you Apple: SMH!

  • http://twitter.com/angel_vg Angel Villa

    Hey guys

    This is the judge?


    Anyone know the email or phone number?

    They think a boycott of the judge?

  • Guest

    All the Nexus needed to do as make some simple/minor software changes and STOP using Apple's patented/copyrighted ideas.

    That's so hard?

    • Dean Politis

      The real problem is that obvious ideas are being patented. Getting data from multiple sources was done on computers long ago. Saying getting it from a mobile device isn't groundbreaking.

  • antonio

    Bought 2 Nexuses from Verizon store TODAY. Injunction be damned.

  • IceBeam

    Yeah, how about writing dates on you posts

  • Richard Boren

    Apple is certainly trying to monopolize internet and media consumption devices. They make great products, and without them, we might not be AS FAR as we are in technology... But Apple is going too far...

    It's one thing to be competitive and to limit your customer's abilities in using your products how they choose.... But is completely WRONG to limit everyone who ISN'T buying YOUR product to the point of having NO CHOICE at all but to either buy your product or not have such technology at all!