Last Updated: July 3rd, 2012

Apple asked for an injunction on US sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus back in February, and now it's gotten it. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has ruled that the Google flagship device infringes several patents, but primarily 8,086,604 (multi-source searching). This is a blow to Google just as I/O 2012 is wrapping up. This might finally bring Google head to head with Apple.

GALAXY Nexus Product Image (1)

Apple has alleged that Samsung infringed four patents, including the aforementioned multi-source search patent. The others cover functions like link actions, word suggestions, and slide to unlock. We know that some of those issues were solved in Android 4.0 with software workarounds. Apparently the search patent is still a problem for Apple.

The -604 patent reportedly at issue here covers behaviors we've come to expect on smartphones. It would cover any interface that searches multiple sources of information, provided it all flows back to one interface. This is really what most forms of searching do, but Apple is probably presenting it as an essential function of Siri. Most of Android's core search functions could be seen as infringing.

The trial in this case is set to start in late July, so this injunction could be short-lived. If Samsung wins, the injunction goes away and Apple has to pay up for damages. If Apple wins, the injunction could go from preliminary to permanent. No word from Google yet, but I expect them to have something to say. A real legal war could be coming, especially after Mountain View got access to that big pile of Motorola patents.

[Reuters via Twitter]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • davetheAndroid

    F U Apple and the patent you rode in on! 

  • http://twitter.com/TheGermian Germian

    ... -.-

    • Zubu_99

      Now it is THE TIME for Google to back up its  partners ! 

  • fixxmyhead

    and so it begins...

  • BlackGod

    You have started something you cannot finish, you poor bastards..

  • AppleFUD

    I remember apple fans back in the 90s going on and on about how bad MS was. . . 

    guess it's OK when you are the a-hole.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Shit just got massively more real than before.

    • PhilNelwyn

      Yeah, and I'm happy that they didn't but they could have done it way sooner, because it's not particularly Siri related (as seen in the image).

      The patent was filed in 2004 with a parent one filed in 2000, and its description is:
      "In general, the present invention provides a universal interface that enables the user to readily retrieve an item of desired information located on any of the various storage media that are accessible to the user's computer system, with minimal effort. The desired information could be an application that is stored on the local storage media, a file stored on the LAN storage volume, or a web page available through the Internet router. Rather than require a separate search mechanism to locate each of these different types of information, the present invention facilitates the user's ability to easily retrieve the information by means of a single universal interface which is capable of accessing files on all of these various storage resources."

      There's even a claim about predictive search, just like Google Instant:
      "19. The apparatus of claim 6, wherein the interface module is configured to receive portions of the information descriptor as the portions are being inputted, and wherein the heuristic modules are configured to search for information that corresponds to the portions of the information descriptor as the portions are being received."

      So that's exactly this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXpJoLqb5VA

      I love my Galaxy Nexus and the hole Android ecosystem, but Google should have licensed this from the beginning, they messed up.


      • dontremember

        I'm not a really very familiar with patents, but it seems to me that that description covers what I just did with this search:

             http://www.loc.gov/search/?q=patent%20law&fa=digitized:trueIt comes back with a web page that "facilitates the user's ability to easily retrieve the information by means of a single universal interface which is capable of accessing files on all of these various storage resources."

        So, Library of Congress is violating Apple's patent??  I suppose any library with an online catalog may by in violation...

        Even http://www.whitehouse.gov, http://www.senate.gov and http://www.house.gov have search functions that facilitate easy retrieval of information through a single universal interface.

        I'm probably wrong, but it would be so much fun to see the press mocking the judge for this decision.

        Maybe that should be Samsung's response - a press conference where they say: "in light of this ruling, we fully expect Apple to file for an injunction to shut down all Federal Government websites, Libraries, and satellite/cable companies, because they all provide a single universal interface that facilitates easy retrieval of information". 

        • PhilNelwyn

          No, because these search tools don't let you search for files or apps (etc...) on your computer, only files on their servers.

          • John O’Connor

            I remember google Desktop doing this for years. searching the net and locally

          • PhilNelwyn

            Yes indeed.
            It's interesting that Google announced it on October 14, 2004, and that Apple's 8,086,604 patent was filed on December 1, 2004... with a parent patent (6,847,959) filed on January 5, 2000 though.

            But the difference is that Google Desktop is not a threat to Apple's market share.

          • NeedName

            I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there were search utilities that allowed a user to search their computer and servers before 2004. That's a very late date for this type of technology and a patent for it.

          • PhilNelwyn

            There's a parent patent filed on January 5, 2000.
            But let's hope that Apple is wrong and will lost a lot in this battle.

          • NeedName

            After rereading the patent again. . . wow, really amazed this judge gave an injunction based on it.

