Swiftkey 3 recently arrived on the Play Store, and not too long afterwards, the company has posted a statement on its blog letting us know that the app is currently the best-selling paid app on the Play Store. Not too bad, SwiftKey! Of course, the biggest challenge is ahead, as Google announced yesterday that, from Jelly Bean onwards, the default Android keyboard will attempt to predict your next word. Which smacks just a little of SwiftKey's pitch.

The company says it's not worried about it in the least:

It’s also good news for us. Google’s commitment supports the vision we had two years ago when we launched the world’s first keyboard that learns from you to predict your next word. Since then, we’ve been working flat out to assemble a cluster of other incredible innovations that, when bundled together, create the world’s easiest, most accurate and most powerful way to type on a touchscreen.

In short: "Bring it, Google." A ballsy statement. As for myself, I still swear by SwiftKey on my phone. This will definitely be interesting to watch as Google's default input method steamrolls into SwiftKey's territory. Fun times, indeed.

Source: SwiftKey Blog

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Wayne Randall

    a member of the SwiftKey team told me that they have worked with compatibility issues of the tablet version of SK3 so anybody that wants SK3 for a tablet, but do not have a tablet to buy it with yet, can still purchase the app.  SK3 Tablet shows compatibility with my Inc2.  and it's still on sale for a little longer.

  • Ádám Zovits

    I have used it a lot myself, but recently gave the new Swype a try. I instantly got hooked, not only did Swype predict my next words, it also knew even the most obscure hungarian (my native language) words. Since hungarian is an agglutinative language, it means many words start just the same, and this is exactly the fact that made Swiftkey less-than-ideal for me.

  • Abhisshek Das

    what ever Jelly brings , i will still use SwiftKey 3 , it just rocks 

  • insurgent

    Maybe you meant "unfazed" in the title

  • Mr. Mark

    Suddenly, Google buy-out.

    • Chris

      dobut it. if anything google will buy out its RIM

  • Simon Belmont

    I've been using SwiftKey for a long time. I absolutely love it.

    I got my wife hooked on it too when she joined the Android ranks. It's a fantastic keyboard.

    • Chris

      It is. Its the only keyboard I use now. 

  • Amadeus


  • iTKe2k

    Swiftkey: Challenge accepted.

  • http://twitter.com/Kaerosnow Chris Bozsik

    The only thing that I think SwiftKey should change is doing away with that crapping voice to text system they have and just using the stock one from ICS. It's so much better.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I would love that as well.

  • http://twitter.com/nemo20000 nemo

    I’ve been a Swiftkey beta tester since the very start, but I’m not upgrading from Swiftkey X to Swiftkey 3. Why?

    Well, my PC has a keyboard I bought from Dell. I liked it, I chose it, I bought it. Here’s the thing: Nobody from Dell is going to come into my office in the middle of the night and change my keyboard layout – Dell won’t change the size of my spacebar or take some keys away because THEY think keyboards are better like that. I get to keep the keyboard I bought.

    Not so with Swiftkey. They decided the spacebar on *my* keyboard should change size. They decided that some of the keys on *my* keyboard should disappear. I don’t get a choice. I’m very glad I didn’t have “Auto update” ticked.

    • Chris

      they included a larger space bar by request. 

      I never have auto update checked on my apps. I like to see what exactly has changed and see what others say about the update. 

  • Nonemail

    I much prefer a keyboard that allows me to Swype or Trace.  My experience with this keyboard hasn't been positive.  I gave swiftkey x a little better than three months and 3 a week.  My experience was exactly the same across both iterations... it rarely predicted the next word.  Typing was painfully slow as i was continually looking from the keypad to the three choices waiting for word i was banging out to appear.

    • Chris

      then it would be called a swipe board or traceboard. both are gimmiks

  • Idle Time

    Best selling *paid* app?  If it were free, then it wouldn't be "selling", now would it?  :)

    anyway, I swear by SwiftKey after trying several other keyboards.  The word prediction is awesome.

  • GREnvoy

    I've tried it a couple of times, lots of people swear by it, but I just don't see how it's better then the new Swype.  Swype is predictive as well as allowing me to Swype or trace.  To each their own I guess.

    What is the selling point for everyone?  I find it slow to keep having to go up to the predicted word.

  • crankerchick

    I really like SwiftKey but I keep going back to the default keyboard because of the speech to text. I will have to check out the latest SwiftKey to see improvements in that department.

    I also wish there was a way to have it STOP predicting once I delete the predition/autocorrect as the default keyboard does. If it autochanges my word and I backspace and change my word back to what I want, I wish it wouldn't then change it BACK to the prediction when I hit space again. I just never got used to that despite using swiftkey for months at a time each time i go to it.

  • patapongirl

    Anyone having issues with the keyboard on Jelly Bean?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=636165701 Zaeem Shahzad

    Swype allows me to type with just one thumb on my Galaxy S. It's fast and accurate, too. So, I prefer that! :)

  • Prakhar Singh

    SwiftKey 3 is the best keyboard I've ever used. Certainly worth the price.