In November, Adobe announced that it would be discontinuing its development of Flash for Android, and it looks like that day has finally arrived.

In a post on their blog, the company has explained that devices which have been certified to run Flash will still continue to do so, and updates will be made available just for those devices. Any devices that have not been certified to run Flash will be unable to install or update it from the Play Store from August 15th.

According to the post, any device that has been certified to run Flash by Adobe will have come with the plug-in pre-installed, so if you had to install Flash manually through the Play Store, it means that you are running it on an uncertified device. Adobe has posted a list of all certified devices on their website.

If you have a certified device that may be upgraded to Jelly Bean in the future, Adobe recommends that you delete Flash when the update occurs, as no modifications have been made to ensure that it runs properly on the new operating system. However, there's no way that this can be enforced by the company and if Flash continues to work then there is no reason why you can't continue to use it.

Although this isn't great news for users who use Flash regularly, most video-on-demand services now offer mobile apps to replace websites which may use Flash, and there are very few things that you won't be access whilst online. If you want to install Flash from the Play Store after August 15th, you will still be able to sideload the installation file on to your device, as all previous versions of the .apk are stored on Adobe's website.

Source: Adobe

John Thompson
John's been addicted to technology ever since he tinkered with his first custom built PC when he was 10 years old. He's also the proud owner of seven Amazon Kindles, but only because he destroyed the first six.

  • Thomas

    Flash is already kinda buggy on my JB Galaxy Nexus.

    Now the question remains if we're going to see Pepper Flash on Google Chrome in the future, the new Google TV page suggested that it had Google Chrome with Flash support, but maybe that's a special build?

  • sixohtew

    they did it cause everything is going html5... as much as i hate to say it, we all know html5 is the wave of the future.. 

    • Zomby2D

      Unfortunately that future is not here just yet. But at the same time, as long as Adobe keeps supporting Flash, HTML5 adoption will be slow as people will keep using whatever they're familiar with. I know I make use of flash almost every day to be able to display one thing or another on my phone and it really annoys me that it'll be going away.

    • Jason Wright

      The problem is that HTML5 is not the same as Flash.  It doesn't have all of the same capabilities of Flash and ultimately it doesn't work in older browsers.  People asked MLB.TV why they didn't switch to HTML5 and the reason was because the spec didn't support it.  The biggest problem that I'm going to see with Adobe dropping Flash support is with my work.  We develop a web based EMR software product.  Most of our hospitals can't get approval to use anything on their desktops newer than IE7 so HTML5 is out of the question for us.  We've had to use Flash to do some of the things that we do because of that and we've recommended Android tablets to our practice over iPads to be able to do these things.  We will no longer be recommending any tablet devices I guess now.

      • Thomas

        Actually, as soon as it goes "ultimatum"-style they're likely to fold quickly.

        Have been running into the same wall here at this school where they kept insisting on using IE7.
        Luckily after a lot of sites started nagging about dropping support for IE7 i could finally get to install Chrome, which despite the old hardware, still runs way better than IE7/IE8 ever did.

        • Jason Wright

          Hospital's aren't as quick to adopt or allow new software.  It's just been the last 6 months that we've been able to get them to upgrade from IE6 to IE7.

      • Dmyloveal5

        They still support flash for desktops..their just stopping flash for mobile

        • Jason Wright

          I understand that.  This just means that we can no longer develop 1 code base that will work on all browsers going back to IE7 AND Android devices.

  • Branimir

    Link for list of certificated phone is broken :/

  • SteamTrout

    As much as I dislike Flash, HTML5 performance is even worse. And having one app per website is not really a solution...

    • Thomas

      An app for what?

      • Ejsu28

        An app for every streaming website.

  • siypion

    Anyone notice that there is a listing that say this "
    Galaxy S 3 Galaxy Note" on the Adobe site.


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Data input error - there is lots or crap there, so I'm sure someone copy/pasted and forgot to break up the lines or something.

  • Charlie Callow

    I think this is more of an issue for Android tablets & netbooks and Google TV than it is for phone's. The bigger screen is meant to deliver a desktop like experience and not use mobile sites so flash will be much more needed.

  • Waha99922

    WTF ADOBE ????????????

    • David Escalante

      1 year latter, no one gives a damn about flash in mobiles.