            There are 21 items to the patent. Android needs only not use ONE of those 21 items. In other words, this patent is VERY specific (items 2–5 narrow it down quickly) which makes sense, there were a lot of search engines around by 2004 thus this patent is a very specific way apple is doing a very specific type of "multi-search"

            IF Android infringes. . . expect a work-around in a month at most. I would be surprised if they do or Samsung has some really piss poor lawyers.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Unfortunately, it's not that simple.
            Even if the Android method doesn't violate all claims, there's still the doctrine of equivalents : "This occurs when one is employing essentially the same technology, in essentially the same way, to achieve essentially the same result. Such infringement can exist, therefore, where there is no satisfaction of every recital of a claim."

  • Jason Wright

    Does Apple not infringe on any Google patents?  Whenever Apple does this they stop 1 of many Android phones on the market but there are still plenty others...although none as good as this one.  Google needs to get an injunction against the sale of the iPhone and see how Apple likes that.

    • Graham Williams

      It's comments like this that are the most fascinating; it's clear that a little knowledge (emphasis on little) is a dangerous thing.

      It's like watching a sports match and being disappointed that your team hasn't scored; Google has recently acquired Motorola simply because they didn't HAVE patents with which to fight back against Apple. Now they're finding (along with Samsung) that using FRAND patents isn't a particularly efficient action in a fight like this.

      Long story short: if Google COULD "...get an injunction against the sale of the iPhone..." they would. But they can't, and that's why the blood in this fight has been exclusively on the Android side of the fence.

      • Nick P

        Google makes money off sales of iPhones, I don't see why they would aggressively pursue banning the phone.

        • Jason Wright

          Right now Google needs to stand up for their hardware partners more than anything else.  They may make money off of iPhones but they are making more money off of Android (when you include things like the Play store) and they need to protect it.

        • BrianBreniser

          Taking their apps off iphone would loose revenue. Banning the iphone would hurt Apple much more than it would hurt Google. It would be worth it even for a couple weeks.

          Something we see Apple doing right now. Apple will be criticized for this, but two weeks of GNex off the shelves will help Apple in some way. It appears they think it's worth it (despite Apple being more and more despised from the general public)

          • John O’Connor

            Apple has been trying to remove its dependence on all things google for awhile. It would be in Google's longterm interests to yank their support for iDevices and remove their apps pre-emptively. Although Google has been adding more google apps to the apple appstore as of late

      • storm14k

        Don't know if the acquisition took too long but I imagine they could have requested cross licensing for compensation. It seems people think that the FRAND patents mean free. Apple still has to pay for use but it has to be a "fair" amount.

        However Google has a number of new patents pending inuding one for pull down notifications which may cover Notification Center. If awarded it would deal a serious blow to Apple. Let's also remember that all patents aren't necessarily valid as Oracle recently discovered. I'd love to see this go to court and Google start requesting reviews of these patents.

    • AppleFUD

      Apple is trying to get a legitimate "win" against Android. Thus far they haven't gotten anything that didn't require a simple workaround. 

      The fact that courts uphold a ban is ridiculous. . . none of these patents are that valuable even if they are infringed upon — just a sh!tty way for apple to attempt to gain market share because they can't compete with their current model even though they've nearly corned profits.

      IF apple ever does get a real legitimate win against Android for a real patent. . . bad news HOWEVER, I have yet to see a serious patent from apple — they are all pretty weak software & design patents, thus it's all market share gain attempts by apple.

  • Kenporter83


  • http://www.facebook.com/humberto.verdugo1 Humberto Verdugo

    Apple scared of Jelly Bean and GNex's price drop, isn't it obvious, banning a phone that's already about 9 months on the market.Oh Apple, words cannot describe how much I hate you. but FUCK YOU APPLE !!! 

    • http://twitter.com/jhanford Jason Hanford-Smith

      You said "butt fuck"

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Insane. This patent system needs MAJOR reform.

  • Tony

    Thanks for reminding me apple why i'll NEVER buy one of your products, even if my choice was a 2012 iphone or a 1990's flip phone made by samsung, i'd choose the samsung!

    • AppleFUD


  • Graham Williams

    The very first thing that Steve Jobs said about the iPhone was "...and we patented the hell out of it." Bold words, but the clarity of motion was almost prescient. He knew this day would come; interesting he isn't around to see it.

    • AppleFUD

      Interesting they can't provide any real patents for the iPhone. . . the patents upheld thus far that are worth anything at all are years before the iPhone. The iphone patents thus fare upheld were the gallery rubber-band effect and very vague design patents that resemble the Knight Rider tablet more than the iPad, not to mention the iphone design patents are pretty much ripoff of BB, Palm, & Nokia devices — wow! what innovation!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/U345YVWAEXAN62AUPOTZ26ITMI Makby

        They didn't patent "swipe up/down/left/right to scroll" & "pinch to zoom"? I think those are the best features that the iphone introduced. 

