Last Updated: July 10th, 2012

The contest is now over. Here are the winners, selected at random:
  • Danny Holyoake
  • Zhe Xi Ooi
  • Marc Zdon
  • Dennis F Heffernan   
  • Melvin Blokhuijzen   
  • Pegasus195   
  • Raido   
  • Sirdeiu   
  • Justin  
  • Brett Glisson

Congratulations - you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

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There are a lot of integrated development environments out there, and when it comes to Android, Eclipse is one of the most popular. As always, Apress has every budding developer's back with a book written specifically for getting people up and running on the IDE. The book is called Android Apps with Eclipse, and it covers everything from installing and configuring Eclipse to finalizing and tweaking your app.

Android Apps with Eclipse


Written by Onur Cinar, the book spans a 372 pages and is offered in both paperback ($31) and eBook ($32).

Eclipse is the most adopted integrated development environment (IDE) for Java programmers. And, now, Eclipse seems to be the preferred IDE for Android apps developers.

Android Apps with Eclipse provides a detailed overview of Eclipse, including steps and the screenshots to help Android developers to quickly get up to speed on Eclipse and to streamline their day-to-day software development. This book includes the following:

  • Overview of Eclipse fundamentals for both Java and C/C++ Development.
  • Using Eclipse Android Development Toolkit (ADT) to develop, debug, and troubleshoot Android applications.
  • Using Eclipse C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT) in conjunction with Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to integrate, develop and troubleshoot native Android components through Eclipse.
What you’ll learn
  • How to use the most popular Java IDE for Android apps development
  • How to install and configure Eclipse for Android development
  • How to build an Android media player app using the Eclipse IDE
  • How to leverage Eclipse with the Android Native Development Kit for C/C++ needs
  • How to leverage Eclipse for scripting using Android's SL4A (Scripting Layer for Android)
  • How to do continuous integration in Eclipse, including source code controls, scripting builds with Ant and more
Who this book is for

This book is for both beginner and intermediate developers who would like to quickly come up to speed on Android development using the Eclipse IDE.

Developers who follow along with the examples in the bok will build a movie player app, then learn to add AVI support to it. It will also teach how to script for the app using Lua.

The Contest

Apress has been generous enough to partner up with us to give away 10 copies of Android Apps with Eclipse. To enter, just leave a comment telling us what kind of app you want to create with your new-found skills. Be sure to include your email address so that we can contact you if you win!

The contest is open to everyone in the world (fully international) and will run from today (Saturday, June 30) until Wednesday, Thursday, July 5 at 11:59 PM PST. Winners will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

Good luck!

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://twitter.com/VishalSheth83 Vishal Sheth

    My birthday is coming up in a week and I would love to win this! I want to get into app development and android is where I would like to start. I hope I win! Thanks

  • Pat Reynolds

    I want to re-purpose my old phones (SGS and MB520, heck, even my Nook Color) as control units for robots...

  • Jeremy Meiss

    I am looking to create applications for the coffee world.

  • Sebastian Haiss

    I'm not sure what app I will create, but I know that I want to build apps for android. Im a student from Austria and I want to bring great designed apps to the Play Store. =)

  • http://www.techspikes.com/ Narayanan Hariharan

    I want to create a geo-location app

  • Karim Ahmed

    A better Twitter application for tablets

  • RedPandaAlex

    I want to create an app that allows you to save your current location with a description and/or image and build a collaborative map with others. My college has a "explore chicago" program for incoming freshmen, and I'd like them to have something like that available for projects like mapping street art or making a map that shows food deserts. I'm sure other users would find other uses for something like this too.

  • http://twitter.com/kix2902 kix2902

    I want to develop a game and a controller for a Arduino based system.

  • Matheus Eichelberger

    I'd like to continue doing apps to use while playing tabletop RPGs. Currently I have one on the Play Store (Songs & Dragons) but would love some insight to improve the ones to follow!

  • WD

    I want to create an App that let's people set groups for gaming, a kind of mumble clone to use on your cellphone while you play.

  • madstitz

    a 2D multiplayer arcade :)

  • rmbl

    I would create Android apps for some webapps/services I've already developed or am currently developing.

  • Sloy

    Great, international contest! :D
    I'd like to improve Eclipse skills so I can develop faster.

  • twbbas

    I want to create a few different multiplayer games. I have lots of great ideas.