  • Omegawolf747

    I don't understand why Adobe did away with Flash for Android. One of the draws of Android was its ability to display full web pages and play embedded Flash content. Without that ability, how is Android now any better than the other smartphone platforms?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Are you kidding me?

  • Jakesjunk2005

    It seems that all the features that attracted me to Android are slowly disappearing. Adobe Flash support...going away. Expandable storage through sd card slot...not on Nexus and some others. Removable battery...many devices are now sacrificing this.

    Now Google is making choices like handicapping the Nexus Q so that it only streams Play Store content. That doesn't sound very open. In fact, it is very Apple-like.

    When you also consider the facts that the manufacturers and carriers are also ruining the Android experience by skinning it and delaying or holding back updates, it paints a bad picture for Android.

    I may as well get an iPhone apps and enjoy the excellent hardware, smooth and reliable software, available support, lack of carrier bloatware, and excellent resale value!

    • guyfromtrinidad

      We knew since last year that Adobe was going away, so that's not a surprise to me. No sd card slot is and removable batteries are cost and design decisions but Google is still very much in favor of it as there is a new permission in Jelly Bean to access content on an external Sd card, so don't worry that isn't going away. The Google Play restrictions with the Q are because of licensing deals (sometimes you have to dance with the devil). With respect to updates, yeah you got me there and sadly I would say get a nexus. But please don't go over to the fruit company, Android is building out its ecosystem, it will get better and will always remain open ...sorta :)

      • moelsen8

        i wouldn't say google's really in favor of external storage whatsoever.  that permission is there because of oems continuing to add external storage and they're trying to make sure it's secure when they do.  here's a good snippet from android central on it:

        • guyfromtrinidad

          Wow thanks, I take that part back, I just saw the headline and didn't read the article ...D'oh

    • http://twitter.com/Pascalwb Pascal

      I watch some video and they said now Q know nothing (in our country there aren't google music, movies ...), but They want add some feathures later.

    • PaulAtreides

      Can't argue with you here, you make very valid points.

    • http://www.nerdshowandtell.com nerdshowandtell.com

      LoL - have fun! You wont be missed!

    • Asphyx

      The internal storage thing is actually understandable. And does not seem to be a problem with non-google devices. Thats a business decision by Google as they have more to gain by forcing you to use the cloud as your main storage. All of thier new features in Jelly bean is geared towards keeping a good profile on you to tailor your experience more personally.

      Use the search cards more and the results get better for instance. Well how do they know what you did in the past?

      It's all about PROFILE BUILDING!
      And to do that you need to use the cloud more so they can build that profile of you.

      The real moneymaking on Mobile isn't in the hardware it's in the storefronts! 
      Apple makes a profit on the phone but most of thier profits are in the ITunes and App store!

      Google is trying to get there with the new PLAY. I look at the new Nexus7 and it takes a lot of it's cues from the Kindle Fire model.

      This is the future of Mobile computing and internet in general.

      It's not about the hardware they sell you nor is it about the products you buy.
      facebook has changed the landscape and the new commodity is your personal profile and habit tracking that is making the high evaluations of these companies from here on out!

      Face it folks your personal actions are the new GOLD STANDARD for money making. Whoever build the best profile of the users will make the most money for the foreseeable future!

    • Spydie

      Nexus has SD card slot... my wife has one (bought from Google)

      • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

        Not the Galaxy Nexus. Regardless where you bought it from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus does NOT have an SD card slot

    • CeluGeek

      This is probably the best post I've seen in a long time even though the Android fanboys have been quick to dismiss it.

      Yes, I agree Android is losing the qualities that made it a better choice over iOS for many users. We are now entering the dangerous trend of devices without removable storage and without replaceable batteries. Flash is going away without a suitable alternative to replace it right now. We've had to put up with locked bootloaders and will have to keep doing so under the excuse that the carriers mandate them. Google is becoming more restrictive with contents purchased from the Play Store. Seriously, what's next?

      The idea of getting an iPhone is becoming more appealing, not because the iPhone is necessarily better but because Android is no longer that good. At least with the iPhone you don't get carrier crapware and you will get updates in a timely manner.

  • Scotty Branch

    Adobe has said that Flash is older technology and they are seeing more and more problems with its integration into newer systems.  Therefore they are going to begin the process of phasing it out and moving into 'better' technologies going forward.  Like any technology it was always destined to be replaced by something but I suppose the rub is its present ubiquitousness on the web.