        • AppleFUD

          they couldn't patent those gestures. . . multi-touch has been in progress for 30+ years. Not to mention, mouse gestures have been around for year. . . and apple didn't invent those either.

  • master94

    Lol, Apple just challenged the best legal team in the world. I feel sorry for Apple.

  • Originalprankster203

    This means war Apple! im so glad I sold my iPod BC of ur BS I'm rocking GNex so F to the U Apple BC its on like donkey Kong

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=714859472 Rajvir Singh

    Shit just hit the fan, Its time to kill the CrApple..
    Android brothers and Sisters, Load up your ammunition..

  • FrillArtist

    "If you can't out tech the other, sue!" That's crApple's motto.

  • Nick P

    judge is obviously a bias iphone user.

  • Robert Oliveira

    I think Google needs to seek an injunction against the iPhone & iPad for implementation of its Notification Center, a clear rip-off (and possible infringement) on Android's Notification Bar and pull-down screen. Fight fire with fire, Google. :)

  • Rs3nyg

    Apple is scared. They don't want anything better than them out there. So they constantly bring ppl to court over this junk.I hope apple burns in hell!

  • http://twitter.com/LiiIiikEaBau5 LiiIiikEaBau5

    Apple go to hell you son of a mitch! 

  • Graham Williams

    Yes, that's clearly it. It couldn't possibly be that he is an expert in jurisprudence and has evaluated the case based on its merits, finding for the plaintiff. Clearly he's just a dude with a phone that he likes more than some other phone, and just happened to be in the lucky position to decimate the booming business of one of the world's largest technology companies. Man, if I were Google I'd be really pissed with the luck of the draw on that one.

    • squiddy20

      Except that "he" (in reference to the judge) is a "she". From the second line: "U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh"

  • Graham Williams

    You're aware that this could be termed a death threat and is of questionable legality in many areas, right?

  • Eric Jones

    What a mess our patent laws are in. I hope we see reform soon. Hey Apple, I'm definitely not buying anything from you now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=714859472 Rajvir Singh

    Is this the same judge that banned the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

  • Knlegend1

    Doesn't Siri use Google to search? Isn't google built from a search engine? What the hell is apple's problem? Dude get the fuck over yourself. i*hone users love your products and will continue to love them based on your brainwashing of course. This crap is stupid. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=714859472 Rajvir Singh

      Siri uses Wolfram Alpha bro. iUsers need education and I am gonna use all my Social accounts and free time to EDUCATE my friends and iSheep about the REAL tech world,,

      • Knlegend1

        Well I appreciate you educating me. No wonder it sucks compared to Google Now lol. 

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        Siri does indeed use Google to search when it can't find results otherwise (you get prompted with a message asking if you want to search the web, and that takes you to Google).

        • BrianBreniser

          Yeah, about 50% or 'something like that' searches from Siri use google.

          there was an article on this somewhere...

  • Ole Bach92

    In other news, shits wack, yo!

  • Mike G

    I do believe that Judge Koh was the same stupid B!@$H that granted an injunction against the Galaxy Tab earlier this week.  Some one needs to smack her with the a big can of "Get a Clue"

    • AppleFUD

      Yep. . . this judge is the same one that thinks an iPad and Galaxy Tab look identical and are indistinguishable. . . clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

      • DCMAKER

        nice! I didn't know that this was the same judge...what a tard

        • AppleFUD

          And she clearly has not read Judge Posner's ruling on Apple Vs Motorola that he just handed down. If she did then the ban is even more outrageous. 

          • dontremember

            Give her a break!  She's only been in the job for two years!

            Just kidding - don't give her any breaks  We should mock her unmercifully in all possible media...  :-)

  • João Luís

    1. Someday Apple will patent things like the color black and the letter I. Just saying.
    2. Steve Jobs said he would destroy Android. It is starting...

    • Sthippe

      They already put a patent on black on smart phones...that's why the siii doesn't come in black

    • Goldenpins

      They already have issues with anyone using the combination of i in a product's name. 

  • mechapathy

    Alright. I've got my coconuts, and I'm ready to storm the castle.

  • Peter Beyer

    Well, well, well, isn't this good news.  Okay, it's good news for me because I'm in the process of selling my rooted Galaxy Nexus on eBay.  Hmm, five days left in the auction.  Perhaps someone will now be interested.