  • http://twitter.com/Kimd41 Dimitar Kirilov

    I'd like to create some app to properly manage my uni work, the ones out there dont satisfy my needs! Thanks for the contest! Email: kimd_41 [at] hotmail.com

  • http://twitter.com/JMPergar José Manuel Pereira

     I want it, I love eclipse and android

  • tomulinek

    I want try to learn how to make something useful for Android and one or two game concepts.

  • Angel Arambula G

    Id like to develop an Android app that syncs local phone data with a webpage

  • Alex Luckett

    Sounds silly, but I'd really love to make a Word processor for Android. I've yet to find any that blow me away.

  • http://twitter.com/Busphan Scott Hill

    I would like to create a strong lifts tracking app.

  • Tim Burns

    I want to create a database app to keep track of more exotic pets, such as Tarantulas and Scorpions.  Even to keep track of live food that you keep such as crickets, mealworms and Dubia Roaches.  The ability to look up information based on species, etc...  This book would go a long way towards helping me learn how to use Eclipse properly to create an Android app like that.

  • Branimir

    I'd like to make a multiplayer game :)

  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    I'd love to create some root applications, like an init.d installer and more!

  • http://twitter.com/jonpeng jonpeng

    I'd like to build a construction master calculator for Android

  • Jeff

    a better GTD app than shuffle!

  • Vivian5486

    I want to create an app to bring together all the health and fitness clubs information and certain features to make it easy to approach and join them...

  • http://twitter.com/Cazzzababez Carwyn Stephen

    I would absolutely love to make an office suite for tablets as I've yet to see an amazing suite of software available :D

  • Dbagjones

    I'd make an app for my online radio station.

  • bzwingzero

    I want to create an app that's a simple virtual pet game and eventually expand it into a full adventure.

  • Hackerlacka

    I've started to learn Java for the computer and I've been looking for some way to learn coding for android. I know that a book would be a great start. An app that I would like to create would be my own file manager with a great GUI and lots of possibilities. A game that I would like to would be some kind of 2D Single Player survival game where you start out as a ninja(bounty hunter).

  • Will

    I want to create a workout app. The ones I've seen on the market are lacking some things I want.

  • Pratik Jain

    I've always wanted to develop a Sudoku solver program. I know a bit of java, but making a desktop application/applet would not be as user friendly as I want it to be. Hence I'd like to develop the same on the android platform, so that the user can take advantage of the touchscreen and easily enter numbers into the grid. Winning this giveaway would be really great. My e-mail address is: pratikjain.pj.4gmail.com

  • AdrianP

    I would like to have a better calendar application

  • Gabe

    An Beer List App for an event's company that I'm working with

  • Brescia123

    An app for manage camera via IP! 

  • http://danielharris.co/ Daniel Harris

    I would like to create a weather radio app using Eclipse.

  • http://www.cellouts.net Kyron John

    I'm currently working on my first app in Eclipse (an app that helps you find nightlife when you travel and want to find a party) and I could use this book to help me out 

  • Vallhalen

    Who cares what app ill make if winning is impossible :P I have tried so many times and never win :P

  • bedwa

    I want to make an application for the new Nexus Q for remote access for desktop clients via web browser and local storage offline playing to take advantage of that 16gb memory.

  • http://twitter.com/anoniim Marcel Brož

    I actually teach students how to develop Android appliactions, so I would just pass my new-found skills on. First app would probably be some super-awsome demo app on which I show my students new tricks!

    (my email: mistrmaca at gmail.com)

  • http://twitter.com/8bitdad Scott Suehle

    I would like to build an app to read posts from a website on.

  • StrateJaket

    If I said what I wanted to create, someone with better skills then me could go and make it already!  This book would help me fine tune my knowledge and possible get going in the direction I want...

  • Rtisan

    To get me started a cooking with recipies with built in timers and syncing to from a website storage. From there I'd move to my actual project which would be a quadcopter control app which flies mostly independently (making it a real droid...). Will have to build the quadcopter first though <.<

  • Sheldon H

    I'd create an app for Android that is compatible with the popular app on Apple that no one has yet ported over and the devs refuse to do so.

  • Arpit Mittal

    I want to create automates stock inventory and daily sale records with bills for my father business. This will help my father keep track of things and customer right in his palm.

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    I want to create a Wallet app that you can actually use outside of the US.  Yup, not happening :(

  • Nate Davidson

    Well I'd really like to get into the whole writing market. Make an app that allows smooth handwriting, shape tools, grid tools, copy/paste tools, export to pdf... Basically everything you'd need for the classroom :)

  • Jimi

    I'd like to build applications for my local area and community.

