galaxy s iii

The wait is nearly over for the Galaxy S III if you're on AT&T. The big blue ball has just announced that Samsung's newest flagship will be available for same-day purchases starting July 6th in all of its stores nationwide. The company isn't sharing specifics on whether that will include only the blue and white versions of the phone, or if we'll also see AT&T's exclusive red version of the device. If we had to bet on it, we'd say the red version will still be a little way's off.

The device will also be available for overnight shipping on July 6th, so if you're keen to order online, you'll be covered as well. No word on when authorized retailers like Best Buy or Radio Shack will get their stock in, but it likely won't be too much longer. Now that the SGSIII has landed in T-Mobile and Sprint, this makes three of the four major carriers, inside of two months since the initial launch. Verizon's the only carrier left waiting, though our previous information indicates its version will launch around July 11th. So, here's hoping!

Source: AT&T

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Sven Enterlein

    Will be interesting to waltz into the store and take a look. Not that I'd be eligible for an update anytime soon. But a man can dream, a man can dream!

  • Jasoncalhoun13

    i think im gonna keep my note and wait until oct. and get the 5.5 note 2....

  • Davie

    If you "Pre-order" it now through AT&T it will be overnighted to you the same day. No use waiting til July 6th unless you want to try it in stores first

  • Spydie

    I've had mine from ATT for a week already.  No news here.  Just go online and order it... it's not overnight shipping, BTW, it's 3 day guaranteed.

    • Davie

      Huh, mine was overnighted.ATT likes me more :-/

  • Spydie

    I wouldn't have even bought it if we'd ever gotten ICS for my Note!

  • Jonathan Grubbs

    I can trade in my Galaxy S II at Radio Shack and get $120, they will be selling the Galaxy S III for $150, so I can trade in my old phone with $30 and walk out the door with a new phone!