    Concerning Apple, I was using their computers back in the late 80s when the Mac Classic was their flagship device.  Ever since about 1991, however, I haven't used an Apple product, and it's situations such as this that will forever keep me from buying an Apple product.


  • Mike G

    Was just reading through the patent...The way I see it, all Apple did was patent a process to combine local and web searches into one list of results.  Are you FREAKING kidding me?

    • marcusmaximus04

      More broad than that, actually. Any search involving more than one source would be in violation, even if the different sources were both online.

      • storm14k

        So no matter the fact that there have been search result aggregators built before it won't matter because Apple said "on a mobile device".

        • marcusmaximus04

          Actually, from what I've seen, they didn't specify on a mobile device. Technically speaking, from what I'm reading, the aforementioned search aggregators would be in violation of this patent, despite having been around ~10 years before it was filed.

          • AppleFUD

            I think that makes them 'prior art,' not 'patent infringing.'

          • storm14k

            Then Google may very well have a case to invalidate the patent. This is the first time I believe Apple has butted heads directly with Google and if the Oracle case is any indication Google won't be backing down.

            Sent via Android.

          • jordanjay29

            @1fb0eb464443e5e339750a6620427ec3:disqus Prior Art generally gives the court a backdoor to invalidate a patent entirely. If someone has already made something, Apple shouldn't have been granted a patent.

    • http://www.BaloneyGeek.com Boudhayan Gupta

       That sounds a lot like the discontinued Google Desktop to me.

  • Contactmejerry

    So if this goes thru.will our phones still get the support that it needs if this turns permanent. Which I doubt it will.but what if it does.I hope they would still have updates for it.

  • riteshk

    This shit doesn't surprise me anymore. I just hope to hell that something serious happens now. Either the patent system is overhauled completely or Apple handed a massive fine for anti-competitive practices and all sorts of malpractice along with a truckload of invalidated bullshit patents or both. This has to stop. This shit has got to stop.

  • storm14k

    Take that ass to court Google. Just like Oracle. Take that ass to COURT!

  • thehawk

    If you can't beat them, sue them. where is the innovation...oh right... google and microsoft

    • BrianBreniser

      Isn't it weird we are calling Microsoft an innovative company lately? IRONIC! As Apple is following in Microsoft's shoes from the early days.

      • Alan

        Yeah, it does sound weird but Microsoft have shown that they can be innovative and bold, this shows in Windows Phone and Windows 8, just like Google.

  • Cuvis

    Patent was filed in 2000?  Really?

    Hi, I'm prior art.

  • Sydemy263

    Who the hell is granting these patents in the first place?!

    • Kellic

      The fucking US Patent Office.

    • Mattcmcbrayer

       All patents are automatically granted, however they can be determined invalid upon investigation (usually as a result of a lawsuit). There are too many patent applications to actually examine each one. It would be virtually impossible to perform that task.

    • mattcmcbrayer

       Sorry, I think I'm wrong about that. I think that's true for copyright, but not patents.

  • Khsharpe

    not gonna get worked up - tbh honest i couldn't give a rat's. Seems to me apple is only postponing the inevitable. Android has way too much traction and samsung far too much invested in great fones. Longterm neither one's going anywhere at apple's bidding.

    and in the meantime microsoft and nokia are dipping their toes. I suspect the probability is high that within 3 year blackberry will be largely irrelevant and within 5 year iphone will be languishing in a distant 3rd place - and all the patent fuck legal stuff may delay but won't let apple avoid ...
    just saying

  • Bruno Pedro

    lol women

    what a tool

  • Ed_Marin

    Damn you Apple, damn ypu and frakk you BIG TIME!

  • http://profiles.google.com/pastorvor Brian Covey

    I'd kinda like Google to take the gloves off here.
    I'd like them to say: "Fine, if this is how you want it then we will pull everything google from the iphone ipad. No Google Maps. No gMail no calender ... nothing!
    And then add the plea to all iPhone users. Tell your precious Apple to get their shit together or suffer along with them.

    • Alan

      iOS6 doesn't use the Google Maps backend but they could pull Google+ and Chrome from the App Store and make Apple remove ALL support for their services.

      • Chiper_tss_tss

        They would only be hurting them self's  if they do that...

        • Nick

          but then wouldnt apple users move to android because all they would have is an ios3 like devices without notification center&no google at all? being stuck with bing searches haha 

          • Tyler Chappell

            bahaha, such a backlash would probably be inevitable. Quite frankly, its very simple:
            A world without Apple, not much different from what we know and love today.
            A world without Google however, would be a crippling journey back to the early 90's.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Without notification center? Why? This is not a Google application.
            And Google wouldn't be able to prevent iOS users to use their services via Safari.
            Even without Google, they wouldn't be stuck with Bing, they have Siri.
            No, it's definitely not a solution.