  • HilliusE

    a bulletin app for my church 

  • http://www.facebook.com/eljeanc Jean Jimenez

    I want to build a cms.

  • eloy35

    A truth or dare game that involves copious amount of alcohol.

  • Ian Kavanagh

    I want to build a timetable app (called TimeTabler) for my college as all we have is a horrible looking HTML page to get our timetable and it can be updated at anytime without us knowing.

    I've already done the design for it in photoshop, that was the easy part the hard part now is starting to write the code for it.

    I've already got a fair idea of what I want to include in the app, notifications for upcoming lectures and timetabling changes, a homescreen widget to show your next lecture, an agenda, day and week view so you can view your timetable any way you want and I also want to add the option to include study and exam timetables, notes about the certain subject and the option to add new events to it. I've plenty more ideas but they will have to wait.

  • Zhe Xi Ooi

    I want to create a better mall directory. the apps i've used aren't very user-friendly

  • Robin Roschlau

    an app for the substitution schedule at my school.

  • Gabe

    A beer listing app for an event's company I've been working with

  • Joey Simeroth

    I'd love to work on an app that would help me be able to remotely work from home!

  • Mak D’Uniq

    i would like to build something....;-) (classified info ;) )

  • http://www.cincygeek.com Joshua Combs

    I would like to build an app to track mpg for cars and trucks and display them socially to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Qurtyslyn

    I need to build a timing app for our race team.

  • Raphaw

    I would like to make an application to build a weekend guide

  • Ante0

    I would make an app that helps me remember things. This already exists of course, it would mainly be to learn. And remember what I learnt.. :p

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyo171 Kenneth Leong

    i Would like to improve on an app to i created to help out in the medical field.....so gimme! thanks

  • Melvin Blokhuijzen

    I'd like to create some apps for the company I work at!

  • NM_16

    I would like to create a racing game on android, and I'm sure that this book can help me understand on how to create the game. :)

  • deux_visage

    Would like to create an application that connects the app to a website interface, where all the data uploaded in the app can be viewed online

  • Eliezer

    I would like to create a TV app

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KXPTIT6VZVNK5Q2XRQEM2QOK4M Vlad

    Ooooh the amount of ideas I have is well above the amount of time I have. I would start with easy stuff like an app for my home city to an app that easily allows to choose which apps start / notify / sync and many more.

  • whosinaname

    I would create an addition to redbox... 

  • Jesse

    A book checkout system for a local church that would also sync'd with their website.

  • TheClarkster

    I'd like to take the Markers source and improve on it, turn it into a great open source drawing app.

  • Bliynd

    I would build some more soundboards lol

  • Kenbury

    Hello World

  • Lucek_86

    A lot of apps :-) and games too :-)

  • Luffypsp

    I am building a location based services application that can detect and direct users to their desired location in a shopping mall by using wifi or data connection with the help of GIS. I am still in the early phase of doing the interface so a book guide would have been nice since I am using eclipse. Been using many sources on the Internet but there are too many. If I have a book a usually stick with it. Help a software engineering student would you? Don't have money to buy books.:-(

  • Vishnuu Panickar

    I would like to develop a music player and contacts app that mimics the UI and animation of Windows Phone .

  • Matija K

    I'll create apps with great holo design! I really want to lern progamming for android this summer!!

  • http://www.fmbv.nu/ ICDeadPpl

    I'd like to develop an app that proposes me movies, depending on what mood I'm in.
    jrock at fmbv dot nu

  • Alex Vidrean

    I would develop a camera app with a very popular feature ( I cannot say it because someone could steal the idea ) but which is not yet found in any quality Android app. 

  • Bconrad56

    Hoping to develop a fun new Zombie-based game. This would help a lot.

  • kthxbye

    I'd like to start writing simple apps on demand for my friends & co-workers.

    (I tried to post a few times but got errors, hopefully it registered only this one comment!)

  • Justin

    I want to create an app for my church. 

  • Liszewskishanne

    I need to build on app for my work. A commercial printing company in dc

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sam-Monty/708655348 Sam Monty

    My app would be in lines of giving latest market rates & trends for grocery from around the country to the farmers.  The app would essentially also give suggestions on which food item is in demand as per season and the best way to farm it.

