Now here's a novel idea! Putting weather information on the television! Weather Underground is now available for the Google TV, bringing a rather nice, simple weather app to the Google TV. The app features a 6-day forecast, hourly forecasts, and maps of your local area with weather information overlaid. It's pretty nifty.

weatherunderground1 weatherunderground2

It may not be the most exciting app, but this is the way it should be, shouldn't it? Gone are the days of turning to a static channel and waiting around for a man in a suit to eventually get around to talking about your area. Just pop open the app and see. This app even includes a widget for your Google TV's home screen for quicker access. It makes you wonder why life wasn't like this a lot sooner.

Eric Ravenscraft
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    I need GTV...

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    It's been on the Roku player.