            As Google failed loaning Motorola's patents to its partners, the only solution I see is for them to get into hardware making, and force Apple into a head to head confrontation.
            But if all they have is FRAND patents, it could end badly...

          • Darren Bastin

            60% of Siri search results are powered by google. Siri is gone if google pulled out.

          • PhilNelwyn

            Apple has deliberately started to move away from Google, it's Siri that's pushing Google out, this is precisely what it's been made for.

            Apple is slowly building its own search tool, like they did with maps, and that's not good for Google! Why do you think they're working hard on supporting iOS?

            So the question is not if Apple is still using Google services but for how long, and is it a solution for Google to deprive themselves of iPhone users?
            I believe that the answer is "no."

          • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

            Here's an interesting thought...The movement to boycott Apple could become really vicious and wildly effective if website owners decided to block Apple's web crawler so that their search engine became useless, and as a result, Siri becomes useless. I am getting a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about it.

    • dward2828

      Google still make too much in search and ads on iPhone to pull apps from iOS. A massive patent case filed by Google is needed, forcing a seriously long injunction while it's investigated. This would make a mockery of the system and force change. Particularly as the guys that pull the strings in the US love Apple and would do just about anything to keep its products on sale, including removing it's primary form of attack.

    • Art

      Google could pull all their apps from the App Store and I wouldn't even notice. Neither would anyone else. Just saying

  • Perry Ahern

    Please, Google, take Apple to the juicer already. Every time Apple pulls this I hate them a little more.

  • http://cocainemonster.deviantart.com/ Fun With Drugs

    Good thing I don't plan on getting this phone. It's not that great and pretty overrated. Like the iPhone. GSIII ftw.

    • Doan

      There is nothing over-rated about the Galaxy Nexus.  It was released with decent specs, nothing mind-blowing.  It was never claimed to be the best phone ever released.  It's a good phone, made even better by having stock Android the way it should be: no hardware buttons.

      • Babywarezlu

        overrated? are you kidding me? from the top phones is the cheapest option.

    • ScottColbert

      Lay off the drugs, it makes you post nonsense.

      • http://cocainemonster.deviantart.com/ Fun With Drugs


    • Alan

      So the Galaxy S III isn't overrated!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Kevniv Kevin N

    Apple = Bag O dicks!

    • Brie

      I know what you are trying to say here but what you are trying to emote is a fantastic thing to me.  Now if you had expressed:
      Apple = Bag O pussy!  I would agree with you totally as this "Bag O" is definitely NOT what I would want on my door step.  Just expressing :) 
      Nexus = Bag O dicks (good)
      Apple = Bag O pussy (bad)

      • Ahmadmzak


        • Brie


  • Ribbed for her pleasure.

    Apple needs to go down!!!

  • Jameslepable

    I was actually concidering getting a macbook pro as a change from windows. But I'll vote with my money. I cannot morally support a company that does things like this. Companies like apple hold the world back. Yes the og iPhone was different but that's all they had. Now jobs is gone they don't know what to do anymore, that is why iOS hasn't changed Much in 5 years. They don't wanna spend money on advancement when what we have will do. Just look at googles I/o, yes some products and services are half baked or have a niche market but its different. Look at the nexus q, such potential they should have put Google TV on it sure but its different and is made in the US (quality and no FOXCONN). Nexus 7 amazing tablet at a stupidly low price. Google glass just wow that is the future right there along with Google drive (the car). What is apples new advancement ? A voucher booklet.Type your comment here.

    • Brie


  • Jon Garrett

    fuck you lucy koh.

  • John O’Connor

    this again?! Apple will find its way sued out of existence if this keeps up.  Surely Google as primarily a SEARCH engine company will pull a rabbit out of its hat and invalidate such nonsense. What is a search if not pulling data from multiple sources?  This injunction certainly leads me to believe that the injuction against crapple will also come into effect shortly.

  • http://pctonic.net/ Ashutosh Mishra

    Apple makes the best products in the world, which makes its patent trolling that much more painful to watch. It's equally amazing how they manage to avoid antitrust investigations while absolutely completing blocking out any 'real' alternative browsers from their app store (they won't even allow the Safari clones to use Nitro!). I was hoping things would change under Tim Cook, but nope. All his talk about not wanting to sue competitors is just a giant pile of apeshit.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Surya-De/100000613813429 Surya De

      lol at your "best products in the world comment". Thanks for the laugh.

  • gladgura

    I think this is a case of poor sportsmanship. Apple seems to be conveying that they are Ani-Competitive. And if they do, then what? monopoly? I fail to see what's gain from this. "Destroy Android" as quoted by Steve Jobs. I feel, let the games begin, but play fairly. But be a poor sport, sit on the bench.