  • Theheirarchy

    A game about midget strippers fighting an alien invasion. Wait... I think that exists. So an aug reality app might be fun. Pop up facts for the area, make it like you're in a novel. Lots of potential.

  • Justin McMurdie

    I would create a better fitness tracking application

  • Apex Zombie

    I would like to make a dedicated Mall app for my local community. I'd provide a layout of the parking, interior restaurants and stores with details about what each store provides in stock as well as contact information, and could even advertise promotional deals for businesses within the mall. I would make this available for 2.3 - 4.1 devices with a dedicated tablet app and meet the ICS guidelines. I'd work with the business to provide panoramic views of each participating location and provide QR codes placed through out the mall that would open directly to the play store link for tourists and new users to download the app.

  • Leossmith

    i would love to go from using Adobe Flex to native development. my first app would be a tourist guide

  • Keith Mathews

    I would like to create an app that syncs with the Scratchpad Chrome Web App. 

  • Ahmad Alsaleh

    I would like to create an audio book player like no other app.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2I5ARPZYXZ5IODEUJF2LCR4MXY Keith

    I'd create an app to connect to my company's crm database.

  • Colin Bennett

    I would like to write apps that help to solve repetitive technical tasks in work

  • KenpoAP

    An app for kids to learn the basics of a mobile os while playing without necessarily interfere with main ui of the device.

  • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

    Need to make my app look great on tablets.

  • http://twitter.com/geekingtastic Clayton Belseck

    If you're on EmpireAvenue and I am sure some of you are; I feel they are in need of an App extremely bad and I want to produce one. This book would be very nice to have on hand; yes I understand you can find a multitude of info on the net but some of us older guys and gals alike just seem at home with a book like this.

  • http://twitter.com/JordanTBlount Jordan

    I would like to create a grocery app.

  • Mark Dixon

    I'd like to make a bluetooth chat app and a really advanced schedule/todo app that needs very little user interaction.

  • ForceU

    Hopefully I can improve my app's design with that book ;)

  • noah

    I would use the Book to make a drawing app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071132386 Jimmy Chen

    A really nice looking stopwatch/timer/alarm/clock app.

  • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

    I would love to create an application that would help increase NFC adoption by performing multiple actions with NFC, an all in one NFC app

  • http://blog.firstdove.com Christian M. Z.

    I've been itching to make a point-and-click adventure game that leverages on technologies found mainly on the mobile platform. Combines my passion for software development with my long-time love of story writing! =)

  • AlusPL

    I would create Games with Qrcode social experience

  • Sam

    I want to start programming on Android so this book is very appropriate. I have some ideas in mind for the apps I'd love to develop.
    One app to coordinate the timetables of the public transports around my area. Unfortunately Google Maps does not cover that information so I think it would be useful.
    Also I'd like to play with some geolocation and bluetooth apis.

  • Kjblackbird

    I would love to work on improving ui in calendar/to do list apps.

  • Ben M.

    A social app.

  • Blasbenoit

    A would create an app about social networking with an easy ui

  • Alessandro Dias

    I would like to make an app that helps people get motivated through the day, and motivates to do what they're supposed to do. More like a psychological application.

  • shchen

    I would like to develop a video recording app.

  • http://twitter.com/autodidact1 autodidact1

    I have a couple of pc programs that I wrote that I would like to convert for use on my tablet. Plus, I have a couple of game ideas. I won't tell you what 'cause then I'd have to kill you.

  • Vladimir Pavic

    I am almost done with my beginner app which shows Amiga guru meditation screen. This book will help me to tweak it a bit more.

  • FrazerMcIntosh

    an SMS app with extensions

  • Red

    I'd write an app to control a camera stuck to the back of my skull.

    With two young kids I need eyes in the back of my head.

  • mostlydigital

    a battery widget. Notification area, perhaps?

  • Maulik

    An app with which you can scan all your fixed deposits receipts,mutual fund docs,premium letter certificates and the app automatically saves all the scanned information(So no more editing excel sheets..just a scan ;) ) and rings an alarm in the morning of day of maturity of your FDs,etc. as a reminder for you to renew,withdraw your funds plus a better way to store all the records which automatically gets validated on each new scan.

  • http://twitter.com/bicengineering Justin Biccum

    I want to make an engineering aid application to aid me in my day to day at work. And to sell ;)

  • http://twitter.com/cube1337 Felix

    I thik I'd create a realy good todo-app because that's what i'm really missing on android

  • ocdtrekkie

    Would be awesome to have some help with this, as I've gotten held up on apps I'm developing specifically because of Eclipse problems.