    • Asphyx

      Thats all well and good that they are going to move on but maybe they should stop making annoucements about dropping support and announce the next thing that will make people not care that Flash is a dead tech.

  • sky stanojevic

    i agree with one of the dudes above that commented.. flash for phones is not THAT useful as the screen size isn't the greatest to see flash content on (outside the Note) .. but TABLETS on the other hand need it imo.. at LEAST until HTML5 can become more integrated and popular in the future.. 
    not having flash on my Nexus 7 is gonna suck ball sack man.. my phone i could care less ,but thats just me. :)-

  • Shinta

    Yea..... If the Flash is gone... = I don't care about any phones anymore

    • Kellic

      LOL.  Yes you do and you damn well know it.  Stop throwing a temper tantrum like a 5 year old and deal with it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Bowen/774395116 Richard Bowen

    I have jelly bean on my galaxy nexus and the current build of Flash is working just fine!

  • Kellic

    You people are pathetic.  ALL of you.  Every single one heard the news last year that Adobe was discontinuing support.  What did you think they were bluffing and were going to make an announcement and go FOOLED YOU?

    Get over it.  Jobs was mostly full of crap about the performance issue of Flash and the battery drain.  However Apple was right on one thing, HTML5 is going to replace flash in may places. (Not all because it really is not as robust in many regards.)  But in many places it will.  Would have liked to be further along in the HTML5 migration process before they dropped Flash on Android.  *shrugs*  It is what it is.  It why I stopped installing and using flash last fall.  Yes I miss a few websites, but I started adjusting to this earlier right then later.  I'd suggest you do the same.

    • aiden9

      I think people were expecting HTML5 to advance faster than it has. HTML5 was touted as the Flash killer for so long, yet it is only now that W3C is getting around to making a board that will decide on HTML5 standards. Year's of all that touting and they're only now getting a flipping board in place for standardization!

      It has potential but its moving at such a glacial speed.

      • Hisham El Fangary

        i predict something else will fill that void before html 5 even gets a chance at this rate. i find the html5 consortium ridiculous and quite lousy

    • Hisham El Fangary

      html5 is the most overrated tech bubble in recent memory and its about to burst and die. its slow, its not yet fully supported by browsers, almost nobody uses it yet, plus its not what most people think it is!! html 5 is just the next iteration of html which is a hypertext markup language, its not a scripting language, it cannot replace actionscript or flash, the ONLY thing it can do is play videos similar to flash, that about it. however in combination with jquery + css3, it can be used for scripting, but dont expect it to replace flash when it comes to interactivity, its just got so much catching up to do

  • Andrei

    It's funny 'cause One X comes with Flash pre-loaded, yet it's not on the certified list. Anyway, the world without Flash is such a better world :)

  • Sven Enterlein

    ASUS TF101 is on the list. But the flash content has never been that smooth, unfortunately. I don't mind flash going away as long as the site's content is still shown correctly. 
    However, I understand the concern of people that have to deal with legacy hard- and software. Good luck!

  • Jays2Kings

    May not work on jelly bean huh? It's funny how flash works perfectly though on my nexus on jelly bean. I understand people want to see flash die, but still too many people use it, website wise, for the time being.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It works as JB is not too a big enough change from ICS to break it. But who knows - maybe it is broken on some sites or starts crashing. Or maybe not - either way, Adobe is saying they DGIF anymore.

  • Asphyx

    What the hell is wrong with the folks over at Adobe?
    This is basically shooting themselves in the foot!
    Apple refuses to support them and now they go and drop support for the one OS that does?

    Unless they are abandoning Flash entirely which seems like a pretty dumb business move until they come out with it's replacement that can support all the flash that is currently out on the Web.

    I understand HTML5 is the future now but they this decision just seems odd and hurts Adobe more than anyone else.
    They are basically killing thier own product, No one is going to use it knowing mobiles will be cut out of seeing it.

    Adobe Execs should have thier heads examined!

  • CeluGeek

    Time to backup the latest Flash apk.

  • Jon Garrett

    great so now I'm like a FKing iPhone user again--thanks Adobe !!

  • John O’Connor

    i believe #therealquestion here is why Google has not purchased the Flash Division of Adobe to ensure it doesn't just one day drop off the face of the Earth. HTML5 barely has standards worked out but is not as robust or proven as flash. Somebody call sergey... I here there is a firesale on flash