  • Alan

    Oh look, it's the same bullshit patents that Apple used to sue Android OEMs. Nice to know that Apple won't get money out of my Wallet.

  • dward2828

    Can we wheel out the Motorola patents now? Let Sammy and HTC throw their's in the pot too. Instead of these stupid little patent spats, let's file a huge case that cripples everything, makes a joke of the patent system and forces a rethink. I'm sure this has been up somebody's sleeve for a while...

  • Alan

    Google could wipe the floor with the multi-source searching patent easily, their own search engine, even on a desktop, is prior art. 

    I wonder if the US Patent Office is in Apples pocket, just look at how fast their patents get pushed through and yet Google have the notifications patent pending!!!

    • Lulu

      Exactly. This is why i found the whole thing laughable and the patent system is seriously messed up.

      Is Apple seriously sueing Google for search?!

  • Bala

    time is running out for apple!!! they are finished!! game over...

  • Korm1203

    i tried in the play store the shop for device section and doesn't show anything... am i the only one... ps. i live in PR but it never gave me that problem... maybe is the injuction thing?

    • jeffrey evans

      I just ordered a Galaxy Nexus about 15 minutes ago. Try play.google.com/store/devices

  • Suraj ES

    people should make a design that looks like apple's iphone 5 before its released and sign for its patent..that should be a kick in the face for apple

  • andddlay

    This is upsetting...I'm pretty much only current on android and stuff on Engadget - are there many law suites against apple? It seems like they're just picking on everyone else.

    • BrianBreniser

      They have been sued, some they win some they loose. But Samsung has counter-sued (as with other companies) almost every corner Apple has sued them on, and its still about 50/50 for each. This is a big blow, but its temporary. This will get overturned. The galaxy tab will be too prolly.

  • swattz101

    So stupid. Can't they compete on...oh, I don't know...merit? iPhone is a great product. Is Apple so afraid of the Google that they can't fight fairly. Mano a Mano?

  • Joshua Sutton

    I'm afraid this one will stick...

  • Noreen

    Ugh! Here we go again...

    Google and Samsung, I believe in you! Do what you do best, never give up, put this case to rest and win! Keep creating and innovating, hold strong, don't let go. I'm a thankful consumer, and feel that I'm part of the Android family and ready to back you up! Please continue to show the world how wondrous you can be!

  • Lou

    Time is ticking down as apple draws closer to Google more than ever. First they would attack the companies of the phones, one after another slowly getting closer to Google's comfort zone. Now finally attacking and bringing down a Nexus device, a device that is currently with Google to be the first device to get 4.1 and sell it as that.

    They do not know, now they just stepped on Google's toes. This is going to hurt Google just as much as Samsung now (if not more so) since this new development and its plans. Google will have to step in finally and take charge HEAD ON at apple.

    To think I almost feel bad for apple, they have already awaken the sleeping giant. Everything is going to be thrown back to them in spades, and Google will win this fight against their crumbling empire as they are tossing out final tactics to keep itself relevant in a world knowing of better alternatives. Google has been playing the long game, buying up all the patents and planning their defenses. Innovation in one hand, patents in the other, and a whole team of actual geniuses behind. They will step head to head with apple and trample them over. I could almost imagine it as a world war of technology, the first world war of technology..

    Count your small victories now apple, for when the real war begins not even the spirit of Jobs himself will save you for what is coming...

  • Tyler Chappell

    Apple died with Steve Jobs if not before it, Even then, everyone knew how much a dick he was. He was nothing more than a charismatic salesman who was an expert at selling the public on BS, and now look at the mess. Shame shame, hopefully Apple's terminal cancer progresses even more quickly than Steve's.

    P.S. Anyone who knows their stuff knows that the Woz was the real genius behind Apple, and look at how he has bashed the iPhone, Siri, etc numerous times lol

  • Michał Droździewicz

    Give me a rubber ball gun - I will shoot them up the ass of every person claiming to have anything to do with patents...

  • József Király

    Seriously, patenting that a search bar can search in multiple sources? Or link actions? What's the next, Apple? Patenting how to drink coffee during work hours? Or how to use nail clippers?

    • AppleFUD

      Not only that but the patents are specific about "how" the process is done. Judge Posner went off on Apple's legal team because he understands enough about patents and software, that it is in fact very easy to "invent-around" nearly any software patent — you need only avoid ONE of the patent's criteria and you are safe. In fact, he suggested ways Android could "invent-around" the patents in question to ensure that they would not infringe upon them — hilarious.