  • Antonio Chillarón

    I like Eclipse and Android so this book is interesting for me.

  • Jhernandez91jh

    I would make an app that has different tools to help people study in any type of class they take

  • Fro5tie

    I have been looking at making an app for an educational institution where I work, and this would be helpful in getting things moving.

  • Austin

    I would write a better clock widget .

  • http://www.ScienceProUSA.com SciencePro

    Looking to create a social network aggregation app with a unique twist! Also looking at a fun math app with some social features.

  • Magzero5

    I would like to make a bus app for my university so students know if the buses are on time

  • Tudor

    I'd like to develop a scheduling / tasks / project app with Maps integration.

  • Gabriel Peixoto

    I will develop a agriculture social network, geolocalized, to integrate farmers, the middleware and clients.

  • compupolis

    A database application for tracking items when moving from an old home to a new home.

  • mrajniak

    I have a great game development idea and I have already some experience with programming games on Android, so I would like to penetrate into the topic even further to bring even better performance and user experience. I am mostly interested in NDK development and Lua scripting, but I am also looking forward learning new things about Eclipse and ADT. I definitely going to buy this book, but it would be nice if I once for a while win something also :)  

  • Steva

    I would make a better app for training than the ones available.

  • Jason Mcreynolds

    I would like to make an ABC app for my daughter.

  • Jdsmith042

    I would like to create a speedometer application.

  • mightyfacundo

    I'd like to make an app that brings all of the info on custom ROM's to one place.  I'd like to include every ROM available along with developer reviews; change logs; customer reviews; concise good, bad, and doesn't work bullet points; and links to download any ROM you want.  I know there are some apps out there that do some of this, but not one that does all of this. 

  • David Larsen

    I'd like to tackle an all-around sports app that doesn't suck as much as ESPN's or any of the others available.

  • Alessandro Pomponio

    I'd like to make an app to run Java code, since I am learning it at school! :D

  • LeE

    2 Ideas I've started mapping out. One is a better disc golf score keeper with a store attached in it so you can buy discs from the app. The other has to do with hardware a friend of mine and I have created to begin working on home automation with controlling the lights in your house, no matter what kind of light you have already installed in your house. Home automation made easy :)

  • Rmjd

    An app to change the world.

  • Mario Valenzuela Ii

    I'd make an app that would allow me to remotely shut down an iDevice or possibly control a remote controlled arduino robot.

  • http://twitter.com/robkoehler Rob Koehler

    this would help a lot in what i want to build for family members.  my aunt and grandma made a family cookbook about 10 years ago, and i'd like to build it into an app.

  • vibhor nizhavan

    netwrking app which will help in multiplayer gaming more easier

  • Jeanie Diaz

     I would love to develop an app for my small business.

  • kool-kat5

    I would love to come up with an app for my window cleaning business.

  • Rain Clark

    I would make a Anime scheduling app to keep track  of the new upcoming seasons

  • JonJJon

    This would be perfect for me and my best mate to help us understand and get fully stuck into our summer project of developing an android app. We really want to develop an app that is useful while easy and intuitive to use, something along the lines of question/answer, or a more ebook styled diary application, or any number of things, we have too many possibilities but this would be a great help to kick start us :-) thank you for the opportunity.

  • Danny Holyoake

    I would create a master routines app that basically reminds you of your small daily tasks. Think what Google Now is, but a much simpler version. Reminder every week of which bin to put out for collection, who's turn it is to pay the bill at your weekly meal gathering, reminders to brush your teeth, when your favourite TV shows are on, etc.. Little things like that. I would make it have the flexibility of Tasker but with a nice HoloUI :)

  • http://kit.im Kit F

    A reference app for FFXI!

  • http://twitter.com/LambrosPetrou Lambros Petrou

    This would be great since I am learning Android development right now... Thank you

  • Slimfady

    I wanna build an app that creates hospital oncall schedules

  • Dylan Ea

    I want to build a more customizable agenda calender widget.

  • mark Perkins

    I would create a post Apocalypse futurist game that uses a real world map that you can  conquest

  • Courtney Edmonds

    I've been recently trying to create an organizer, specifically targeted towards my own college needs (for now). None of the calendar apps and widgets fit my specific needs, and that is especially true for tablets. I aim to get big into developing beautiful apps that cater to all platforms, tablet and smartphone.

  • endfinity

    A transportation schedule app.