Costco, promising to take customers "beyond the warehouse walls with the ease of [their] smartphone," released an official Costco Wholesale app to the Play Store recently.

The app, created by one of the most popular (and largest) wholesalers in America, allows users to do much of what they could do in a physical Costco location, or shopping online – users can shop Costco.com's "unique, expanded" collection, locate the nearest Costco location, grab online and in-store coupons, refill prescriptions, read "The Costco Connection," choose business or home delivery options, and take note of what you need to buy with a handy built-in notepad.

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Even with all these features, Costco encourages users to send in ideas and requests to make the app even more useful. If you're a Costco customer, grab the app from the widget below. (Did I mention it's free?)

Liam Spradlin
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  • Joel Gallun

    what I need is a costco app that tells me if something I want is in stock and where to find it in the flipping warehouse

  • Ron

    Would have been nice if it loaded on one of my tablets

  • JC

    This Costco App requires that I allow it to use my camera without my knowledge! NO THANKS COSTCO!!!