      That's why this ruling is ridiculous! Along with the ban against the tab. Judge Koh has NO business whatsoever giving injunctive relieve to apple for ONE patent that relates to "multi-search" from 2004 — clearly "multi-search" had been going on long before 2004 not to mention it is NOT a patent that can't be worked around easily even if it is upheld and Android found to infringe it therefore, injunctive relief is NOT due.

      This judge seems like an iDiot!

      • BrianBreniser

        I second the idea of a stupid judge. Which is why this will be overturned soon. So soon in fact I'm sure box stores aren't even getting rid of their stock of Galaxy Nexus', just holding on to them for when they can sell again.

        Apple knows this is a B.S. case, they want anything they can get, a temporary ban is good enough to shake sales for a few days or a week or two. They know they have nothing on Google they just want 'something'.

        • AppleFUD

          agree. . . apple is grasping at straws for any way they can to slow Android & Samsung down. Pathetic that an educated judge can't see that that is all that is going on.

          I also think, a lot of this is apple's way of marketing "apple is innovative" and everyone else is a "copycat."  Yeah, cause apple really does make & invent all their own hardware. . . and software (cough BSD cough).

        • AppleFUD

          agree. . . apple is grasping at straws for any way they can to slow Android & Samsung down. Pathetic that an educated judge can't see that that is all that is going on.

          I also think, a lot of this is apple's way of marketing "apple is innovative" and everyone else is a "copycat."  Yeah, cause apple really does make & invent all their own hardware. . . and software (cough BSD cough).

          • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

            I think you're making a bad assumption.  A quick search of Lucy Koh turned up that she's worked for a few tech companies in the valley practicing patent and trade secret law, but I could find absolutely nothing that supports she's got any qualifications to comprehend the technology.  The problem most judges have (only one notable exception comes to mind, and he smacked Apple just last week) is their complete and utter lack of knowledge in many of the areas they rule over.  When decisions like this are far reaching (consider this isn't just another phone, it constitutes a platform specific developer reference), it deserves the attention of somebody who understands the issues, not just somebody who makes guesses.  Judges have got to stop granting injunctions, they are an outdated solution that doesn't even make sense in this case.  The violation of this patent is not directly harmful to Apple in the way it's being suggested, injunctions exist to prevent further damage, not as a lock-step for an upcoming trial when it's not even clear that a patent is applicable or valid.

  • nick300

    I have already owned an iphone, and guess what apple? your phone sucks big time. The ihype is coming to an end. Android will stay alive as open source even if apple throws billions in lawsuits. Android is here to stay. 

  • nick300

    Time to be "evil" and stop the ridiculous "we invented smartphones" bullshit that apple touts. Smartphonew have been around for far longer than apple has spewed their fruity, shiny ibricks. I say Google/Microsoft/samsung/motorola/htc unite and squash the apple into submission!!!

  • marekachauthor

    Although I use Apple products, this decision of the company goes beyond understanding.

  • Adam

    I really hope that now Samsung will stop supplying Apple with their screens.

  • yarrellray

    Truthfully this is pretty comical and actually a very sad conclusion. This in my mind clearly shows fear on Apple's part the Galaxy Nexus is 7months old. Time has come for Google to STOMP on Apple and defend android and it's OEM'S.

    • squiddy20

      Truthfully, your response is pretty comical and actually shows how little you understand about all this. 1. As the first line of the article indicates, Apple filed the request for this injunction back in *February*, and it is only just now being *temporarily* granted. 2. This is about software, not hardware. All 4 patents are exclusively about OS critical and maybe a flashy feature, on smartphones. 3. How this "shows fear on Apple's part", as you say, is completely irrelevant. See my first point and add in the fact that this was decided by a 3rd party (Judge Koh) who is supposed to make an unbiased, reasonable, fact-based decision. 
      You really have no clue what you're talking about Richard. Maybe you should "be more educated in this space".

      • nick300

         iOS is on a fisher price toy level compared to android. End of discussion.

  • M2410

    At a certain point it does not matter anymore who is doing what. In 5 years from now your beloved Ios6 and Android wil be the same as it is now. Why do you ask?
    This patent war, BOTH SIDES is killing innovation or slow the process. Your own Steve Jobs himself once quoted "good artist copy, great artist steal"


  • Iphoneisfortards

    i am so glad steve jobs died a slow and painful death

    • gladgura

      And how does that help?

  • gladgura

    Apple's SIRI in keynote bashes on Android. Apple conveys how horrible Android is as an OS and a disgrace to the market. Funny thing, Apples actions don't match their words. If in fact Android is a disgrace and in fact, a horrible OS. wouldn't it be inevitable for android to create it's own demise.  

