If the combination of summer heat and apocalyptic storms have you feeling a little down, Madfinger Games is here to help. Madfinger develops some really killer titles like Shadowgun, Samurai II, and the upcoming Dead Trigger (which was actually supposed to land today, but has been delayed until tomorrow for some last-minute bug fixes). Starting today, you can get Shadowgun and Samurai II on sale for $0.99.

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Shadowgun is an amazing third-person shooter with great graphics and surprisingly good voice acting. It even controls well, for a touchscreen shooter. Samurai II is a top-down hack and slash adventure game that is similarly lovely to look at with its neat cell-shaded vibe. Shadowgun is going to require a few hundred megabytes of additional game data, but Samurai comes in one neat little package.

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Shadowgun usually sells for about $5 and Samurai for about $3, so this is a good deal. Remember that there are Tegra and non-Tegra versions, so make sure to get the one that's right for your device. The Play Store will stop you from buying a Tegra-only game for a non-Tegra device, but the opposite isn't true. Might as well get all you can out of that Nvidia chip.

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