  • Karengillanz

    Yeahhh go apple android copied apple as soon as the iPhone was launched fuck you android

  • Seth M

    Welp, looks like it's time for Google to put the smackdown back on apple. They better finish the job!

  • Justin Navarro

    Apple is pathetic. Found a petition online to impeach Judge Koh from the Apple vs Android case. Please show your support. 

    • Alan


  • President Peter

    Technology is about moving forward and innovating as a society. As children, we learned by imitating others. If we couldn't do such, then we would still be behind primitive species. Apple clearly doesn't care about changing the world in advancements of technology, they're thinking with the mindset of business. In other words, Apple only cares about the money. 

    For those in the scientific community that's still supporting Apple for doing this, shame on you. I advise you changing your career to business or politics instead.

  • michael clanton

    moto/google are under investigation by 2 regulatory bodies for abuse of SEP...so that pile of moto patents are not that important...and to be honest have not done much at all.

  • KyleRay

    This is so laughable it's pathetic. This is Apple's "Last Stand" to have any hopes of stopping Google and it's already been planned around, yet again.... year's ago! haha.... 

    Google's response is all packed nicely into the inside a.... Jelly Bean!

    It's called the Android 4.1 update now referred to as Jelly Bean and has been an has been an announced update for Galaxy Nexus for the middle of this month already. When Google's Majel Project and Knowledge Graph brings new meaning to the term "Search" in a way that's not possible by any of their competitors. Because of what their Proprietary Greed keeps them from offering their users. That's what they need and want the most; Knowledge and Information when you need it most and in many cases before you even ask for it. That's where there will be no use or need of Apple's "unified search" patent in Jelly Bean Android ever again! 

    On Star Trek, Majel (Computer) doesn't just voice activate a Magical voice in Q and A fashion. It goes way beyond that and anticipates it's questioner's questions ahead of time. As you feed it more input in daily life, it becomes more like what a True Personal Assistant should be. That answers questions before they're even asked. Not just the Genie in the Bottle example in Apple's Siri contrived to only appear that way. Google's now years old projects and acquisitions have brought it closer to actually being a whole lot more than just a client using a 3rd party content provider, like Wolfram online. Now Google's services become closer to being of real assistance for what we all really need. Answers to things before they become a problem. Answers more like Majel offered on Star Trek.  Not just dictated on former search histories that only provide a limited view of what your question is really all about in the first place!

    So my prediction is; a. that Google's Open Approach (outside Proprietary Bounds), in utilizing it's own "Pepper API" w/ Native Client for complete multi-platform support, will have one of the most profound effects on Google's competition, it'll be ridiculous to even compare them. Google by basically saying we love everybody (even our competitors) and we treat them all the same. With respect for their own personal wants and needs and not for any corporate gains of our own. Because we think (we at Google) that by separating the business end of making money from ads, from the services themselves, our only loyalty can remain to our customers and users..... YOU!

    This way we can provide the services all of us really want and need, without sending our users out on a wild goose chase for our own financial benefit with proprietary exclusivity interests of certain business partners, like Microsoft and Apple. Instead of locking ourselves in with companies like Apple or Microsoft do, I think Google's saying is we want to be Majel someday and provide just as much personal assistance "Computer" was to Star Trek crew and Captain Kirk. So now even if the game was written for FLASH or .net or HTML5 or even Desktop or consoles, it could be quickly ported to Google's Browser platform and run in your Chrome Browser or Chrome OS. Then run it like it does on it's native platforms. Almost like native devices and their limited (requiring a license) virtualization and personlization only Google's made it portable!

  • Lsx69

    Was the judge on a moustache shaving spree while coked out when Motorola nearly imposed a ban on all products from the good artists copy, great artists steal gang? Now an injunction on the nexus yet, iOS 5 & 6 blatantly ripped off android and other os but all is well in the land of the rotting fruit. Suicide must be a new experience for the rotten fruit crew.

  • Lsx69

    Was the judge on a moustache shaving spree while coked out when Motorola nearly imposed a ban on all products from the good artists copy, great artists steal gang? Now an injunction on the nexus yet, iOS 5 & 6 blatantly ripped off android and other os but all is well in the land of the rotting fruit. Suicide must be a new experience for the rotten fruit crew.

  • Mike

    So does this mean that the Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Nexuses won't receive the Jelly Bean update?

  • ElementalChaos

    Boy, that Google Now sure is neat. Maybe I should upg- oooohhh wait.


  • ElementalChaos

    Yeah? Well fuck you too then, Apple. You monopolising, greedy, retarded, oblivious, money-leeching, conglomerate piece of shit. Burn in hell.

  • mlechman

    If Apple doesn't win this one, maybe they can pursue this: http://webzoom.freewebs.com/idgehaus/images/samapple1.jpg